Bohemia EdP by Liz Cook for One Seed

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In Australia we are gaining quite a perfume creation culture, one of my favourites is Liz Cook’s One Seed who also fly the 100% All Natural flag. Though I am not swayed by whether something is natural or created I know many of you are. There is something deep and real about good natural perfume that is so different from a lot of the fragrances we deal with on a regular basis that they are an acquired taste. Remember your first Serge Lutens after years of Elizabeth Arden or even mainstream CHANEL? It was quite a revelation and for many it took a while to recalibrate to this artistic and a little outrageous perfume ideal.

Bohemia EdP by Liz Cook for One Seed

bohemia One SeedPhoto Stolen One Seed

Top: Blood orange, pink grapefruit
Heart: Jasmine, apricot, rose
Base: Cocoa, tonka, black tea, amber accord, vanilla

From One Seed site: Both broody & playful; a bitter-sweet composition of alluring amber, smoked tea & dark chocolate set against luscious blood orange & vanilla tones, with a delicate heart of jasmine & apricot.

From the very first whiff I get JAFFA, a confectionary here in Australia that is chocolate/orange, like those yummy segmented chocolate oranges that the Christian segment of the world got in their Xmas stockings. I don’t get the tartness of grapefruit it smells more like a mildly bitter, dark orange chocolate. It doesn’t take very long, maybe 5-190 minutes for the jasmine to waft through sinuously. If you liked Olympic Orchids California Chocolate then this is a creamier, richer and less scratchy version, still dark chocolate but much milder and more processed. I find Bohemia to be the closest to a mass market niche fragrance that One Seed has yet produced, it opens intensely sweet gourmand then levels out to sensual foody, good enough to eat rather than cake or cookie, in the heart and dry down and could easily have come from Serge Lutens or Robert Piguet. In fact, Bohemia is even more intense and interesting than many of the modern day offerings from mass market niche houses.

bohemia One Seed ClockLady linda FlickrPhoto Stolen linda Flickr

After the initial 1-30 minute fireworks, depending on the day, Bohemia settles down to something warm, suede plush, elegant and lavishly chic. You know those people who make everything look effortless, great hair, well put together clothes without fussiness, who always look relaxed either in an Armani suit or jeans, at the races, beach, boardroom or buying yachts. It’s like they’ve worked out something in life, like they were given a playbook or thought so much about it when they were young that now they just coast secure in the knowledge that the hard part is over. This is the kind of person I think could wear Bohemia, or anyone who wanted to smell like that. It’s unusual, yes, but not wild, ridiculous or trying hard. This could very easily be a signature scent if you were that way inclined. AWESOME! I love the black tea that has a smoky vibe and cuts through the vanilla sweetness perfectly keeping it a little bit tough and edgy.

bohemia One Seed Incense Lady Gianni Cumbo  FlickrPhoto Stolen Gianni Cumbo Flickr

Another great thing about Bohemia is its longevity, I get around 5-6 hours of fragrant life and another couple of very close and skinnish scent. Nice sillage for the first two or three hours but never a huge scent bubble. After that it’s a friends and family scent, only those within your comfort zone.

One Seed site: 5ml Travel Spray $14.95 or $97/50ml
9 x 1ml Complete Range Sample Set $35 including World Wide Postage


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40 thoughts on “Bohemia EdP by Liz Cook for One Seed

  1. I never got any of those segmented chocolate oranges when i was a kid. We were way too poor for that type of indulgence. I do remember my grandmother giving us each a baggie of hard filled christmas candy. Usually if you picked one from the bag all the others were stuck to it as well. But i loved her for that because despite her being on a tight budget, she still remembered all her grandkids and we loved her for who she was and not for what she could give us. Thanks Portia for that little flashback you initiated. ๐Ÿ™‚ oh i follow by e-mail


  2. Hello! Loved this review! And I give the orange chocolates, along with Florida oranges, to my three daughters every Christmas in their stockings.
    I follow every day by e mail.


  3. I too follow by email! Wowowow! Playful but broody? Sounds like me. People who’ve worked out something in their lives? I wish It could sound like me, but at least I might be able to smell like it. Perfume can cater to out deepest wishes, after all.


  4. Hello, the Bohemia sounds lovely and I follow by email. Just looked at the one Seed website and the organic body creams (in Hope, Courage, Devotion, and Freedom) sound yummy. And when I was growing up in northeastern Pennsylvania many years ago, it was traditional to put tangerines in stockings, just sayin.


  5. This sounds like a great scent. It has a lot of things/notes I like: chocolate, apricot, black tea, jasmine, orange, vanilla. I follow via RSS (Feedly). Thank you for the drawing!


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  7. I’ve tried a couple of One Seed scents but not this one, so I’d love to try it (Courage is really lovely). I follow by email, thanks Portia ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Hello! I follow by email, and I like to think that I have worked out something in life. In reality, though, I am still working on it ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the draw!


  9. Hello, I follow by email. Thanks for the draw! I love Jaffa cakes although I havent had them in years. Now I have to make a trip to the British food shop to seek some out!


  10. Hi, I’ve been checking in via wordpress but following by email now so I’ll never miss another post! Tweeted this one to share the One Seed love. I have Sweet Water and Hope but had my eye on Bohemia for a while now ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Hi Portia, I follow by Bloglovin. I imagine that this would smell amazing! Mmm..has one of my favourite top notes – blood orange! There’s not nearly enough perfumes with this note.


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