Captured In Amber EdP & Extrait by Shelley Waddington for En Voyage Perfumes 2014


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


I don´t like amber. It´s not for lack of trying. I always thought I would be the perfect amber babe. After all I adore patchouli and it´s the same right? Actually it´s not. When I fell for Captured in Amber I thought that the amber part of my brain had finally been unlocked. I got hold of 5 different ambers ready to love them all. I didn´t. I found them as flat and one dimensional and nauseating as they ever were. It is not my wont to knock other perfumes/perfumers but suffice it to say they included Dior´s Mitzah, which is just not made f or me. (I think Dior can handle it!). Not my cup of tea. Or should I say chocolate?

The Spanish conquistadors first brought chocolate to France in 1615. It was only for the nobility and upper bourgeoisie. It was all the rage at the Court of Versailles. At that time it was cheaper to buy a prostitute than it was chocolate. Chocolate was recognized for its aphrodisiacal qualities so I have know doubt that there were those who purchased both! In 1770 when Marie- Antoinette married Louis XVI, she arrived at the court with her own chocolate maker along with the title “Chocolate Maker to the Queen”. Cocoa beans only became accessible to the public in the 19th century.

Captured in Amber En Voyage Perfumes Gautier-Dagoty Marie-Antoinette WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Shelley Waddington informs us that Marie Antoinette also took a little ambergris in her hot chocolate. Marie-A also wore perfume using ambergris. Madame du Barry supposedly bathed with ambergris to attract Louis XV. It was known as “dragon´s spittle fragrance” in ancient China, and was believed to ward off the black plague in the Middle Ages. It too has been attributed with aphrodisiac power as well as healing properties.

Captured In Amber EdP & Extrait by En Voyage Perfumes 2014

Captured In Amber by Shelley Waddington

Captured in Amber En Voyage Perfumes FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Ambergris, labdanum, vanilla, tonka bean, floral notes, spices, woody notes, olibanum, resin, peru balsam, tolu balsum, benzoin, patchouli, myrrh, dark chocolate

Captured in Amber is part of the Souvenir de Chocolate Trio from En Voyage Perfumes. It is utterly delicious, three dimensional and not a hint of powder to be seen. So with chocolate and ambergris? We have an erotic fragrant bomb on our hands.


It goes on in a powerful chocolate, sweet, veil of perfection, a nosegasm. It is rounded and complete. A 3D effect. Although it is rich it is not cloying. Very grown up and sensual but comforting too. After several hours of subtle spicy development it slowly ends up being salty and musky, which is how I imagine real ambergris to be. Nevertheless there is till a dusting of chocolate there. It reminds me of the crushed cocoa nibs that I use to bake with. Chocolatey but not sweet. The components of Captured in Amber EdP are blended to perfection. A seamless fragrant ride. This needs to go straight onto naked skin. Skin enhances.

Captured in Amber En Voyage Perfumes Phil Campbell FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr


Not just a stronger version of the EdP. This is not as sweet and is made to be annointed. It is so rich, distinctive, highly seasoned, poignant, smoooooth, and erotic ……… gorgeous!! I would hardly call it an amber, as to my untrained amber nose, the amber doesn´t make a clear appearance until after a couple of hours. I cannot lift my nose away from my wrist.

The Extrait is quite thick, but didn´t seem like an oil. It intrigued me so I got in touch with En Voyage Perfumes and asked Shelley what it was.

Shelley uses an alcohol based perfume carrier. This is blended with another non-oil ingredient that smooths the sharp blast typical to alcohol, and this is somewhat thick. Because it is an extrait, the resins and some of the other ingredients are heavier and thicker than the more typical perfume materials. That´s enough secrets of the trade huh?

En Voyage Perfumes have a selection of Captured In Amber<<JUMP

For the first time I am Captured in Amber.


27 thoughts on “Captured In Amber EdP & Extrait by Shelley Waddington for En Voyage Perfumes 2014

  1. This sounds delicious. I have an unreasonably large collection of ambers, partly because I love them and partly because I am still looking for my special amber, the Chosen One. Will definitely try this one.


    • Hi FJ. I have a fair collection of amber samples, but now I own Captured in Amber – the EdP and Extrait. Finally. Another piece in the perfume puzzle filled in. It has literally taken years. 🙂


  2. This is just what I need to make me dig out my sample. I’ve never found an amber to love either so hopefully this will be a first for me too.

    Love the background about Marie-A!


  3. ‘Captured in amber’, haha. Like Tara, I need to try this one again – I tend to like my ambers soft, nuzzling and gentle, rather than bold or with a herbal facet, say. A chocolate facet sounds wacky though! Ambra di Luna is possibly my HGA now. 😉


    • Hi V! You may not care for this, amber is fickle, but it does not have a herbal facet – not to me at least. That would be Serge L!! Bussis my dear. xxx


  4. Hey there Mrs Cookie Queen,
    You sure know how to create a lemnming. LOVE an amber, add some fun other stuff and I practically swoon.
    Portia xx


    • I think you would like this Portia – I really do. It is superb. My favorite of the trio. The vanilla one is nice too, but I already have so much vanilla and chocolate in my life ……. xxxxxxxxxxx


      • I have long been intrigued about Shelley Waddington’s work. Next time I’m over there we will have a sniff fest.
        Portia xx


  5. Nosegasm…what a great description! Sounds like what happens in my nose after wasabi…but in a good way! I love your reviews! Thanks, Cookie!
    Azar xx


  6. Oooooh, sounds like a scent I should try. I’m with you on amber and patchouli. I find amber boring and uninteresting, but Captured in Amber sounds like it should be given a chance! Thank you for this post.


    • Maya – Captured in Amber is neither boring nor uninteresting. It is amazing, especially the Extrait. If it comes your way, give it a shot. If not, I am sure you have other things to wear. 😉 Hugs. xxxx


  7. Gorgeous! Sounds like a fitting scent for a Cookie Queen.

    I too have loved the concept more than the execution of amber and have searched for a long time. Now I’m quite smitten with the booziness of Ambre Russe and the dryness and vanilla and long mapley drydown of Etro’s Ambra. But this… now I feel I must try this. So, um, thanks I guess 😉



    • Hi Sistah! I like the opening of Ambre Russe, but it still dries down to the amber that I don´t care for. Am not familiar with the Etro, but might look at it tomorrow when in the Etro section of my local parfumerie. Try this if you get the chance. Which you will at some point, even if I have to ship it to you. 😉


  8. Looks like I’m not alone.I have never been able to find any kind of amber fragrance to love, although I’m quite taken with the perfume oil called amber vanilla by Regina Harris..that is very nice…So I guess now there is an amber I like so I’m curious to try out a lot more ambers


  9. ooooh! Sounds divine – I have long been wanting to try anything of Shelley’s as I love her book so much….Now I will pop this on on the top of the list, as I have been so Amber obsessed of late. Interestingly inbetween Amber wearing I have been wearing 2 rather chocolatey numbers – so reading/discovering this is perfect timing! Thanks x


    • It is divine. I think top of the list is a good place. The Extrait is the buzz. And totally within budget. A drop or two lasts a loooooooong time. Nice to see you. I real must order a candle – note to self. Hugs. xxxxx


  10. This sounds amazing. I have a love/hate with amber too. Some I love and can’t get enough of, others just don’t float my boat at all. I do love Mitzah but on me it goes all incense and smoke which I love. Chocolate and amber is something that’s got my interest. I’m on a sweet kick this week.
    Hugs to you my dear.


    • And hugs to you too. Risk the Extrait huh? Affordable AND you live in the US!! I can´t praise it highly enough. xxxxxxx


  11. I like amber though I have yet to find one that I’m in love with. And I absolutely LOVE chocolate (to the point I think there’s something wrong with anyone who doesn’t). However I don’t know about it in perfume. It tends to smell a little too “foodie” for me. But after you review, I’m curious to smell it. And one you mentioned they have a vanilla in their line I must check out their site. Boozy and spicy vanillas are my new passion. Thanks for the great review. I loved all the history you included in you piece. It made me happy I live now when chocolate is available to the masses 🙂


    • Kandie – NO!! It is not foodie in this at all. At least not to me. Especially the Extrait. But go for the vanilla then. The Extrait must be to die for. I want that too. But I need to be content with the two CiAs now ….. otherwise my plastic will melt!! xxxx


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