Katy Perry Killer Queen by Laurent Le Guernec for Katy Perry 2013


Post by Katrina


Katy Perry Killer Queen 2013

Killer Queen Katy Perry FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Wild berries, dark plum, bergamot
Heart: Celosia), Sambac jasmine, plumeria
Base: Cashmere, patchouli, praline

The highlight from the celebrity perfumes of 2013 is Katy Perry’s Killer Queen. I wrote of my excitement about the impending release of Killer Queen in my review of the first two fragrances from Katy Perry – Purr and Meow!. Killer Queen is stronger and more sophisticated than Purr and Meow! This is not a sugary sweet girly fragrance. It smells quite intense in the beginning with sweet fruity notes combined with jasmine and patchouli. Along with the sweet berries there is deep plum, tart bergamot and strong florals. The perfume softens after a few hours and the liquid praline and patchouli smells fantastic.

I love the advertising and packaging of Killer Queen, the regal theme is fun, irreverent and dramatic. The gorgeous ruby-like bottle with its gold crown cap lays on its side.

Killer Queen Katy Perry launches pursuitistPhoto Stolen Pursuitist

Although Killer Queen is more sophisticated than the previous Katy Perry fragrances, it isn’t as edgy as I was anticipating and gets a lot of comparisons to Flowerbomb. In the same way that Lady Gaga Fame didn’t live up to its deep dark promise, Killer Queen is not as dramatic as its advertising campaign but I do love the plum, patchouli and praline in this fragrance. Killer Queen by Katy Perry is a rich floriental fragrance that is perfect for evening wear.

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Katrina xx
(Ed: Here is one of the super fun ads)

4 thoughts on “Katy Perry Killer Queen by Laurent Le Guernec for Katy Perry 2013

  1. I always look forward to your reviews, Katrina. From what you say I’m tempted to try a sniff of Killer Queen. The bottles is sure gorgeous!
    Azar xx


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