South Korean Fragrance Shopping II: Photo Essay


Post by TinaG



On our recent trip to South Korea in May 2014, I had a chance to pick up some local fragrances as a reminder of some of the great places we had the opportunity to visit. Here’s a quick run down of two brands.

Stolen from Wikipedia - Dol_Hareubang photoPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

South Korean Fragrance Shopping II

Location: JeJu Island, Brand: Tammora

JeJu FragsPhoto Donated by TinaG

South Korea’s JeJu Island lies south of the mainland in the East China Sea, and is a popular romance and honeymoon destination. The island is volcanic in origin, and dotted with the peaks of multiple volcanic vents with the spectacular Mount Hallasan dominating the skyline. The island is well known for its stunningly beautiful sun rises. There is a type of volcanic rock which has little bubbles all the way through it like an aero chocolate bar, and this material is used abundantly in building walls around the island. It is also used to carve “Old Grandfather” statues, Dol Hareubang, which are the main symbol of Jeju Island. These statues are stout, hands on bellies, and have a mushroom shaped hat. Another romantic feature of JeJu is the fields of yellow rape seed flowers – please don’t get caught up over the plants name, it just is what it is. You may have heard of canola, which is the genetically modified version of the rape plant and is commonly utilised to make canola oil. We were lucky enough to visit in late May when the beautiful fields of rape were in full bloom.

JeJu Rapeseed 1

JeJu Rapeseed 2Photos Donated by TinaG

At one of the tourist shops I was pleased to find some local perfumes, marketed under the JeJu Tammora brand, “Tammora” being one of the previous names given to the island. I grabbed myself two bottles, one of rape flowers, and one of orchid which was in the shape of the island’s Old Grandfather statues. The orchid was a pretty cool, soft and powdery floral, but I had no frame of reference for the rape flower fragrance. Luckily, on the way home the next day we stopped and had a chance to wander through a field of the metre-high plants in full bloom. Their scent is difficult to describe, as subtle as a breath of wind, green and sweet – and it was quite accurately reflected in the perfume albeit in a more concentrated form.

Etude House perfume - stolen from Stolen EtudeHouse

Location: Busan, Brand: Etude House

Etude House is a playful chain of stores filled to the brim with cosmetics including the famous BB cream foundation. The first one we visited in Busan was a treat, pink and sweet and oh so cute! They have an adorable range of mini fragrances based on “romance” slogans “Why Not Me”, “Love Me Forever”, “Before You Go” etc… that kind of thing.

Etude - Bite MePhoto Donated by TinaG

I chose to pick up “Bite Me”. Ha! Love the ambiguity in that statement. One spray releases a sherbet-fizzy grapefruit, fresh and sparkling, as dizzying as an unexpected kiss. Simple fun, and you can imagine scores of young girls picking up a few bottles from this range.

Etude HousePhoto Donated by TinaG

I’m glad I picked up a few cheap and cheerful fragrances during the holiday, it was a special way of bringing home a few extra memories of the trip!

Tina G



16 thoughts on “South Korean Fragrance Shopping II: Photo Essay

    • Hi Azar, you know, the store where I picked up “Bite Me” was unfortunately not fully stocked, so I can only imagine what “No More” smells like. And I can definitely imagine a few good and bad scenarios …ha! 🙂

      Tina G x


  1. Hey Tina,
    Another great memory from Korea. I loved the fields of rape and wandering through them taking photos like honeymooners.
    Also the little shops so full of fun stuff at tourist destinations.
    Great holiday, excellent memories.
    Portia xx


    • Hey Portia! How blessed are we to have had such an amazing trip. And so many fun souvenir places – I’m now thinking of the temple shops, that one with all the art, the fab jewellery, just so much fun stuff. 🙂

      Chat soon!

      Tina G x


  2. The Bite Me one is kind of funny. I just love the thought of someone asking you what perfume you’re wearing becoming a kind of “Who’s on First” situation.. 😀

    I’m imagining this:

    Person 1: What are you wearing?
    Person 2: It’s called Bite Me.
    Person 1: Well that was uncalled for.
    Person 2: No, really, it’s called Bite Me.


    • Hi Victoria – seriously, how could I go past that! Very fun. And for the price you could pick up a few bottles – drat I missed an opportunity to get some as gifts for friends! Would have been a laugh.

      Tina G x


  3. I am so jealous of anyone who gets to visit an Etude House store. They make some really great makeup and the packaging is always to die for. I find that a lot of the Korean mainstream perfumes seem to be named rather oddly. Missha and The Faceshop have some fairly amusing perfume names too.

    The Rape Flower perfume really does sound gorgeous. I am a bit of a soliflore whore.

    PS. Speaking of Etude House, the lip stain I won from Portia’s draw is wonderful and my Mom stole the socks immediately, citing her dainty feet and the likely hood that they would fit her best. If you are reading this Portia, thank you again!


  4. The Rape Flowers perfume, name aside, sounds like an ideal souvenir, since the scent really evokes the field of flowers. Lucky you!


    • Hi Laurels, I do feel lucky to have been able to sniff the flowers and put 2:2 together and recognise that it did capture the flower scent well. A great souvenir! And the bottle & packaging was quite pretty too, bottle is frosted glass. Tina G x


  5. Before I became a natural perfumer Guerlain were my absolute favourite perfumes and I worked as a consultant over 30 years ago. Shalimar and Chamde were my Fav’s then I discovered Jardins de bagatelle I loved L’Heure Bleue it is full of mystery!



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