Perfume and Tea Pairings from Brie


Post by Brie


Perfume and Tea Pairings

The world of perfume blogging is relatively new to me. I have only been participating for the past years. Initially I was apprehensive about leave comments or even signing up to follow blogs. However, once I embraced this world of perfume blogging there was no turning back. I have developed many fragrant friendships with both bloggers and commenters. And what never ceases to amaze me is that we “perfumaniacs” are a generous and sharing group of individuals.

So please join me for my tea and perfume pairings with lovely gifts sent to me by two of my favorite fragrant friends.

Perfume_BottlesWikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

UME by L’Oeil du Vert

The beautiful Undina (, knowing of my love for natural perfumes, graciously sent me a large decant of the discontinued UME. Not aware that it was in perfume oil format I initially sprayed lavishly on my wrist and neck. It was an oily herbal mess. Ever curious, I went her blog to research this natural perfume. Understanding its consistency made me unscrew the decant sprayer and apply the oil by fingertip to my wrists. Much better……now THIS is a gorgeous jasmine-green tea fragrance redolent of thyme and herbs. Usually my “perfume adverse” hubby scoffs at the wearing of perfume to bed at night. However, there are only two fragrances that are not “verboten” and UME is one of them. Amazingly Undina knew EXACTLY what I needed for sweet, scented slumber.


Pleasant Moment Tea by Mikuniya Zengoro

My handsomely perfumed “brother” in Japan ( mailed me an unbelievable package of vintage fragrant goodies. Yet, knowing of my obsession with tea, he also included three Japanese teas as well. I have no idea if this is even the name of the tea but it was the only English writing on the canister so I am calling it as such. Pleasant Moment is unlike any tea I have ever experienced…even wafting it straight out of the canister puts me in a frenzied state with its lush greenery. A green tea nuanced with almond and jasmine notes that pairs exquisitely with the UME.

There are always “scentsational” surprises in store for us, thanks to our generous fragrant friends!

Brie XX

ED: Brie wrote this post ahead of time and will not be responding to comments. Portia will pick up the slack though so please leave a message in the comments if you’d like to continue the conversation. Brie, if you are reading, we miss you and hope you are happy and well. Drop in if you are around, we’d love to chat. XXX

7 thoughts on “Perfume and Tea Pairings from Brie

    • I miss her too Lucasz,
      I hope she will come back soon. I think we only have one more post from her and no way to get in contact.
      If you’re reading Brie WE ALL MISS YOU!
      Portia xx


  1. I love reading Brie’s posts! Though they tend to make me want to track down some tea. This time–pleasant moment.
    I like The Pour Une Ete with Yin Hao jasmine tea for an enveloping billowing jasmine-green tea experience.


    • Hi there Mim,
      Have you tried the Tulsi teas from India? They have a great range, are individually packed for freshness and very reasonable priced.
      Portia xx


  2. OOOOH I have to try UME. As a tea merchant and perfume maniac I have been on a quest for a fume that has *really* encapsulated tea for me – so far I havent found it. My favorite tea is Jasmine Pearl and I have long wished that blissful aroma could be bottled. Perhaps UME is it???


    • Heya sally,
      There are a wide variety of interesting tea scents available nowadays. Most of them deal with green tea but ity is still fun to test.
      Portia xx


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