Mood Scent 4: Rediscovering Our Inner Teen




Hey there APJ,

It’s Mood Scent 4 week. I was filled with questions about this particular Mood Scent 4 project. As I’ve never had to “Grow Up” as such my mind is fairly well situated around teen level. My tastes in so many ways reflect this too. So am I remembering my teen years and my fragrant choices then OR am I thinking like a modern teen? It is a conundrum. One of the good things about this crew is that there is little guidance and we all get to give our very personal agenda. So I’m picking five fragrances; some from my own teen years and some that modern teens should be sharing with us..

So excited to be blogging with these three superstars again:  Esperanza L’Esperessence, Megan Megan In Sainte Maxime and Samantha I Scent You A Day. Check theirs out too.

Mood Scent 4: Rediscovering Our Inner Teen

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