Scent With Love: CHANEL No.22

Hi there APJ,

My mate Rose M sent me a package a while ago. It got lost in a drawer during a clean up and since we have been organising the house for Open Houses a bunch of forgotten magic has turned up. What is in the package? Modern & Vintage CHANEL No.22 EdT and some Vintage CHANEL No.22 parfum. OH MY! You may remember I discovered CHANEL No.22 in Paris earlier this year with Michael. Rose M thought I should get some historical juice on my skin and be able to compare, I’ll do my best but this wonky old nose will probably just smell the same thing at different strengths…..

 CHANEL No.22 by Ernest Beaux for CHANEL 1922

Chanel No 22 Chanel FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica 

Fragrantica  gives these featured accords:
Top: Lily-of-the-valley, neroli, aldehydes
Heart: Oriental jasmine, rose, Comoro island ylang-ylang
Base: Haiti vetiver, Bourbon vanilla

OK, so the vintage EdT comes out sweeter and more aldehydic. Current EdT has a fresh, nutty and much cooler vibe than the vintage. Vintage smells animal and sensual while the modern has a metallic edge, a little reminiscent of No. 19. As the top notes blow off the two become more alike and though still different they coulod be the same fragrance family now. Vintage seems smoother and warmer, like the ultimate softness of room temperature ivory against your skin and still the current is cooler, more transparent like cool crystal.

CHANEL No.22 EdT Ivory Carving Cliff FlickrPhoto stolen Flickr

CHANEL No.22 EdT Crystal Bowl Mauricio Gouvea FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Suddenly, at about the 20-30 minute mark it’s like they both come into clear focus and smell nearly exactly the same, there are differences but only the difference that a wear on different days woulds NEVER tell apart. It’s like you are wearing the same fragrance but in different weather or after you’ve used a different body wash in the shower. Vintage lasts for hours longer in the heart section and when modern has almost completely disappeared I can still smell glorious aldehydic bouquet pumping its lavish tune from the vintage. Dry down is warm and subtly earthy but through CHANEL No. 22s life it never loses that aldehydic magic.

They are both incredible and I am going to grab some of the current EdT and Parfum. The die is cast.


Further reading: Bois de Jasmin and Perfume Posse
You can try or buy CHANEL No. 22 at any of the stand alone CHANEL stores or a very few department stores.
Surrender To Chance has CHANEL No. 22 samples starting at $4/ml and Extrait at $8/ml

Thank You Rose M. I have enjoyed this throw down immensely and you have ultimately made me a complete slave to CHANEL No.22 EdT.

Portia xx





10 thoughts on “Scent With Love: CHANEL No.22

  1. Oooh! Vintage! They sound really lovely. I hate aldehydes, but for some reason that hate does not extend to No.22. Go figure. It is aldehydic, but for some reason I don’t mind it in 22 and the rest of notes just push it into the love category.
    Wishing you the best with the house sale and wonderful new beginnings as you move into your new place.


    • Hi there Tatiana,
      Maybe it is sheer outrageousness of the aldehydes in #22. They are so fabulously huge that it becomes super fun, for me anyway.
      House sale went brilliantly. Very happy.
      Portia xx


  2. And then you tried the vintage parfum, and….? 😉
    Your poetry perfectly describes how No. 22 feels to me. Man I love it! I have vintage and modern parfum. It unlocked the world of Chanel for me, which I had previously turned my nose up at (immature niche brat that I was). Sparkling, effervescent aldehydes – love love love. xxoo


    • Hi Erica,
      I worry that I will fall over myself with superlatives. The fresher approach of the modern extrait is lovely too though, I love both.
      I think you need to cover the extrait versions in a post, that would be cool.
      Portia xx


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