Jaguar Against Crocodile: National Geographic

Hello Fumies,

I know this is completely off topic but it’s so outrageously amazing that I couldn’t help but show you. The skill, grace, beauty and deadliness of both these animals is undisputed. See the food chain in action with surprising results.

I hope you enjoy this 2 minute diversion from fragrance,

Portia xx

Standing Jaguar WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

SONY DSCPhoto Stolen Spencer Wright Flickr

20 thoughts on “Jaguar Against Crocodile: National Geographic

  1. My husband sent me this video a couple of days ago and I can’t stop watching it. That cat is all grace and power and precision. One strike and he has his teeth sunk in exactly where they needed to be.


    • Yes, one false step and the ending could have been entirely different. It’s a goodie Tatiana. Your husband is quicker than me. Bugger!
      Portia x


  2. When they showed the croc sunbathing and the jaguar across the water, i was like now what?

    I was so focused on the croc when the camera zoomed in i didn’t even notice the jaguar initially swimming across the lake. there was hardly a ripple and it kept it’s head really low, 2 steps and then BAM croc’s gone.

    If i had been in the water i’d be panting when i got on shore:P incredible stamina.


    • I reckon it has a little practice by the look of the video, no, make that a LOT of practice. That is completely rehearsed and effortless, casual even, to my eyes.
      Portia xx


  3. I have no words except WOW! There was barely any time for this cayman to react it was THAT quick and THAT humane! Minimal suffering for the prey.

    I’m sure this wasn’t the first time this jaguar had done this.

    Now we know where a cayman, crocodile, & alligator’s vulnerabilities are!



  4. Awesome! That cat was amazing, barely saw his head as he swam silently across the river and killed the croc with laser precision. Very impressive.


    • Ha Ha Ha!! You are hilarious Clayton, would you really swim through croc infested water for a vintage Guerlain? Don’t answer that, I know, depends on the vintage Guerlain.
      Portia xx


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