Puredistance Gold: Paying it Forward




Paying it Forward: (in) Puredistance Gold

This post is a part of a joint giveaway, held by Undina (Undina’s Looking Glass), Vanessa (Bonkers about Perfume ), Lucas (Chemist in the Bottle) and Portia (Australian Perfume Junkies)

From Undina: In this age of advertising in social networks and working through influencers, vloggers and instagrammers, it is hard to justify spending marketing resources on a handful of“old school” bloggers with quirky blogging styles and limited outreach via followers or organic search. A very few keep doing that through the years.
Puredistance is one brand that was extremely friendly and generous with bloggers. Late last year Puredistance sent a travel spray of their newest perfume Puredistance Gold. I tied and I liked Puredistance Gold.
We decided to share – to make sure it reaches more people.

Puredistance Gold

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Italian green mandarin, Calabrian bergamot, La Réunion pink pepper, Moroccan rosemary, Madagascan clove
Heart: Indian jasmine absolute, Spanish cistus absolute, Moroccan geranium, Madagascar cinnamon absolute
Base: Honduras styrax, Laotian benzoin, Myrrh, Indonesian patchouli, Green madagascar vanilla, Venezuelan tonka bean absolute, Castoreum absolute, Haitian vetiver

A gloriously fizzy citrus opens, I say fizzy but not like a 21st century celebuscent. Here we have the lustre of golden dawn tempered by shadows of spices and the clarion call of white flowers. I make it sound overly dramatic, it’s not. Puredistance Gold is satin smooth and flawlessly blended.

The heart becomes a sensual incense. Yep, I never thought those words would become a pair. Here we have it. Incense, patchouli, vanilla are all tempered by resins and animalics. A light sweaty breathiness that underpins the heart and dry down, giving this unearthly beauty humanity.

If you are all about your fragrance being an introduction as or before you enter a room then I double you’ll be moved by Puredistance Gold. We are talking seriously refined understatement, yet so unusual that it is a statement of its own. It says to me, “I have no need of gauche display. My perfection and grace are enough. A perfect cover for our imperfect selves, how better to trick the world than smell like this”

Puredistance Gold Sample Giveaway

1.5ml handmade sample of Puredistance Gold is offerred in a giveaway on each blog for a reader from the specific geographical region:
Undina’s Looking Glass  – the US and Canada
Chemist in the Bottle – Europe (without the UK)
Bonkers about Perfume – the UK
Australian Perfume Junkies – Australia/NZ/Asia

To enter, tell me where you would want to wear Puredistance Gold in the comments below.

I’ll draw a random winner Wednesday, while I’m on Holidays in Thailand.

Go To It Crew,
Portia xx


Tea for Two by L’artisan: A Beauty Habit Love Story

Heya Ladies and Gents,

Long before I tried this little pretty I was reading about it, Tania Sanchez gives it three grudging stars and writes, “Probably a better room fragrance than a personal perfume and, judged as an attempt at modernising the Oriental genre, completely trounced by Fendi’s … Theorema. Still, not bad.” in Perfumes, The Guide: so clearly she missed something that so many others love, and for a while I also missed its beauty. I had a couple of samples that got used but I wasn’t madly crazy for it. Then Undina from Undina’sLookingGlass sent me a generous decant in a spritz bottle and everybody’s love for it suddenly became clear. It is fresh and deep and nuanced, mysterious, glamorous and very beautiful. WOW!! What? DISCONTINUED!!!!

Isn’t it the same dreadful story we read, hear, find out at the counter. Here is my APJ post on Tea for Two written last year. Clearly, in my mind anyway, Tea for Two was either unable to be produced due to new IFRA regs or it was a crap seller, either way I was saddened and have been seriously eeking out my decant ever since. In truth trying not to bemoan its lack, or even think about having a bottle. Some things aren’t meant to be, right?

Tea for Two by Olivia Giacobetti for L’artisan Parfumeur: A Love Story

Tea for Two L'Artisan FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the featured accords as:
Top: Bergamot, star anise, tea
Heart: Cinnamon, ginger, spices, gingerbread
Base: Honey, vanilla, leather, tobacco

Then something extraordinary happened while in LA at Scentsation. It was lunch time at BeautyHabit and most of the crew were off having the fabulous tacos and chips and OMG SO YUMMY!! Then someone mentioned that there was a Tea for Two Tester still in the tester section, off like a brides nighty was I. Spritz, Spritz AAAAAHHHH. This stuff is magic! Smoky, rich, resinous and milky spiced tea wafting gloriously, so I did the unthinkable.

Approaching one of the lovely sisters who run BeautyHabit, “Hi, you know this is discontinued, don’t you?”….. “Even if they bring it back they will definitely have to reformulate it to be industry approved now.”…. “Would you consider SELLING me this tester please?”….. “I understand that you don’t sell testers but this is a special case, discontinued, unrereleasable as is and one of my FAVOURITES!!”….. “No, you’re right. I understand. I know, sure. No worries, if you EVER decide to sell it please keep me in mind. You know I want to buy it, yes?”……. “Ok, thanks” Well, I tried, unsuccessfully but at least I could not worry that I hadn’t tried.

So we shopped, I purchased a Sarah Horowitz Parfum and an i Profumi di Firenze that I will write about later. Everyone had lunch and we got on the bus, laughing and talking about what a super day it was. Everyone received a gift from BeautyHabit and mine was the Pineider (one of my new fave brands) Estratto di Colonia. They even gave away a Serge Lutens BELL JAR!! These were serious prizes for amazed perfumistas! As the bus pulled out there was a bustle, rush and knocking on the door from outside.

The BeautyHabit girls had decided to GIFT me the Tea for Two!!!!!

Though I made light of it at the time I was and am deeply touched by their gift. I have worn Tea for Two quite a lot since acquiring it from BeautyHabit and it has not disappointed. It is the most worn so far since I got it and not just because it is a super killer scent but every time I spritz I think of the amazing time we all had a the Perfume Posse Scentsation.

So please, do me a favour. Next time you are thinking of an online shopping spree for anything fragrance or beauty related, try BeautyHabit(<<<JUMP) because they have an excellent selection, are fun, sexy, generous and ship to the world: and they went out of their way to put a super duper smile on my already smiling face.

See you tomorrow,
Portia xx