Siren by Paris Hilton 2009 Elton John meets Pnau

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HA HA HA, I know. You are all incredulous. Why would Portia review a Paris Hilton fragrance? It’s not niche or expensive or fashionable! Well, you are right, it’s none of these things. Paris probably never even smelt this. Who knows? There are reasons though that I’ve given Paris Hilton Siren a try…

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The main reason is that recently it was reported in reputable places that Paris Hilton had sold US$1.5 billion worth of perfume. 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS! So I am intrigued by anyone who can generate that many sales for something that everyone is panning. OK, if you are Paris Hilton and you’re a great sales person, businesswoman and advertisement for your product, you are constantly in the media for better and worse keeping the product that you have become alive. I get that part, she does an excellent job at that. Yes, she is kind of pretty (sometimes gorgeous) and articulate, that helps too………..BUT! that means people will buy your product once. Right? If all these people buy the products and they are utter crap then how is there any return custom? How do you sell 1.5 billion dollars worth of perfume when 100ml is around $40, that is a shitload of juice. So I am agog to see what the hell everyone is buying, aren’t you? Honestly, if people are buying and rebuying the celebrity dream, it has to be kind of good.

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So, what do I smell when I put on Paris Hilton’s Siren? It has been compared to Viva La Juicy, I have one on each hand. On my skin Viva La Juicy is similar, and nice, but not as interesting, though it ends way more gourmand. Siren, on the other hand (literally), starts out with a citrus softened by a delicious buttery frangipani, maybe it is partly the orchid which seems very night blooming and rich. The sandalwood, lotus and musk are apparent but I don’t get even a hint of the honeysuckle. This is a full-throated floral, surprisingly quite big and unashamed. Maybe I have a thing for drugstore scents but I like Siren, it’s a very good name for the scent that is cool, delicious and exotic with hints of warmth, especially as it dries down to a shimmery vanilla/musk accord that lasts well, in barely there status, before it too is gone. Somewhere between 4 & 5 hours, which is great on my scent hungry skin.

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I am as surprised as you that this isn’t instant scrub. There are much better respected and more expensive brands doing a far worse job on their fragrances than Paris Hilton did on Siren. It just goes to show, doesn’t it.

CheapSmells has 100ml for $22

Portia xx

PS I also thought you might like this. Apparently, Elton John has made a compilation of mash ups with Australian musicians’s Pnau called Good Morning To The Night, here is a taste. I am LOVING it. I stole it from another blogger lechehelsinki. Thanks.

14 thoughts on “Siren by Paris Hilton 2009 Elton John meets Pnau

  1. You know, it never even occurred to me to try this. Good for you, Portia, for scorning the exclusiveness we perfumistas are susceptible to, and going with the nose only. (And I just got your postcard – what a wonderful surprise! It made my day 🙂 Mwaaah!)


  2. I just can’t try this one and it isn’t my perfume snobbery it’s my deep deep loathing for Ms Hilton’s public persona and posing as a duck face. I blame her for duck face posing everywhere.

    Thank you for for taking one for the team Portia.


    • HAH!! Duckface posing was invented by Simon LeBon, later perfected by Posh Spice. She is merely carrying on a fairly new traditional industry pose. I can only admire someone whose family had lost most of their money coming back in any way and doing their level best. It shows courage, and she has done it with what seems from the outside to be so little of everything needed except determination.
      Not a fan but i have been watching her because I find her whole business style a revelation, initially dismissing her till she came to Sydney and hung with friends, they then passed on their awe of her drive and told me to watch this space. I have,
      Portia xx


  3. I’m at my self-imposed quota “one celebuscent test per year” after trying Madonna’s perfume so I’ll pass on this one (besides, I really dislike PH). But I was curious to read your take on it: thank you for doing it – so that we all won’t have to 😉


  4. I had a quick whiff of this at a perfume shop recently while looking for a birthday present for a friend and was quite pleasantly surprised. Sometimes it works outside well when you step outside your comfort zone and try something a bit different. I’m not a Paris Hilton fan and almost didn’t try it but since I was on a roll and smelling everything in the store (or maybe it just felt that way) I went for it. LOL


  5. Oh goodness, I have had this one in my collection for a while now. Funnily enough whenever I wear it, I get asked for the name and like most of us… I never want to say “Oh Siren by Paris Hilton”. With this one she was onto something, made me less of a snob at least 🙂


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