Beyonce, Britney, Pink, PEPSI

Hey there APJ,

Here is a super PEPSI mini movie for you all. I reckon

Beyonc LOST FMPhoto Stolen LostFM

Beyonce is wearing Bellodgia Parfum by Caron or Ambre Russe by Parfum d’Empire,

Britney news.softpediaPhoto Stolen Softpedia

Britney is wearing Habanita modern EdP by Molinard or Gucci Guilty

Pink fanpop.comPhoto Stolen fanpop

Pink is wearing Bulgari Black or Olympic Orchids Dev #1.

What say you?

If you want to see a full post I am Guest Posting on PerfumePosse today talking about Andrea Maack: Artist & Perfumer.

See you tomorrow.

Portia xx

Beyonce, Britney Spears, Pink, PEPSI

11 thoughts on “Beyonce, Britney, Pink, PEPSI

  1. Holy (big) cats and crackers! I LOVE this! Like with Lady Gaga, I forget that Pink has a ROCKIN’ voice! Too fabulous! xoxoxoA

    hey, why are there little white dots drizzling down your website? Is it snowing there? If so, the Apocalypse is nigh, right?


  2. I would LOVE it if they were all wearing the perfumes you chose for them, rather than the perfumes they (ahem) chose/created for themselves. 🙂


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