Debussy: Rêverie (1890)

Hey there lovely APJ Crew,

Thanks for stopping by, it’s always nice to have you in the house. Sometimes I like to sit in front of my computer with a cup of coffee or tea (today it’s one of Jin’s freaky flower teas from Korea) with a large amount of fragrance on and put on a short piece of music, close my eyes and float away on both fragrance and sound.

Today things are quite hectic around here so I thought I’d take 5 minutes for myself. It can become very hard to focus on one thing when there are five or six problems, ideas or deadlines all pressuring you. I often find this a help. By the time my 5 minutes is up I am calmer and more able to think my way through stuff, in this short break my subconscious has also had time to create a list and action plan by the time I open my eyes. It’s not a universal cure all but it can be just enough to let me think clearly.

Claude Debussy June 1908Photo Stolen WikiCommons

What fragrance am I engulfed in today to listen?

Carnal Flower by Dominique Ropion for Frederic Malle.

Carnal Flower Frederic Malle FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, melon, eucalyptus
Heart: Ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberose, Salicylates (natural, toxic product of herbal origin, a sort of a herbal pheromone which is used by plants as a warning)
Base: Tuberose absolute, orange blossom absolute, coconut, musk

Perfect to sit and listen to this Debussy piece that is tranquil, yearning and questioning.

Please enjoy,
Portia xx

Debussy: Rêverie (1890)

18 thoughts on “Debussy: Rêverie (1890)

  1. Thank you for this familiar tune, Portia!
    I imagine I have taught this piece to students at least 20 times in the past 40 years. It is still a favorite of mine and students are still drawn to it.
    Azar xx


    • YAY!! I am glad you already love it.
      PERFECT for letting your mind go completely Azar. Unless you’re playing it, I imagine.
      Portia xx


  2. Bad, sad, worrisome day, with little baby Sis returning to hospital due to infection after orthopedic surgery. Horrible. Just 4 minutes of Debussy helped. Muchly. Sending you a grateful hug.


      • Kesbah,
        I am so sorry to read of your sisters troubles.
        How shit, fingers crossed for speedy recovery.
        I am glad that we can share 5 minutes of peaceful reflection together over the seas and am equally glad that it helped, even a little.
        Cyber hug.
        Portia x


  3. Oh, how I enjoy a good reverie. And a good tuberose, for that matter. My favorites are Moon Bloom and vintage Fracas, but Carnal Flower gets its share of skin time.


    • Hey there FeralJasmine,
      I currently have fresh TUBEROSE from the florist this morning glamorously stinking the apartment up. GLORIOUS! I have some vintage Fracas parfum, I wear it under the modern EdT and it adds a very dirty and breathy undertone.
      Moon Bloom is getting a LOT of love. I bet you smell amazing in it.
      Portia xx


  4. I do love Debussy. He only wrote one string quartet, but it was a great one. And taking a moment to sit and listen to his Reverie has allowed me to remember that the dog hasn’t yet had his dinner, so we both thank you.


  5. With a name like Carnal Flower you would think it to be a heavy hitting floral. I was shocked the first time I smelled it and found it to be beautiful and not overwhelming or loud at all. It is a perfect scent to just sit back and close your eyes and enjoy.


    • Yes Poodle,
      Though it can also be a bit overwhelming in the heat. I like the feeling of being engulfed by it.
      Portia xx


  6. Perfect combination of music and fragrance. I’m enjoying listening to this so much. Thanks, Portia dear. I’ll have to try sniffing with one of the songs from the Jonas Kaufmann operetta collection that I’ve been listening to so much lately. Maybe Fille d’Eve combined with the very naughty “Hab’ ein blaues Himmelbett” ❤


    • Goodness, they are quite frisky words for opera/operetta. Do you have the old ridged bottle of the Nina Ricci? I scored some from Michael Edwards clearout. Beautiful, though the top notes are turning slightly, 5 minutes in: MAGIC.
      Portia xx


  7. Thank you for sharing. I definitely can use this. I listen to classical all day in my office. It’s beautiful. This is a great piece though to break away and treat yourself to for a me moment.


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