3 Positive Reminders For A Better Day

Hello Australian Perfume Junkies,

Not every day is great. Sometimes we struggle with depression, pain, trouble and lack. I belong to a Facebook Group that is about changing the way you react to external and internal everything. From the nastiness we offer ourselves when we look in the mirror, the way we interpret others behaviors and how we feel the world sees us to taking time, expressing gratitude and understanding how magic and beautiful we all are. And how GOOD LUCKY!

PositiveThinking TheMindsetMavenPhoto Stolen The Mindset Maven

I know I am lucky, blessed and beautiful (though not conventionally so, my beauty is the extraordinary kind).

Thank you all for being a part of the APJ family. Every view, comment and friend I’ve made from this blog is another amazing thing to be happy about. You lot are a force for joy in my life. THANK YOU!

So please enjoy my 3 Positive Reminders For A Better Day

Someone right here loves you, and you are worthy of it.
Portia xxxox

One positive thought


Nothing Is Impossible

36 thoughts on “3 Positive Reminders For A Better Day

    • Hi Jane Cate,
      I’m so glad you dropped by I am taking LACE to a little perfume lunch today, now I can say it’s an AWARD WINNER.
      Portia xx


  1. I am a Pollyanna to the point of nausea and that Cha-cha quote is THE BEST. As is your beauty assessment, which I will have to steal.

    You are extraordinary in every way, not just looks, and I feel blessed to know you, if only virtually!


  2. Just another reason I love this blog so much! You and your mates make me smile and seem to have a way to brighten each of my days. x x


  3. Hi Portia, I am spending a long day in various airports and planes, which makes me crazy and depressed all at once. Your post made me smile (and gave me back a little bit of perspective). Thank you!


    • Hey Janice,
      i LOVE airports and planes. Totally sad that they bum you out, it must be work related. Giving you a smile and perspective, then my work here is done for today.
      Big smile here, and sending a bear hug,
      Portia xx


  4. Thanks Portia, whether I’m crying with laughter at the jokes you post, or the interesting reviews, your blog is unmissable! Xxxx


    • Hiya Donelle,
      Thank you. Are you in Oz? I used to know a Ben Talintyre back in the dark ages. It’s not so common a name.
      Portia xx


      • Hi Portia, yes in Sydney, well until, 2 months ago when we moved to the somewhat colder but very beautiful Southern Highlands, Bundanoon is now my home.
        Is Ben an Aussie? The name is uncommon, English, actually, there is a village called Tallentire in the Lake Districts.
        The family came over in the Goldrush days and is small and scattered in NSW and probably Victoria. Nice chatting with you. Xxx


        • Bundanoon! Where they have the Brigadoon festival? I have been there for it.
          Ben was an Aussie, very blonde. We were mates as kids.
          Always nice finding out more about anyone interested in perfume. How is the frag shopping in Bundanoon or is it all online?
          Portia xx


          • You are right, beautiful Bundanoon is the home of Brigadoon. I loved your video of Chanel’s Coco, by the way. If you are ever down this way again you are most welcome to peruse my collection 🙂

            Well, I bought my collection with me when I moved from Sydney, all 6 boxes of perfumes (how embarrassing, I guess that makes me a bona fide perfumista :). Half of which are unopened. Up until 2005, I knew nothing about fragrance, the whole celebrity perfume thing passed me by and now I deliberately bypass them. While on honeymoon, I visited Sephora in Paris and kinda caught the bug, after buying SL Cedre. Serge Lutens who? I asked at the time.

            Years later I have forced friends (or maybe heavily obliged them, with promises of undying gratitude, to go there whilst on their holidays) to buy me a couple of bottles of SL Mandarine Mandarin and Encens et lavande! One day I will make the pilgrimage back to Paris on a proper frag buying trip!

            My skin literally eats perfume, seriously TM’s Angel, is pretty mild on me, so I usually have to go for the real heavy hitters. Luckily, though, because my bank balance would be in much worse shape if everything lasted well on me. Your tip about Lush’s Balm, has been helpful. I never thought I would spend $300 on a perfume, and last month I splashed out on my largest single bottle purchase yet of $295, for Xerjoff’s Al Khatt, 50ml from FIF.

            Oh well, to me wearing perfume it is a lot more fun than spending money on anti-depressants, it can give me quite a high at times and is a heck of a lot more pleasurable. I love your blog Portia xx


          • Thank you for your kind Bundanoon invitation Donelle, we would seriously love to. It will be later in the year and we’ll come on down for a day. I LOVE to meet perfumistas.
            I would hate to have to pack my collection up. Al Khatt is a wonderful choice. MMMMMM So glamorous!
            I agree that a spritz can cause heavy happiness endorphins to flood your body, especially when you realise that those $300 would be one shrink session. MONEY WELL SPENT!!
            Portia xx


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