Rose Kashmirie by Marie-Helene Rogeon + Francois Robert for Les Parfums de Rosine 2007

Hello Lovely Fumie Friends,

While in Paris in February Michael and I stumbled across the Les Parfums de Rosine store in the Palais Royal shopping strips after doing a shop in Serge Lutens while upstairs they were having a launch party. I was very sad that we weren’t invited up to have a drink and a sniff.

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Rose Kashmirie by Les Parfums de Rosine 2007

Marie-Helene Rogeon + Francois Robert

Rose Kashmirie Les Parfums de RosinePhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Saffron, coriander, bergamot, rose
Heart: Myrhh, rose, peony
Base: Vetiver, sandalwood, amber, benzoin, vanille, grass, cypriol oil (nagarmotha)

So I first dabbed my sample of Rose Kashmirie and what I got was a lovely sparkling, very slightly spicy, fresh rose scent. One of those roses that you buy in a bunch that has the merest whiff of fragrance so fragile and tenuous but amped up 1000 times. Very pretty but nothing groundbreaking or really interesting at all, there are at least 100 rose frags doing the same thing for 1/4 the price, meh.

Then, searching through my samples I came across the 2ml vial and decided to decant it into a spritz atomiser. WOW! The difference is beyond compare, they are two entirely different entities in the open. Now that luscious green herbal coriander and slightly plastic saffron add depth and breadth to the rose. Now I’m smelling a garden rose that has bloomed to a plate size, full of the wonderful sweet, spicy, boozy, green magic that is a rose. A riot of rose, loads of the roses with a lovely citrus twang that sets my heart aflutter and my eyes wanting to roll back in my head.

Rose Kashmirie Les Parfums de Rosine Kashmir Tony Gladvin George FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

There is a watery, cool breath through the rose that rises through a wind of cool incense born from some temple, this is Srinagar on a houseboat in the cool of morning. I think it’s lovely peony come to waft through the rose, a dewy cool peony plucked fresh in the morning dark. Still Rose Kashmirie is all cool and no warmth well into its heart. At this point the rose becomes slightly generic (that’s the wrong word but I can’t find a better fit), still beautiful but now like a bath product rather than fine fragrance, maybe a lavish body wash or a soap. Yes, we are definitely traveling soapy territory, but it is lovely, exquisite soap. The finest.

Rose Kashmirie Les Parfums de Rosine Rosa_damascena WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Later Rose Kashmirie warms through as the rose becomes more vanilla/amber hued and the incense becomes a lovely smoky crackle. The dried grasses add a tobacco-ish feel and my nose picks out some lovely honey tones too. Is my nose playing tricks or is there an animal lurking beneath all the prettiness? A big hairy animal on heat. WOW! Breathing right down my rose scented neck. Though all of these extras add on still the shining star is rose, rose in its many facets and phases, bud, bloom, petals and leaves. Here they are in one of the worlds loveliest places, war torn, strife filled Kasmir. This is the Kashmirie Rose.

Next morning there is a nearly scent left that hints of roses, powder and healthy compost. Soft but very, very pretty.

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First In Fragrance has €88/50ml and samples
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/ml

Interestingly, the other reviews I read either dismissed or didn’t find Rose Kashmirie worked for them.
Damn it, I like it and am seriously thinking FBW. Have you tried it? What did you think?
Portia x

19 thoughts on “Rose Kashmirie by Marie-Helene Rogeon + Francois Robert for Les Parfums de Rosine 2007

  1. I had Kashmirie in the top 3 of the house, out of what I managed to try that is.
    I like it but I didn’t click on FBW sentiments with any from the house.


    • Hi there Elia,
      Is it their structure? The rose they use? Fragrance life? What made them not worthy of FB for you?
      Portia xx


      • Not longevity no, most are average and for some I get good longevity like 10h+. For some it is structure, like a top and bottom that don’t meld, or something that is all over the place interesting but doesn’t completely meld like Twill Rose. But mostly I guess it is the rose. Some of them are godawful sharp and soapy. I like my rose full bodied and jammy sweet.


        • Well yes,
          Then if you are getting sharp and soapy, and looking for jammy sweet then there may be something in the whole line that doesn’t work for you. What a bummer, but at least it’s one house you can safely bypass in your search for true love.
          Portia xx


  2. Hi Portia,

    It amazes me what a difference there can be between a spray and a dab! Obviously Kashmirie Rose needs plenty of air in order to bloom properly. I haven’t experienced KR but would like to.

    In early summer I use a lot of rose scents. Before I take to the road on my daily neighborhood prowl with Fender, I try to anticipate the fragrance of my neighbors’ gardens of roses by loading on my own favorite rose perfumes. Kashmirie Rose seems like it might be a good candidate for this application.

    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar,
      Great to see you this frosty Sydney Sunday morning.
      That sounds like a lovely fragrant ramble each morning. I can see you leaving a trail of glorious rose and other notes floating behind you. MMM
      Portia xx


  3. Hi Portia,
    Around this January & February, I was kinda obsessed with rose fragrances and tried this one back then. Personally, I just liked it up to 1 1/2 hours mark, and then fell in love with the drydown phase. Incensey and slightly dirty-ish rose… BTW, I also decanted the sample into a spray vial and tried. Maybe that was the key. 🙂


    • Aha! Another spritzer. ThinkingMagpie, yes if they sell it that way I like to try it that way.
      I’m glad you love the dry down. I can see a bottle in my future.
      Portia x


  4. I have sample of RK, but so far only tried it once, in fairness I should give it a repeat performance. When I tried it I wasn’t blown away mostly because I already have bottles and samples of similar spicy oriental roses, thus it felt a bit redundant. I stick to my FB of Guerlain Rose Nacree instead 🙂


    • EvaS,
      Yes, that it a very fair argument. Sometimes I also have to say enough for a particular style. The Guerlain is lovely, one of the most divine rose frags ever.
      Portia xx


  5. I really like this one, unfortunately I ordered a bottle of it from a discounter and it had turned, so I still don’t own a bottle, but later this year when I get back to the US I will order another one, from a reputable etailer this time. It is a sweet, incensey rose on me, my favourite after Rose d’Amour.


  6. This is a perfume that I really enjoy, and in fact, I wore it a couple of days ago and was happy that I did. I like a lot of the Rosines.


    • Hi there MaryK,
      Great to see you.
      We were pleasantly surprised at the Parfums de Roosines, Michael bought a very lovely mens fragrance, a parfum now sadly discontinued.
      Portia xx


    • Hey Lindaloo,
      Some peoples beauty is through their strength, resilience and perseverance. It makes me happy that a survivor can be treated with this kind of respect in an industry that is notoriously shallow. Bravo WW
      Portia xx


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