10 thoughts on “CH Carolina Herrera 2013 Ad Campaign

  1. Well, the bottle design is different. Almost looks like a barrel clutch bag, but I’d much prefer it in hot pink or red -purple isn’t my colour darling ;-). Wonder if the juice is ok?



  2. Picture is pleasant enough. I could not bring myself to wear perfume that came in a bottle like that though. Even if it was mind blowing.. Yeah yeah – I know. I have issues. And no, I am not working on them. Bussi xxx


  3. Wow! the bottle…..I am intrigued! However I wonder if spraying the perfume out of it might make a mess of the bottle?i have had several bottles over the years with bow attachments and let me tell you they are a real pain! But I agree with you P…that purple hue is stunning!!!!!


  4. The ad campaign is very Juicy/Dior/Marc Jacobs-derivative, isn’t it? They just can’t get enough of the giant bottles and bows. I suppose they must be marketing this to teenagers. Geee, I wonder how it will smell?! 😉

    Sorry, I am very catty this morning. I haven’t had my coffee yet. 🙂


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