Unofficial Esxence 2016 Write Up


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


I managed two and a half hours at the Esxence. Virtual high fives are fine thank you very much. I did not try anything in the show because I prefer to do that at home in peace and not surrounded by nuclear clouds of oud.

Esxence 2016 #5Preparation for Esxence 2016

Unofficial Esxence 2016 Write Up

Esxence 2016 #2

Esxence 2016 #7Milano Central Station art

Esxence 2016 #18 Neela Vermeire

Esxence 2016 #19 Neela VermeireNeela Vermeire introducing the new Take Two Packs. 2 x 15ml for travel and sharing!

Esxence 2016 Perrfumed MagpiePerfume Magpie, absolute delight.

Esxence 2016 #3

I chatted with Pauline Rochas of Coolife NYC and brought home samples of their fragrances. She is the granddaughter of Marcel and Hélène Rochas absolutely charming and what a heritage.

HomoElegans. I mean you just have to. Two fragrance samples in an elegant box labelled as an “experience kit”. Stay tuned.

GriGri Parfums is another new fragrance brand, Anaïs Biguine the nose. She has created some really rather
good perfumes for Jardins D’Écrivains which encouraged me to take look. Seeking inspiration from the history
of tattoos throughout the ages, itself an art form, makes for an artistic combination. The Ukiyo-E with its genmaicha
and green tea notes, representing the Japanese tattooing called Irezumi, sounds particularly aromatic.

Intent on fulfilling the wish of a good friend I stopped by at the Stéphane Humbert Lucas stand to enquire about the new up and coming fragrance. They were rude and bloody arrogant, not to mention unhelpful. I left. I would not buy anything from this brand even if it WAS good……..

Esxence 2016 #4Imagine this ten times more crowded

Esxence 2016 #12Antonio from Bogue

Esxence 2016 #13Val (me) at the Prada Foundation Haunted House exhibition

Esxence 2016 #8Esxence 2016 #9Jeroen from Mona di Orio

I spent a joyful few hours with Jeroen Oude Sogtoen and his assistant Henrike, together the brilliant Mona di Orio team and did put the new fragrance Bohea Bohème onto my skin twice, each time smelling quite different. More to come.

Esxence 2016 #14Lecture

Esxence 2016 #15Prada loos with Vero


Esxence 2016 #16My first ever selfie

Esxence 2016 #17Mark Behnke, We would be best friends if he lived closer.

When I love something I get over excited and cannot stop talking about it. Ellis Fass Make Up! The best red lipstick I have ever used and as my dear stepfather would say “I have been through more of them than you’ve had hot dinners”. The last two days I have used their foundation. Sublime. I am in touch with them and ordering foundation, lipstick, concealer and mascara. Super excited I can tell you. Am I the last one to find out about them?

Esxence 2016 #10Vero getting ready to go downtown for dinner

Esxence 2016 #11Chatting outside Esxence 2016

Oh. And two days with Vero.

Milan discoveries? Hermès Doblis Parfum and Vintage Vol de Nuit EdP. Did I ever stand a chance?