Un Zeste de Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine 2002

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Les Parfums de Rosine is sadly neglected, I’m not sure if its their dated packaging which frankly looks 1960s drug store, their bottles which go only with Tiffany lamps and antimacassars and remind me of lace curtains or the little cutesy curtain ties with fringy bobs. The fragrances are solid and delicious, interesting and sometimes boundary pushing. Michael fell madly in love with a couple of the men’s scents while we were at the flagship store in the Palais Royale in Paris and bought a couple of bottles, including their discontinued men’s extrait. Now Michael’s nose is impeccable, if he says the juice is good then you better believe it.

Un Zeste de Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine 2002

Un Zeste de Rose Les Parfums de Rosine FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, Amalfi lemon, orange, dried fruits
Heart: Jasmine, rose, tea
Base: Musk, holly, amber

Citrus, fresh cut and cool; a slightly pithy cut that has a dried apricot overtone and already there is the bite of tea in fragrance when Un Zeste de Rose opens on my skin. A dryness that smells of loose leaf tea in the packet.  This then is a softly peach-coloured tea scented rose with nuances of fruits and a green acerbic backdrop that doesn’t make me think of leaves but twig, cut twig or stem of a rose from the garden.Maybe this rose is headed for a vase in your house, it could be dewy or you could be smelling the cool water in your cut crystal rose bowl.

A rose full of fragrance, a lightly spicy tea scented rose through the heart and I am surprised that there is no honey mentioned in the notes. Maybe the honey factor comes through the amber/musk combination? I don’t know but it is smooth and lovely. Actually, there is a lovely creaminess to Un Zeste de Rose that is like a fresh green and cream, mmmmmmm.

Much younger and more youthful that their marketing suggests Un Zeste de Rose is crisp and light enough for everyday wear. Lasting power is good too but after about 2 hours Un Zeste de Rose wears very close to your skin, as soft as a body lotion.

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First In Fragrance has €78/50ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/ml

Un Zeste de Rose is no huge groundbreaker but I think its creamy tea, honey and green-ness make it special. Extremely wearable and would make a great gift.

Portia xx

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26 thoughts on “Un Zeste de Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine 2002

  1. I love a good rose, whether it’s the leaves-and-all impact of Frederic Malle’s Une Rose, smouldering L’Agent Provocateur, or Jo Malone’s classic Red Roses. I follow by email. 🙂


  2. At one time, I called myself a rose hater, but then Mohur and Ormonde’s Ta’if came into my life, and all that changed.

    I follow through email, and enjoy doing so . 🙂


  3. Joop! was the perfume I bought with my very first wage so it is significant for me as it signifies my independence and my first big step into the ‘real world’.


  4. Hi Portia, I follow via email.and Facebook. My first and favourite rose fragrance is YSL Paris. I came across it in 1986/87 and the 1st thing that struck me was violets, reminiscent of the posies my Grandma would give me from her garden. Then… ROSES!!!.some from her garden, but so much more from my Nanna’s garden, glorious!! YSL Paris, the original, brings my grandmothers love back to me and at the same time bathes me in the completely sensual fragrance of a beautiful rose garden on a warm summer evening.
    I’d almost forgotten, thanks for reminding me. Carolyn


    • What a lovely way to have your memories, Carolyn! I’m a Paris-lover too, have a great bottle of the original issue and cherish it.
      Already entered, Portia, just couldn’t resist commenting when I saw this.


  5. I follow by email. I love rose scents these days, although I wasn’t a fan of them at first. My loves range from Agent Provocateur to Lyric Woman, with Mohur Extrait at the very top.


  6. I have often wondered about this brand but have never sampled it.
    Mohur is at the top of my rose list, but so hard to get in this hemisphere. Otherwise there would be a FB here in my house.
    Also liked VC and Arpels Rose Velours.
    I follow by email


  7. Hi there! This has actually been on my sample list as I love rose. I dunno if this counts, but I have a beautiful vintage atomizer with just the tiniest trace of the fragrance of an unknown rose scent worn by my husband’s late great grandmother. I never met her, but I love that her memory loves on in her favorite perfume and bottle, which adorns my office. Thanks for the generous draw, I follow via bloglovin.


  8. I can’t get enough of roses, but it’s a worked-to-death genre, so I guess that’s why it doesn’t get as much love in the blogging community. Thanks to Michael Edwards, I’ve recently fallen in love with Paul Smith – The Rose all over again. Teo Cabanel does a couple of swoonworthy roses too. Email.


  9. Hi Portia,
    My first and favorite rose is (was) Coty’s La Rose Jaqueminot. I now have the 1980’s re-issue. Today’s favorite roses include (in no specific order) Mohur Extrait, Agar Aura’s Al Jazzab, Rosarium Blends Rosarium, Kenneth Cory’s Rosa Ardiente, Olympic Orchids Ballets Rouge and persian rose oil, straight up. I follow by e-mail and BlogLovin. Thank you for the draw!
    Azar xx


    • Oh dear! I forgot to mention the rose perfume that my mother put together a few years ago. It is a lovely combination of Bulgarian rose, pink pepper and light patchouli. She calls it Ruby and we (mother and my sisters too) all wear it.


  10. Look forward to your emails every day! As a stone cold rose ho’ it seems I can’t get enough of Calligraphy Rose by Aramis, #01 by Fragrance Republic, and since this last summer, Beyond Rose by Cliníque! All of them worth a full bottle (and a backup!)


  11. I follow apj by email. I love rose frags, but not many win me over. I’m wearing Ormonde Jayne Taif today, and I do really like it. I’m a fan of OJ’s frags overall. Oh, I’ve got it: Ballets Rouges by Olympic Orchids. It’s a strange, dirty rose, and it’s great. Contemplating a bottle.


  12. There are many fragrances with roses I love a lot because roses are among my favorite raw materials. Fragrances I love are mutually very different: Czech & Speake No. 88, Tauer’s PHI-une rose de Kandahar and Une Rose Chyprée, Al Haramain Attar al Kaaba, Eternal Scents Tabanesque has so beautiful appearing of rose. I also love Ballets Rouges.

    In the end, I adore L’Emblem Rouge by En Voyage and NVC Mohur + Mohur Extrait as the most important roses in my life.

    WordPress, RSS, mail, twitter, FB.


  13. Hi Portia,

    I discovered Ombre Rose (Jean-Charles Brosseau, 1981) about 25 years ago, and fell for its dusky, musky rose scent. I was amused to find, at around the same time, that The Body Shop had put out a version of this scent as one of their perfume oils. They named it “Rose Musk” and coloured it orangey-red.

    I confess that I am also partial to Paris, with its large dose of violet, one of my favourite scents.

    I follow via email.


  14. Yay! I have somehow not tried anything from this brand, though I have been quite curious about a number of them. I am oddly obsessed with rose perfumes, for someone who has skin that seems to make rose go sour very easily. My current favorite rose is Ballet Rouges from Olympic Orchids, as well as Agent Provocateur (though I don’t think of AP as a rose rose perfume). I follow by email! Thank you 🙂


  15. Rose scents always appeal to me, though I don’t wear them very often (this one sounds delicious by the way). Tyler candles, a company here in Texas, makes a rose scented candle called Tyler Rose (Tyler, Texas, is famous for growing a wide variety of beautiful roses). If I had a perfume that smells like this candle…YUM! Absolutely beautiful. I follow APJ via e-mail, and also on FB.


  16. Goutal`s Rose Absolue, Ombre Rose from Brosseau and YSL Paris still top my list 🙂 Soivohle, Providence Perfumes RI, and Tauer are my fave indie roses; you NEED Rose Flash! We follow a la FB, e-mail, and blog 🙂 Thank U!!


  17. I have never tried any of Les Parfums de Rosine, maybe this is my opportunity!
    My favourite rose perfume is ‘Lipstick Rose’
    I follow by email


  18. mmmn. I just smelt this for the first time, then read your review – spot on!! I only had 1 squirt in the bottom of a leaky decant, so am not able to wear much, but it’s so yummy on this autumnal day! xx thanks xx


    • Ha Ha! I’m glad my read was on the money. Sometimes i worry that my nose smells stuff differently to you professionals Ainslie. Glad we snap.
      Portia xx


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