Iris Tubereuse by Creed 2014 + Chicago Photo Essay

Hey Hey APJ,

I’m not sure if you followed our adventures as we traveled across the USA in a diagonal from LA to NYC. Stop number 3 was in Chicago, Illinois. We had a few things on the agenda that needed doing. Number ONE was celebrating Anita’s (Musette from Perfume Posse) birthday. Which we did in high style, morning at the Chicago Art Gallery, Lunch in the Walnut Room at the old Marshall Fields (now Macy’s) and dinner at Hard Rock cafe (idea had by a Chicago native). We also had a meetup of the perfumista crew that started at Barney’s went to Neiman Marcus and ended in cocktails and Chicago deep dish pizza. We met some wonderful people, had a complete blast and fell head over heels in love with Chicago.

I also fell madly in love with two fragrances, the first of which is ..

Iris Tubereuse by Creed 2014

iris-tubereuse CreedPhoto Stolen CreedUSA

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Galbanum, orange, violet leaf
Heart: Tuberose, lily-of-the-valley, lily
Base: Musk, orange blossom, vanilla

What I didn’t expect on my travels was to find a new Creed that I want so desperately in my collection.

The opening of Iris Tubereuse is a big fat punch in the nose of galbanum, there is other stuff but my skin boosts the galbanum beautifully. Then the green is peeled back to let the most glorious white florals emerge, or bloom really. Green notes and white flowers. You had me at hello. This is heady and deliriously big for about 20 minutes, reminding me of the 1980s: big hair, big shoulder pads, bold colours, cinched waists and spike heels (and that was the men!!).

After that initial burst of WHOA enormous Iris Tubereuse settles into a warm, lush, tropical evening stroll. A little breathy, slightly sweaty and humid. Very little iris (or violet leaf) to be smelled on my skin, but that could be me missing it completely. The vanilla/musks in dry down are pleasant and totally unchallenging, this is the least interesting part of iris tubereuse yet I can see that being part of its attraction to the mainstream buyers.

The very handsome young man at the David Jones Libertine counter told me it was his best seller for young women buying their own and all men buying gifts. Interesting. I would happily rock this, and I love the bottle.

My sample came from Libertine Parfumerie who have live sites in both David Jones and Myer, Sydney City Stores.
Libertine Parfumerie has AUD$385/100ml with FREE SHIPPING in Australia (Christmas Delivery cut off December 22)
Creed in the US has US$300/100ml
Surrender To Chance have samples starting at $5/.5ml

Portia xxx

Chicago 2014 Photo Essay

IMG_3385Kim, Jin, Kath, Musette & I at some cool live music bar. Great food & service, can’t remember the name damnit! (Shaw’s Blue Crab Lounge)



IMG_3391At the Neiman Marcus Creed counter. I have no idea what happened to my Barneys photos


IMG_3390My new boyfriend. Looks after the Patou fragrances but I can’t remember his name. Let’s just call him Mr Turbo (Richard Gonzalez)

IMG_3393Julie R and I in the cool of the evening.



IMG_3398Deep dish Pizza.

IMG_3400The crew at the end of the day. we’d lost quite a few along the way. These are the stayers.

IMG_3406My favourite American artist, Georgia O’Keefe. Here are my three favourites from the Chicago gallery of her work.


IMG_3405You have no idea how enormous this piece is, you can still feel reverberations of this look above the clouds from a plane in modern works.

IMG_3409 Musette’s BIRTHDAY lunch at the Walnut Room. The extra lady told us there would be a very short wait. We got to the line and the other people said over 40 minutes. We went and chewed her out about that and were seated immediately due to ir being a Very Special Birthday. Thank You Macy’s. Food was really yummy too.

16 thoughts on “Iris Tubereuse by Creed 2014 + Chicago Photo Essay

  1. I just love seeing these photos of you and your funloving friends, everyone having such a jolly good time. Now I must go order a sample of Iris Tubereuse from my local parfumerie. Got a feeling this is the scent for launching my new “single and fabulous” phase!
    Warm aloha,


    • Hey Fifi,
      I reckon EVERY phase you’re in is your FABULOUS phase. Enjoy being single, though you miss some things there are very real advantages.Having the Bedcovers all night, picking the Take Away you like and knowing when the Milk runs out are just three.
      Portia xx


  2. What a fun trip and the pictures are great! I love tuberose but don’t care for iris that much. However it doesn’t sound like the iris is too prevalent so I may need to give this a try. Thanks for the review!


  3. Oooh Portia! Tuberose and iris – a match made in heaven. I neeed to try this. Great photos too. Looks like so much fun. xoxo


    • Sandra, we had a complete blast.
      There isn’t a lot of iris here for me but you might have a very different experience.
      Portia xx


  4. Portia, your new boyfriend in Chicago at the Patou counter is my dear friend, Richard Gonzalez. I ‘ll share him with you! He lives in the Perfumed Apple and he’s a total doll…

    Karen Dubin


    • Karen, Thank You!!
      I was calling him Big Dickie, of course his name was Richard!!
      When you next chat to him send him my love. What a great guy.
      Portia xx


  5. Oh Miss P,

    You had me at hello with your review! I need to try this one as it sounds right up my alley.

    Glad you had great fun in Chicago and with Anita. I adore Georgia O’Keefe too.

    M xx


    • WOW! I am so glad to find another Georgia O’Keefe fan Madeleine. I have a couple of books on her work that I regularly go to to de-stress.
      Yes too, I think Iris Tubereuse IS right up your alley.
      Portia xx


  6. this was just SO much fun to read.

    The live music bar is Shaw’s Blue Crab Lounge – my stompin’ grounds.
    And OMG! I look so tired. So icky. And so freakin’ HAPPY! LOL! I had such a wonderful time with you, your fambly and all our dear friends!!

    Love you forever, darling!


  7. Even though usually I do not tolerate tuberose, I was very curious about this perfume and braved it on skin at the store. And I absolutely loved it… for all 30 minutes I could smell it on my wrist. There are some perfumes with which I’m OK re-applying several times a day. But sorry, not at Creed’s prices.

    Fun pictures! Thank you for sharing!


    • Hey Undina,
      BUMMER! I am sad that you finally found a tuberose love and then your skin ate it. GRRR!
      Interestingly I get really good longevity from it.
      So glad you like the photos, one day we will be in them together.
      Portia xx


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