17 thoughts on “GAY? Homophobia?

  1. Excellent! The perfect long and short of it. Thanks for sharing. Here it’s trans-“phobia” that has been running hot due to the Vancouver school board’s trans-positive policies. Two school board members lost re-election (actually came dead last) recently for coming out with all sorts of outrageous claims about the negative ramifications of the policy.


    • Wow! That is good news. One day we will wake up and realise that inside we are all equal and that the outside stuff should only be important to the person. Glad to read that Vancouver is forging ahead.
      Portia xx


  2. What really gets a giant WTF from me is the ones who say “Not everyone has the same opinionnn, I don’t hate gays just because I have different valueessss. Why can’t you be more accepting of different views?” (Essentially, the oppressor playing the victim.)Yeah, while you go on helping to foster an environment in which an oppressive mindset towards LGBT persists, trying to limit their rights, prancing around throwing all sorts of obvious and not so obvious aggressions their way. Nah hun, I don’t tolerate your “difference of opintion” in the same way I don’t tolerate any bigot’s “opinion.”


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