Hard Leather by Jerome Epinette for LM Parfums 2014


Post by FeralJasmine


Sometimes civilized people have to agree to disagree. There is a lot written about the fecal aspects of LM Parfums’ Hard Leather. To which I say: Really? Seriously? Have these people ever actually smelled feces?

Hard Leather by Jerome Epinette for LM Parfums 2014

A Night in Hard Leather

Hard Leather LM Parfums Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Leather, rum
Heart: Iris, honey
Base: Sandalwood, cedar, agarwood (oud), olibanum, vanilla, styrax

That is SO not what I smell. Initially, I smell clean, healthy barnyard, the kind you get with a really good oud. All the animals here are bursting with animal vitality, and you can smell it. The stroll through the barnyard lasts about 15 minutes on me. Then you come to the rough heavy wooden door into the tack room, and walk in among the leather. Through the scent of the wooden walls and the oiled and polished saddles and bridles hanging all around you, you smell a clean, vital male behind you. He is your wild lover, your animus, the one you’ve never confessed to anyone that you wanted, the one that you dream about and are sorry when you wake, the one you can only see out of the corner of your eye because he disappears when you turn to look straight at him. Dionysus. That’s what I smell.

Hard Leather LM Parfums  Tack Room FotopediaPhoto Stolen Fotopedia

If I were in charge, which I certainly am not, all men in my vicinity would wear Hard Leather at least occasionally. Ah, what a world it would be.

Does that mean that a woman can’t wear this scent? Not by a long shot. There is a honeyed vanillic softness to the leather that makes it lovely on women. Probably all of us have a Dionysus aspect if we admit it, and scent is a splendid way to channel your inner incubus.

So where does the talk about feces come from? I think it’s possible that some people smell all strong animalics as having notes of urine or excrement. I have heard similar talk about Muscs Koublai Khan, which has animal notes but no urine or poop to most of us. To noses of the Fresh’n’Clean type, anything that suggests nature may suggest dirt or even excrement. Or it may be a genetic difference in the way we smell things, which is known to exist with some scents. In this context I always think of Hermès: Vanille Gallant, a lovely vanilla-lily scent to many, a fishy disaster to some.

Hard Leather LM Parfums Horse Beach Sunset Jimmy McIntyre FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Further reading: The Scented Hound and
First In Fragrance have €295/100ml and 9/4ml Samples

So, sample first, by all means. You should always sample first, because your olfactory universe is not like anybody else’s. But if part of your own olfactory realm is out on the fringes, beyond civilization and governed only by natural law, the primal beauty of Hard Leather is likely to produce an interesting degree of shock and awe.



18 thoughts on “Hard Leather by Jerome Epinette for LM Parfums 2014

  1. I see there’s a lot of fuss and popularity lately about Hard Leather. I only sprayed it once on a blotter and it left me completely cold.
    I guess I’ll have to smell it again some time…


    • Elia, it’s all so individual, so maybe you won’t ever care for it, but do give it a chance on skin. It blooms on skin. I am always suspicious of the latest hyped scent, but this one can add something exquisite to the palate.


  2. Hey FeralJasmine,
    I love that this wears so differently on you and that you find fond memories of horse tack rooms. I love that smell and you’ve inspired me to grab a sample.
    Is it as hefty as the La Via del Profumo leather?
    Portia xx


    • As much as I love La Via del Profumo scents, I haven’t tried the leather. I would say that I don’t find Hard Leather very hefty at all. It is more like being draped in tissue suede than like a thick leather jacket. I think that’s why I find it so unisex. Imagine elegant leather riding boots on men and soft suede dresses on women. Yum! As you may have detected, I’m quite obsessed with it.


  3. Hi FeralJasmine,
    I have not tried this but, from your description it might work for me. I like wearing the very “barny” Assam ouds and prefer them to the cambodis. I perceive these oud barnyards (usually the top note of the better quality ouds I’ve tried) as a mix of my sister’s dairy farm (she is now retired) and the smell of the semi fermented cedar bark chips used for landscaping and weed control in the PNW. I guess I don’t find a lot of mysterious vitality in these ouds but a more or less re-assuring, relaxing, homelike quality. Perhaps the rum, honey and styrax add the seduction to Hard Leather? Thank you for this wonderful review!
    Azar xx


    • Azar, thanks for stopping by! I think that you would love this one. Like you, I love the more animalic ouds but that isn’t the direction that Hard Leather leans. I could never imagine wearing the Xerjoff Zafar to work- it would foment (or ferment) a rebellion among my colleagues- but Hard Leather is easily wearable if I apply it some time before I leave the house.
      Have you sniffed Zafar, by the way? Now there’s a barnyard for you!


      • HA! “Fermenting” a rebellion. A good use for the big alembic that is currently languishing unused (taking up space) in my kitchen!

        I have not tried Zafar! My barnyard perfume experience is pretty much (with the exception of a few EDPs that include “oud” or “oudh'” in the fragrance name) confined to the pure oils from various localities. Looks like I need to broaden my barnyard horizons!


  4. What a terrific review! And also a very thought-provoking examination of how animalic gets confused with fecal. Very interesting. It reminds me of when I used to work in a wine shop and people would always tell me they did not want a “sweet” wine. Well, generally speaking, unless it is a dessert wine, most wine has practically no or very little residual sugar left after fermentation, so what they were really saying was that they did not want a fruity wine. Makes you wish that sometimes the English language was better equipped for descriptions!


    • Yes, scents and flavors are notoriously hard to describe. I’m not sure that other languages do much better, because we are talking about an experience so personal that it’s just plain difficult for one human being to describe to another.


  5. I have a sample of this and while I haven’t given it a proper test I didn’t find it all that fecal. I think working in an animal shelter and being an EMT at one point has exposed my nose to odors that most people don’t usually smell. I’m not sure if I’ll love it like some people do but it wasn’t what I thought it would be. I need to give it skin time.


    • I don’t find it fecal either, Poodle! I realize that some people do, but clearly they’ve never worked in an animal shelter or nursing home! I love this scent, and it is beautifully animalic with NO excrement to my nose.


  6. FeralJasmine, what a great review. I have to confess, I have a thing about leather so I was enticed by your review! 😀
    I’ve also noticed a lot of confusions among people about “fecal”, “animalic” & “musky” smells… I suppose smell, like taste, is very personal and everyone gets slightly different versions.


    • Thanks, Thinking Magpie! I love your screen name, by the way, because corvids are always thinking. When I read about people finding poop in Hard Leather, I have to remind myself how I recoil at melon notes, while others are (practically) spooning them up, and say to myself “There’s no accounting for ’em.”


  7. As I think about this perfume and your various comments,I realize that mostly I’m just thrilled that there is still a market for good animalics. On days when I think that we may yet drown under a sweet fruitichouli tsunami, I can remind myself that there are lots of people who will not only buy Hard Leather but actually like it. It gives me hope. If anyone wants to add their own favorite animalic, I will be even more encouraged.


    • Blood Concept O. First one that comes to mind now 🙂
      My initial aversion to Hard Leather btw was not because it was animalic or challenging but was because it seemed harsh and petroleum like. I can’t stand perfumes that are reminiscent of petroleum and there are quite a few.


      • That’s so interesting. I don’t get a single petroleum note in it, and I get them in spades from some other perfumes. Amazing how differently we all smell and interpret.


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