Peety! by Angelo Orazio Pregoni for O'Driu 2013


Post by Feral Jasmine


So here’s the deal: I am not going to shut up about O’Driu Peety until I see more reviews that skip the whole bit about adding your own pee to it. It’s not that adding 10 drops of your own urine is wrong. It’s cleaner and less harmful than sniffing many aromachemicals, in my opinion, and also cleaner than many of the old naturals that we cherish when we can get them. The reason that the concept annoys me is that people tend to get caught up in the “ewwww!” factor and never quite get around to trying the perfume.

Peety! by Angelo Orazio Pregoni for O’Driu 2013

Peety: Forget the Hype, Just Smell the Perfume!

Peety O`Driu FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Tobacco, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, tonka bean, pink pepper

That’s a pity, because Peety is lovely if you like animalics. The notes sound ordinary enough and do not really do justice to the composition. Fragrantica‘s brief description of it as a “woody floral musk” also sounds pedestrian and like something you’ve smelled a thousand times before. The single most discerning comment that I’ve read about it was by a Fragrantica commenter who called it “bearish.” This pretty much sums up Peety, except for the choice of wild animal. Personally, I think of it as “wolfish.” As in a clean and warm wolf who might sit next to you at your hearth for a while but would remain, forever and always, a wild animal and would come and go on his own terms, and just might come to your hearth with the scent of smaller prey on him. Peety is a warm, beasty smell. If you are a fan of vintage perfumes that contain some real musk, you know the warm furry scent that I refer to. Fortunately anti-cruelty laws make it impossible to use real musks these days, and Peety is tangible proof that we don’t need them. This scent also contains the single most interesting and un-kitcheny use of cinnamon that I have come across. Here’s what the maker has to say: “Rose and jasmine tingle the nose, muffled by vague suspicions of tobacco and lichens. Then, mandarin and bitter orange hurl us in a liberty world, made of fine ambers, cinnamon and pink pepper. Rounded as the brown patchouli, elegant as sandalwood and Tonka bean are. A masterpiece of technique and suggestions, Peety™ gains its strength from sub-cultural taboos, to come out of the mass-market perfumery stereotypes and to become a pure emotional footprint of the one who has it on, unique!” I guess that’s more poetic than saying “hmm, smells like a subtle use of cinnamon.”

Nature PhotographyPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Peety is perfect for evenings by the fire. I also enjoy it for evenings out, and have worn it to work, dabbed rather than sprayed and applied well before leaving the house, to acclaim from a generally perfume-hating coworker. I suspect that it may be a cold-weather scent for me, but we have enough cool spring evenings that I expect to drain my little decant well before summer comes. When I have the money I will definitely get a bottle.

Further reading: Azar hosts a wonderful interview with Peety Perfumer Angelo Orazio Pregon
O’Driu has €150/50ml and samples
Surrender to Chance has samples starting at $6/.5ml

Nonetheless, get a sample somewhere and try it. I spent a recent weekend at a wolf sanctuary, and Peety makes me feel like a congenial wolf is walking close beside me.

Feral Jasmine X

15 thoughts on “Peety! by Angelo Orazio Pregoni for O'Driu 2013

  1. I really like it. Of course, I like animalics and rich, heavy perfumes in general.

    It was sweeter on me than I expected, but I’m thinking it might be the way my nose reads certain musks. I don’t get any fur quality at all ( I get that in spades from By Kilian Pure Oud and I was bummed it didn’t come through me in this one)but I do get the cinnamon edge. The cinnamon is about the only listed note I do get from this; I don’t detect jasmine or rose or orange or tobacco at all, maybe some of the Tonka bean, but overall it’s just a sort of rich blend to me. ( I am NOT good at identifying notes, though!)

    It’s very balsamy on me and I don’t know if that’s the way my nose is interpreting the brown patch? In many ways it reminds me of the drydown of Opium or Cinnabar.

    I haven’t peed in it yet and probably won’t, because I only have a 1ml sample. When I get around to buying a FB, and it’s definitely on my list, I’ll give it a go.

    I think it’s a gorgeous scent on its own, though!


  2. That’s interesting, it barely read “sweet” on me at all. I don’t detect the tobacco as an individual note either, just a general dark richness with that lovely dry-cinnamon edge.
    I can’t recall ever trying the By Kilian Pure Oud. May have to give that one a test.
    Thanks for visiting, Tammy. If you do ever pee in it, let us know how it worked out.


      • No, come to think of it. The lovely Portia has brought me to entirely new realms by inviting me to do perfume reviews. Such as, uh, talking to people about peeing in their cosmetics. Who ‘d have thought it?


  3. Hi FeralJasmine,

    I really like your take on Peety. Yes, Pregoni’s use of cinnamon is inspired. More like the woody stick than the ground up version. And, as you say so well, cruelty free musk actually works here. Ellen Covey describes the animalic in Peety as a “funky backbeat” (see For me Peety is all about the tangerine/mandarin. I adore the scent of tangerine, especially Peety’s furry and funky tangerine. If I were to put a character to it I suppose it would be a non-annoying version of the Annoying Orange, a very deep colored tangerine with a big, guilty smile and a bushy tale.

    As for some of the other O’Driù’s: Despite the bitter grapefruit, I don’t think Eva Kant packs the punch of its fictional namesake. This Eva Kant is sweeter than I imagine the character could ever be. I love the super sweaty cumin and herb concoction Lideale and the cold pavement/powdery floral of Laccordo. I also really like Vis et Honor and just about everything else I’ve tried by O’Driù but will save comments on those for another time.

    Azar xx


    • Most interesting. I don’t know the line at all except for Peety.
      I am very interested that the tangerine component is so clear to you. It is very blended in to my nose, but when I think about it, what I smell is not citrus peel per se but the funky wonderful scent I used to get when I seared tangerine peel in my wok to make tangerine beef. Damn, that was eons ago. How old have Zi gotten! anyway? 😉


      • Should say “have I gotten, anyway? Autocorrect has started inserting z’s and a’s in strange places. It may be moving me toward another language. What language has a lot of z’s in it?


      • I thought the Zi was on purpose! (Persian has its fair share of z sounds.) Perhaps the auto correct “thought” you were referring to zigot (another spelling for zygote) or the Zigotons (I learned about these guys from one of my video game playing students) or maybe your auto correct is trying to create its own language, a sort of perfume esperanto with FeralJasmine as the host of a new and weird linguistic contagion spread by blog. Oh dear! Hw fzt hzt zhbrd!?
        Azar xx


  4. I love Peety! I too only have a 1 ml sample and tried to do the math regarding the required number of pee drops needed to make it “personal” but it made my head hurt and seemed a physical impossibility 😉

    It’s a very warm scent on me too, and I can definitely detect the orange, although its more like a spicy orange which is probably due to the cinnamon. It does remind me of Cinnabar somewhat, although more rounded which is maybe because of the jasmine/rose? I don’t detect either of them specifically, and just when I think I get tobacco its gone.

    I was in the Perfume House (Portland) recently and a friend and I were discussing with the SA (in a very matter of fact way) to pee or not to pee in Peety. You would have thought we had been talking about dropping our drawers in public the way the other shopper reacted! One woman even claimed that she wouldn’t buy the pee-less Peety because of the mere thought of it, which led me to say in a manner befitting a 6 year old – “Oh goody – all the more for me then.” Perfume does weird things to us…


    • Sally, I’m rather on your side of this, although I don’t have any intention of peeing in it myself. Life is just not all that clean, and once you have heard a pathologist talk about the “fecal patina” to be found on all surfaces in rooms where babies are changed, you get over that level of fastidiousness.


    • And by the way, I think your response to the other shopper is funny! You didn’t insult her or anything, you just indicated willingness to pick up the slack.


  5. I’m really curious as to the reasoning behind the concept of adding your own urine to this perfume. I don’t get it. I’m not disgusted, just intrigued. Is this a gimmick? I googled a bit, watched just one video, and I’m still confused. My first thought was not eeewww, but hmmm? I can’t help but think of pheromones, territorial marking and dominance versus submission.

    I know I’m late to the Peety party, and I appreciate your review and the fact that pee is not the focus. 🙂


    • Holly, I’m interested too. At first I thought it was pure gimmick, but people who have done it say it makes a subtle but definite positive difference. I think of Anya of Anya’s Garden tincturing billy goat hairs for one of her perfumes, and I suppose that there is no animalic that doesn’t have some use in perfumery. But leave urine entirely out of the picture and Peety is still fascinating.


  6. Okay, I’m finally curious about this one. I’m not sure about the peeing in it part though. I mean, there are a lot of variables to consider. This is coming from someone whose been collecting pee from her poodle for over a year to test for various issues. There’s the whole concentration thing. If you’ve been drinking a lot, urine is more dilute and not as strong in color or scent usually. Then there’s the part about what you’ve eaten. One word- asparagus. That food alone takes pee to another level of stank. So if you were planning on peeing in it would it just be a random thing or would you pick your pee carefully? Wow, that’s a paragraph I can’t believe I wrote. But seriously, if you plan on doing it, would you only put a few drops in a decant and try it or just toss it in the whole bottle? Do we know of anyone who’s done it?
    Besides all that, I do want to try the scent straight up without the pee.


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