Chloe Nomade by Quentin Bisch for Chloe 2018


Kate Apted


Greetings APJ good people.

Ever have one of those moments when you suddenly become aware of falling head over heels for something, or someone, that really makes no sense? Maybe it is that weird tasting cereal that has ingredients that you usually despise, or that little weekend hideaway in the hills you keep returning to that is far from your beloved beach.

I fell in love with Chloe Nomade. It was only because I was repeatedly typing into in my Facebook perfume group as my Scent of the Day that it dawned on me how often I was wearing it. The glorious Drew bag shaped bottle gives nothing away of how much I have used. It has snuck into my top five list of most loved and is first for most worn.

My very dear friend, Karen, recommended Nomade a year ago. I eventually tried the scent on a card and found it unimpressive. I loved the bottle and the laid back advertising, but the scent underwhelmed me. I am not sure what prompted me to buy a 50ml bottle at the tail end of winter other than a Fragrantica review of it had me return for a closer smell. Freesia caught my eye and I realised I had not tried it on my skin.

Chloe Nomade by Chloe 2018

Quentin Bisch

Chloe Nomade

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Si Eau de Toilette by Giorgio Armani 2015


Kate Apted


G’day APJ folk!

We all have those unsung hero type scents that sit mid way on the shelf, rarely used. For a myriad of reasons, the scent keeps getting over looked. I see it and think, ‘Yeah, another day perhaps; not in the mood for it now.’ I even forget why I was attracted to the scent in the first place.

This morning I picked this hero up and sprayed.

Si Eau de Toilette by Giorgio Armani 2015

si 2

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Beige by Chanel – Not so hasty, Kate!


Kate Apted


Years ago, I saw Beige sitting on the counter at the Chadstone Chanel boutique. You are kidding me that Chanel would call an exclusive … Beige?! Such a boring, nondescript name would have to have a boring scent inside. To top it off, the sales assistant told me it is her favourite from the line. I walked past it and never, ever tried it. I felt I was missing nothing.

For some bizarre reason, I bought a used bottle of the EDT from an Ebay seller I have implicit trust in just two months ago. A huge 200 ml bottle with about 50 ml left. And it was cheap!

Beige EDT by Chanel (2008) – Jacques Polge


Fragrantica lists the following notes: frangipani, freesia, honey accords and hawthorn.

Upon first spray, I began to have this dialogue run through my head; “Kate, you let this go, girlfriend?! WHY did you not try this before it was discontinued?? *eyes roll back in rapture* Get another bottle STAT!”

Every single day since that first spray, I have been trawling through all my familiar online haunts to secure myself at least another 50 ml of this honeyed beauty. I have not been this smitten with a scent upon first sniff ever. I am yet to find a bottle, used or new, that is within my budget and able to be posted. It will happen.

The notes really do not appeal, on paper. I adore the freesia in my Antonia’s Flowers, so a mighty high standard for any other freesia to match. I am not a fan of frangipani, as I had overdosed on it living in Bali. Honey is a sweet note I would prefer to eat than simply sniff (OMG, stringybark honey!!). As for hawthorn, huh?? Yet, together, the effect is a smooth elixir of something not tropical, sweet or boring. Polge did an astounding job of making a seamless, rich golden floral.

Beige should not be oversprayed. One torso spritz is all I need, and I am a habitual oversprayer. Beige hums on my skin for a good four hours, with all the notes ever present and in equal amounts. I get a constant aura that tickles my brain in such a delightfully playful way, yet Beige is very much a grown up scent I feel a little fradulent wearing, to be honest. It is in a similar vein to 24 Faubourg by Hermes, but much more approachable.

I understand the story that is learned verbatim by Chanel sales assistants regarding Beige, however, the name brings to mind those horrid neutral toned body hugging dresses a certain American reality star-cum-model-cum-whatever else she is today wears. Beige, as a colour, to me, is devoid of character, mood, interest and texture. I find myself mentally and emotionally disengaged from the word and the colour. The sheer genius is in the perfume itself. But nothing attracted me to want to try it, much to my chagrin. The redeeming fact in all this is my renewed interest in the Les Exclusifs line. I am now wondering if I am missing out on any more strokes of Polge talent.

And I humbly admit to my own prejudices. Excuse me while I go and sniff at the altar of Beige divinity…

Have you disregarded a scent based on the whole package, only to find you got to the party too late?

Ciao bella et bello.

Kate xx