Shit Fragrance Heads Say: Fragrance Bros. Video

Heya APJ,

I love the Fragrance Bros. they do loads of fun videos, great reviews, they host splits and have built up a really wonderful community around them. Here from Daver we hear a bunch of stuff that frag heads say, if you didn’t think we had a vocabulary to ourselves then this video should dispel your misconceptions.

Fragrance Bros LogoFragrance

Also, if you understand more than 30% of the conversation then you are already firmly entrenched in perfumista-hood. Welcome to the clan. We are weird but we smell great.

Enjoy the video,

Portia xx

27 thoughts on “Shit Fragrance Heads Say: Fragrance Bros. Video

    • YAY Sheila,
      The ONLY think I don’t like about it is that Daver did it before I could think of it.
      I’m glad you liked it too.
      Portia xx


    • Hey Val,
      Glad you liked it.
      Maybe I will. Give it a moment top calm down and I just might do it. I’ll ask Daver if he minds. Maybe while we are in the USA in November we could get together and add to the madness.
      Portia xx


  1. Scenario:

    I am sitting in front of my laptop (Bonus: my SOTD is vinty No. 5 extrait, and that right there is another 3-4 Things Fumeheads Say to add to your list) watching this and laughing my head off. My three children and my husband (and the dog) are looking over my shoulder with their heads cocked to identical angles of confusion.

    This is killer. I love this guy.


    • YAY! We are a cult. Frag cultists unite.
      In fact, we are from another country, but one nearby. we speak some of the same language as those around us but quite a lot of it means different things. It’s like we are science geeks.
      I’m so glad you got a laugh Mals86.
      Portia xx


  2. Gotta laugh!!!!
    Expecially after grabbing a little something off ebay.
    How much fun is it to find each other?
    Thx Daver & Portia for the good fun!


  3. OMG 🙂 This was so funny – and scary! I understood everything. I thought I was just a beginner perfumista, but apparently I’m wrong. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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