Si by Christine Nagel for Giorgio Armani 2013


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The beautiful Australian actress Cate Blanchett won the 2014 Academy Award “Best Lead Actress” for her role in the movie Blue Jasmine. Cate is well known and loved in Australia, and particularly in Sydney where she was the Co Artistic Director of the Sydney Theatre Company from 2008-2012. I’ve never met her, but so many of my friends have and absolutely rave about what a goddess she is, stunningly gorgeous and radiant – elegance personified. In 2013 she became the ethereal ‘face’ of Giorgio Armani’s new perfume release

Si by Christine Nagel for Giorgio Armani 2013

Si Giorgio Armani Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Cassis
Heart: Freesia, may rose
Base: Vanilla, ambroxan, patchouli, woodsy notes

I was given a very generous ‘discovery pack’ of 7ml EDP and a body lotion recently. The juice itself I find is simple and uncomplicated and has a good silage and longevity, however the scent is borderline linear and doesn’t change appreciably on my skin as it dries down. On opening there is a sweet, sugary vanilla and berry stickiness that has a light floral background and this combination is persistent for about two hours. After this time the vanilla is less prominent, and it is all blackcurrant and rose with just a faint hint of something woody in the background. I’m starting to get worried about my nose – twice now I’ve tested perfumes which have patchouli listed in the notes, but I’ve not been able to find it. And I know what patchouli smells like, goodness, it is pretty distinctive as a stand alone oil… so not sure about that.

Si Giorgio Armani

So after 3 hours, I’ve got a pleasant berry/floral vibe going on. I know ambroxan can be amazing on my skin, but I feel like I’m just waiting for that to kick in and give a twist, and at 4 hours maybe I’m getting hints of it however I’m still having to look hard. The scent becomes a touch more personal. It’s like being at a summer barbecue with friends, and at desert time having a generous helping of pavlova heaped with berries and vanilla cream, then after a while wandering off to a quieter spot for a 1:1 conversation.


All round, I do like it, but it is a sweet and dependable perfume – not sure what the question was, but the answer, sí (yes), is definitely not one borne from the throes of passion. I’ve worn it to work on days where I know I’m going to be ultra-busy and don’t have time for too many distractions. On these same days I’ve also opted for old-faithful flats instead of killer high heels, and worn something comfortable, and I’m not 100% sure I haven’t just grabbed the nearest bottle to dab on as I’ve run out the door.

Now, I’ve seen a similar question asked on another blog but I’m going to repeat it here because I’m interested – if you had to choose any perfume/s for Cate Blanchett to represent, which would you choose?

Tina G xx

Cate Blanchett and Anne Fontaine – A connection – Sì

Behind the Scenes Sì – starring Cate Blanchett

Sì – The film – Giorgio Armani

5 thoughts on “Si by Christine Nagel for Giorgio Armani 2013

  1. I’m terrible at the “perfume the celebrity or fictional character” game, but I see Cate Blanchett at more the green floral type. Maybe something a bit chypre-ish and difficult, as opposed to vanilla and berries.


    • Hi Laurels, I like that, green floral chypre-ish. I’m having trouble pinning down a fragrance match but I have an image of something that balances centered/grounded vs ethereal/intriguing…. Walking through a forest glen following the lightest thread of citrus scents. Maybe. 🙂

      Tina G x


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