Best Stress Relief Scents


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Often smelling something is enough to create change in emotions and stress addiction because scent works powerfully on our mind, body and brain function. Stress can become a habit that we get used to rather than a trigger to help us survive, and in turn we get adrenal and cortisol overload. This is not good! Smell something good to break your habitual mind reactions.

Best Stress Relief Scents

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Stress Relief: Marjoram

Oreganum marjorana

Little leaf, big scent, great results. Marjoram has been used in herbal medicine for centuries, and comes from a time when our food was our medicine. This beautiful herb essential oil will help everyone from babies to the elderly with its stunning aromatic medicine.

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Keyword: relief

Marjoram is wonderful for:
any kind of physical stress
soothing emotional pain and angst
help induce sleep
muscle pain
period pain

Stress Relief: Frankincense

Boswellia carterii

Another botanical substance that has been used for a long time, made popular by stories from the Bible, is a must have for stress relief. This essential oil which is steam distilled from the resin has a deeply calming effect by inducing longer, slower, deeper breaths. This leads to a meditative state of mind creating Alpha brainwaves to help you chill out.

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Keywords: meditation, truth, preservation

Frankincense is great for:
restful sleep
connecting to your youthfulness
helping us see the bigger picture
moving us away from a busy mind
asthma attacks and sufferers
coughing and not being able to breathe very well

Stress Relief: Chamomile

German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)

Both chamomiles are wonderful for stress relief but work in slightly different ways and have distinctly different scents. Roman chamomile has an intense honey-like sweetness whereas German chamomile is very deeply herbaceous.

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Keywords: cool down and less tension more inspiration

German chamomile is good for:
inducing sleep
settling anger
emotional healing
reducing inflammation in the body
physical heat

Roman chamomile is good for
soothing tiredness
softening inflexibility
relaxing the body as a whole
allowing tension to subside
reducing cramping in the body

The best and easiest way to use the oils is to open the bottle and take a whiff, also in oil burners or even if you put your foot over the shower drain and a few drops in, breathe deep.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t included lavender in this article it’s because I know that you know it’s a really great oil for stress relief – well done!

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Hi there APJ,

Trésor is busy living, she sends full apologies but right now she needs to be elsewhere. Here is some stuff that I’ve found recently that might give you a pause for thought. A lot of the things I find are aimed primarily at women but guys these are for you too.


Life is rarely what we were told in future fairy tales by our parents and teachers. Life is tough, full of extremes and drama, there is always something or someone who wants to run you off the rails of your dream life. They are rarely the evil incarnate that you expect them to be but just other people in your life trying to get their own shit on track. It’s very easy to get caught up, lose focus and become worn down with the drudgery of day to day living. It’s so easy to forget yourself, your goals and your well being. Sometimes we all need to take a moment to really ask ourselves if we are OK, what do we need, how can we best reassess and how can we better live this too short a period we are given on earth.


I also believe that I have to feel the pain and learn from it. Life is evolution and growth. Stagnation, especially mental, is decay.


If you are suffering depression please seek help. It’s an illness like any other and needs treatment. If you had a broken arm, rash or a continuing cough you would see a doctor for treatment. Depression needs treatment too. For yourself and those around you please treat it with the same speed and diligence you would a child in your cares chicken pox.

Mostly though, please live your life as if it’s worth something. It is. YOU are.


Cyber hugging you all while wearing Les Voyages Olfactifs 01 Paris-Moscow by Guerlain.
Portia xxx





Please Be Gentle


Sometimes i read some of those dumb memes and they strike me so powerfully that I have to catch my breath. In 2 simple sentences my day is turned around for the better, I can breathe and everything is in a more realistic perspective.

Please Be Gentle

I hope it helps you too.

Portia xx


Blue Day: To Do List For Today

Hi APJ Family,

As we all know not everyday will be a FAB U LOUS one. Some days are full of seven thousand types of shit and heartache. Even if the day has been great doesn’t necessarily equate to happiness either. We are human, this is normal. We are not always dissectible emotionally. There are days when all we can do is count our blessings, be nice to ourselves and others and make it safely to the end of the day.

Some of my mates have a Facebook site dedicated to dealing with less that wonderful emotional rides. Here are some of the latest crop of pieces that resonated for me.

I hope they work as a hug to you all today.
Portia xx

To Do list

Everyone Else

I Love you self

Here’s the new DIOR Homme Cologne ad. I like it.

2014! Simple Change For A Better Life

Heya Lovelies,

This year I have not really made any resolutions as such, and it has taken me the better part of a month to formulate any kind of focus for change anyway. I came across a piece online last week that resonated and I sent it to a few of my buddies. None of the things I read were new to me, nor are they earth shatteringly lightbulb moments. These are the things that you forget in the daily grind of life. It’s also interesting how things evolve.

My BFF Kath was so taken with the subject headings of this piece that she grabbed a photo she had taken of me in China at the Summer Palace a few years ago and overlaid the titles. Yes that’s me on the point looking back at Kath and smiling, it was an incredible holiday, Kath’s first adult overseas experience and my first glimpse of China. I have been so blessed in a multitude of ways but my friends are number one. I think these few action sentencess give a great and thought provoking way to start 2014.

Resolutions? None really

Things I would like to improve? I’d like to live leaner without so much clutter around me, also to streamline the businesses so they are less tiresome, put aside definite time to spend with Jin as he seems to be the one I skimp most time from and he deserves better, remember to breathe slowly, walk purposefully and stand straight. I hope I can spend the year feeling as relaxed, happy, hopeful and centered as I look in this photo.

As always, everyone here at APJ wishes you a life chock full of the good things and the least possible of the other stuff.

Portia xx

2014 New Years Resolutions