Scent Diary: 14.8 – 20.8.2017





Sorry but I’ve hardly chronicled this week at all. It has been non stop Go Go Go. We’ve had Jin’s niece & nephew from Slovakia and Jin has been determined to show then EVERYTHING in two weeks. I’ve been working so haven’t been on every adventure but still it has been a hell of a week. I am 100% done and ready for some quiet weeks.

Scent Diary: 14.8 – 20.8.2017

Monday 14:

The kids have gone to do a SCUBA course. Jin and I have the day together and to ourselves. We walked the dogs and visited a mate then once home Jin hit the hay for some extra ZZZZs and I am at the computer. All feels right in the world.

My smells today were coffee, toast, dogs, the combined fragrance of my perfume room and Jin until I bathed in the evening. Lazy, lovely day spent doing the blog and Trivia Q&A.

When the kids got home we ordered Domino’s Pizza and ate it watching Netflix Riverdale. They loved it.

Tonight for Trivia Q&A writing I drenched myself in Guerlain Mitsouko EdT.

Tuesday 15:

Woke up late. Somewhere around 8.30am. I’m a bit fuzzy round the edges today. Having a cuppa.

OMG! I didn’t send my Q&A to the team. How do you all cope with kids daily? You’re all freaking SAINTS!

Jin has nicked the car and taken the kids to SCUBA today. He’s planning on doing a couple of dives with them too. What a cutey!

Penhaligon’s Savoy Steam is puffing along with me today. I really like it.

Had a Roger & Gallet Cedrat bubble bath, Simple moisturiser, Cacharel Liberté fragrance. MMMMMMM

They all came home after their amazing day of diving. They’re so excited and happy. It’s really nice to see.

Wednesday 16:

Lancome Magie Noire was this mornings choice.

We did SO MUCH today. Caught the bus and train to Sydney city. Wandered David Jones, Pitt St Mall and then had lunch at Westfield Centrepoint Food Court ( I gave the kids $20 each and told them to get what they want. It was their first food Court so they loved it). Then we wandered around the Sydney Opera House and caught the ChooChoo Express through the Royal Botanic Gardens. We then wandered leisurely around to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and from there to the Art Gallery of NSW where we saw some ofd the Indigenous Australian art and had a cuppa and some sweets from the Members Lounge. After that we were all buggered and we caught the train home.

Then I had a nap and went to work. STUFFED!!

Thursday 17:

I had hoped to spend the morning on my own because Jin & the kids were going to Surf School but Sindy woke up sick. SHIT! Took her down to the doctor and she has ruptured eardrums. Not very bad but she is on antibiotics to stave off any infection and he wants to see her Monday to give the OK to fly on Tuesday.

Got some super lovely postcards in the mail today! Thanks to Lyndall & Mazz. I LOVE POSTCARDS!

I’ve spent the day in vintage CHANEL No 5 EdT & EdC.

We met Rose at Manly and had fish & chips on the esplanade in the area my family used to sit when we were kids. It was a perfect 26C winter day with blue sky. It was the kids first ever experience of fish & chips eaten al fresco at the beach. Afterwards they took the leftover chips and fed the seagulls. It look like The Birds, hundreds of them clamouring for the chip. Excellent.

We wandered around a little bit after lunch then came back home and chilled on the couch watch Atypical, the new Netflix show about an autistic boy and his family ands friends. Then Rose came with me to work tonight at Kings Park Tavern. We came home and watched the rest of Atypical. Great series.

It’s late now and I’ve run Rose a bath because she’s staying tonight and will sleep on the couch.

Friday 18:

Gave myself a very lavish spritzing of some older Lancome Magie Noire this morning and really enjoyed its mossy goodness through the day. Even got a compliment on it. Very cool.

I got up early and had the car up at the repair garage just before 7am. The morning was so cool and crisp I took the dogs for an extra long ramble around our area. they loved it.

When I got home the house was just starting to stir so I made French Toast and Bacon with a choice of maple or Golden Syrup and percolated a pot of coffee. There was also pulpy Orange Juice our Tropical. Rose, the kids, Jin & I sat around eating and laughing. It was a real family meal and I can’t talk for anyone else but it was really special for me.

Then we caught the bus into town and met TinaG for the Sydney Aquarium. I’m not really a huge fan of captured animals on display but the Sydney crew do a really good job. The tanks are large and don’t seem crowded, most of the fish looked in fine form and happily swimming in their schools or solo. Some of the sharks look like veterans and the only creatures that gave me real pause were an octopus and two Dugongs. Most fish look like they are mindlessly doing their thing but these three looked forlorn, lost and unhappy. They were the only low point in what was a wonderful experience. There were loads of messages about trying to minimise plastics and waste, information about the companies work as a refuge and rehabilitation centre and some info about each fish, bird or creature in each enclosure.

Everyone slept on the train going home except me. They were REALLY tired.

We came home, had a nap and then headed out for the kids first ever Sushi Train! They loved it. Jin is a terrific uncle and I have loved watching him blossom into a responsible guardian in the week they’ve been here so far.


The gang has gone to Jervis bay for a Seal Dive, SCUBA with the seal colony down there. Poor Sindy is devastated she can’t do it because of her ears but at least she’ll get to be part of the fun and see the seals, dolphins and whales that inhabit the area. They left at 4am this morning but I slept right through to 8.30am. Woo Hoo!

Spritzed Cacharel Liberté early this morning and it was a fun fizzy accompaniment to my morning.

A bit of blog organising today and work tonight. After my bath I decided it needed to be a BIG skanky floral for the Hen’s Party tonight. Alpha fragrance to keep them a little restrained for the two hours I’ve got them. How about Bal a Versailles? Hmmmmm, parfum and EdT! That should be big enough.

Hey, does anyone else get moody? Like spot moody? Tonight my mood went from happy that my gig had gone so well and full of love for the world to blackest black (because of a few small things that didn’t go as planned or were less than thrilling surprises) in the space of one hour and then back out the other side to relatively calm again. It felt ridiculously powerful being angry. This is not something I’ve felt before and seems very bi-polar.

Sunday 20:

Ahhhhh Sunday. I was up really late watching Iron Fist on Netflix, like 5am late.

The crew got up and we all had breakfast this morning before they headed out to the markets and Yum Cha in town. I have had enough of people so I stayed home and vacuumed the house and cleaned the kitchen. Did it all smelling of Penhaligon’s Savoy Steam, I love it and can’t seem to get enough. Perhaps 3 or 4ml has already gone from my bottle!

Tonight after my Radox Bath Salts bath I went crazy with vintage Miss Dior EdT. As I was walking into the club tonight one of the club punters said I smelled fantastic, he even pulled me in for a closer sniff. It was a nice moment.


Alright, enough about me. What have you lot been up to? Got a story to share? Fun or fragrant, friends or family, happy or sad, we love them all. Please share in the comments.
Portia xx

Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez 1962

Hey APJ Family,

On this day in 2001 my Mum died, it was a years battle against leukemia and the leukemia won. She was a tough lady and fought hard for the first half of that year and then the fight seemed to go out of her completely. I have so much to thank her for and still randomly talk to her picture as if she is in the room. If ever I have had a conscience it is all due to her reprimands, which I can still hear today when I pee with the door open or don’t put my knife and fork down between mouthfuls or even choose unwisely in  love. I think she would approve of the current one though. Her unconditional love even though I was often an ungrateful, snide or screaming bundle of TNT, and constant vigilance over my future wellbeing has left a stamp upon me and I am so lucky that she chose me when I was a baby.

We were kids and always playing with dolls, cars, lego etc etc. One of our favourite games was dressing up the Barbies and putting Mum’s perfume on them so they smelt like they were really going out. You can see where this is going right? We thought that the little bottle was a toy bottle of perfume that Mum had put on her make up, jewellery and fragrance shelf in the wardrobe. What a cute little bottle, just the right size for the Barbies and that gorgeous technicolour reproduction of a Fragonard painting (Sorry, can’t find the original online and there seems to be much conjecture about the pic! I love drama). How could it not be meant for the Barbies?

I don’t remember Mum being angry or upset with us using it ALL on the Barbies, not like the time I dropped a 16oz bottle of Joy EdC or gave away a bottle of Shalimar to a girlfriend because she liked the gold toned case or a million other deserved rants.

Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez 1962

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Rosemary, orange blossom, mandarin orange, cassia, jasmine, rose, neroli, bergamot, Bulgarian rose, lemon
Heart: Sandalwood, patchouli, lilac, orris root, vetiver, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley, leather
Base: Tolu balsam, amber, musk, benzoin, civet, vanilla, cedar, resins

I have had the EdT of this in a modern incarnation for a while and I love to spritz its dirty great feline self on and go about my business but I have often been intrigued by the reasonable priced Extrait and ordered som. Well, it was the Barbies bottle!! OMG!!

This seems to be particularly dark juice and BOY does it take the back of your head off. Right at the start the cat is out of the bag and ready to roar!! All the flowers and citrus are completely overshadowed by a rich, dark purr of animal. After a short time the flowers decide it’s time to shine and fly in above the animal and do their very best in an orgy of florals, fruit and woods. What a fragrance! I love the powdery iris that takes control for a while and the bitter leather side by side with the ylang ylang. Bal a Versailles warm, sweet dry-down is also the welcome reprise of the animal with a lusty growl, till it becomes a purr of amber nothing. It doesn’t seem as intense as my memories of Barbies perfume but maybe my childhood nostrils were more acute, still this is a fragrance that you must try before you earn full perfumista stripes.

Versailles chateauversaillesPhoto Stolen chateauversailles

I get between 6-8 hours of fragrant bliss before I can detect only myself, even in the summer heat of Sydney today I’m pushing 6 hours and still growling. Wear this while at home for your own enjoyment. Leaving the house please take bodyguards.

Further reading MuseInWoodenShoes and ThePerfumePosse
Parfum1 starts at $12.50 for a 50ml Tester. This is where I found my Extrait but it is now sold out.
SurrenderToChance has all sorts starting at $3/ml but I particularly like the Vintage Parfum + EdC combo for $11

marieAntoinette habituallychicPhoto Stolen habituallychic

I’m wearing Bal a Versailles tonight to work. Let’s see if the punters can take the heat! Do you ever wear outrageoius scents just because? What is your fave and where would you really like to wear it that would be less than PC?

Off to splash some on now, see you tomorrow,
Portia xx