Chambre Noire by Dorothee Piot for Olfactive Studio 2011


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The concept behind Olfactive Studio is the interplay between imagery and perfume – a picture can tell a thousand words, so can a perfume capture the essence of time and place. It is this junction where the two meet that is Olfactive Studio’s creative space. Each of Olfactive Studio’s five fragrances are the result of teamwork between a photographer and a perfumer, working together to capture not only a moment, but the interplay of thought and emotion around that moment.

Chambre Noire Olfactive Studio photoPhoto Stolen Olfactive Studio

Chambre Noire by Dorothee Piot for Olfactive Studio 2011

Chambre Noire Olfactive Studio FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Schinus (pink peppercorn)
Heart: Jasmine, papyrus, violet, incense, prune
Base: Sandalwood, patchouli, musk, vanilla, leather

Chambre Noire is another name for “Camera Obscura”, the first type of box camera using pinhole light exposure so there is a bit of mystery, play of light and dark and what is revealed in shadowy corners. The photograph that this fragrance was designed in conjunction with is a barely lit hotel room, the reflections revealing more about the room itself than the direct view.

On first opening I get a big waft of violet and sandalwood and what I think is amber, although it is not listed in the notes. Within 10 minutes the violet had dropped away, with incense, shinus and a woody scent that I can’t really place. Schinus is the genus of pink peppercorns, and are not related to ‘true’ pepper, in that pink pepper does not contain the fiery piperine of true pepper. Shinus has warm, fragrant, bright and uplifting qualities. I managed to get hold of some the other day, and could quite happily chew a few pink berries without my mouth slowly catching on fire.

Chambre Noire Olfactive Studio  Pink_Peppercorns WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

After 2 hours the violet & light florals make a return, along with some very gentle leather and the sandalwood humming in the background. A warm sensual mix, in a kick off your high heels & chat over a glass of wine kind of way. The feeling I get from it is more one of companionship rather than a mysterious liaison, like winding down for the day, but with enough of a zing in the air to keep conversation flowing.

The dry down at 4 hours has musk and vanilla joining sandalwood, which gently linger until it fades to a faint memory. I would wear Chambre Noir when going out with a small group of friends on weekends, or give myself a pick-me-up spritz in anticipation of Friday night after-work drinks.

Chambre Noire Olfactive Studio fragrancePhoto Stolen Olfactive Studio

Further reading: Olfactoria’s Travels and Smelly Thoughts
First In Fragrance has €125/100ml and €4/3ml samples
Olfactive Studio has $195/100ml Delivered to Australia

Have you tried Olfactive Studio’s fragrances? Did any of them stand out for you?

Tina G xx

19 thoughts on “Chambre Noire by Dorothee Piot for Olfactive Studio 2011

  1. I tried Chambre Noir and Autoportrait. I was taken by both really, but Autoportrait stuck with me and I was gifted a decant by my partner so that was nice!
    I had also sprayed Lumière Blanche but I remember nothing of it, it made no impression on me…


    • Hi Elia,

      Oh, a decant of Autoportrait! Nice! I can see myself wearing Autoportrait in the cooler months here – elemi and oak moss are favourites of mine.

      Tina xx


  2. YAY! My favourite of the Olfactive studio set. Nice job TinaG. Can’t wait to see you and catch up on news and gossip.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia! Still Life is still my fav but I’ve enjoyed giving them all a run through. I’ve now managed to get my hands on Flashback so will be trying that soon! There will be chats in our future – lots of Love xx


  3. I’ve tried the entire Olfactive Studio line (their sampler is such a great deal!) and own decants of Chambre Noir and Lumière Blanche. I’ve really enjoyed CN, but it’s LM that has captured my heart – I foresee a full bottle soon!


    • Hi Dionne, Olfactive Studio’s sampler set is very generous and a great way to give the sents a few runs. Wow, LB full bottle worthy.. Fabulous! 🙂

      xx Tina


  4. I love this review and all of the Olfactive Studio fragrances. After reading your description I sprayed some Chamber Noir. It really does represent the photograph with scent! This fragrances is so well crafted, but my favorite of the line remains Autoportrait.


    • Oh Azar, you’re always so kind commenting on my reviews – I’m not very confident putting these forward, I feel like a student walking in to a room full of accomplished professors… not quite sure which way things are going to go! 🙂 Mind you, everyone here at APJ are wonderful, Portia has created a great space for sharing thoughts and learning more about all things fragrant.

      Thank you. Tina xx


  5. I have not tried any Olfactive Studio scents yet, but they are on my radar. You had me at violet and sandalwood. Sounds like something for me!


    • Hi Maya,

      I’m always on the look out for violet in scents, although once scarce, it seems to be appearing more and more – which is fab! Sandalwood and violet are lovely together, and seriously I swear there is amber in there too -I smell it every time and thought I was going a bit mad until I read the exquisite review in Smelly Thoughts (link above). Must trust my nose more. So yes, definitely worth checking out. 🙂

      Tina xx


  6. I really want to try this one. I didn’t have much luck with Lumiere Blanche. It lasted about 15 minutes on me. It was beautiful for that 15 minutes though. I think this one is more my taste and hopefully it’s got a bit more staying power. Very nice review.


    • Hi Poodle, Oh! Hard to say… Worth giving it a run through. All the OF fragrances gave me about 4 hours. Fingers crossed you get a bit more life out of CN. And, thanks! 🙂

      Tina xx


  7. Thanks for the lovely review, TinaG.

    This is the Olfactive Studio scent I’m most enjoying so far, but I could get to know the others better…

    Like you I have found it to be a lovely violet amber, but I hadn’t read a list of notes. Let’s just go with what the nose knows!


    • Hi Sister Mary – absolutely! Trust your nose. It’s a lovely scent, and I took it travelling recently, how could I resist not giving it a run through in a far away darkened hotel room. Life imitating art… 😉 x T


    • Hi Adrian – really? This is short lived on your skin too? Gosh… It is good on me for at least 4 hours, and flits around in the corners long after that… Maybe I’m just lucky? x T


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