Sâdanne by Josh Lobb for Slumberhouse 2014


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Anne Boleyn had a strawberry birthmark on her neck. Seemingly proof that she was a witch. I doubt that this inspired Josh Lobb´s most recent fragrance Sådanne. Seriously, you gotta be on drugs to wanna smell like a strawberry. But who´s to say that´s a bad thing?

Sâdanne by Josh Lobb for Slumberhouse 2014

Electric Kool-Aid, Strawberries and Barbie Dolls

Sadanne Slumberhouse FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica Gives these featured accords in one line”
Strawberries, ambergris, resins, rose, white wine, woods

This is a big time strawberry, on a musky, resiny base. Once sprayed there is no turning back. I wonder if The Merry Pranksters drank this? Psychedelic strawberries. Synthetic but who cares? It kicks in lavishly with a hot pink neon flash. Memories of sniffing new Barbie Dolls. It is astonishing and the next 12 hours will be in a cerise haze and you might well be all the better for it.

Sadanne Slumberhouse  Strawberry Picker AllAnd PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

Josh Lobb gives no notes for this so who knows? The strawberry is a member of the rose family and there is a suggestion of rose in Sådanne. Have you ever eaten an alpine strawberry? They are very tiny, very sweet and taste first of rose and then strawberry – quite different to your normal strawberry. Ambrosial describes both the strawberries and Sådanne. The strawberry notes remain throughout, but further into Sådanne a deeper, dirtier vibe turns up. Musks and ambergris rumour has it. The stroboscopic-strawberry effect calms down and it becomes more relaxed. You have survived.

From IndieScents: The newest fragrance from Slumberhouse’s Josh Lobb, Sådanne is a departure from Slumberhouse’s previous offerings. Sådanne opens as a carmelized, fruity rose. Hints of booze, woods and ambergris emerge as the fragrance develops on the skin. Lobb takes a poetic view of the fragrance, describing it as:
“Stained glass syrup
Serenades in damascone minor
Allegory obscured / pastel wound
A slurry of subtlety”

Sadanne Slumberhouse The_Fountain_of_Love Jean-Honoré_Fragonard WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

For those times when you want to smell like a sensuous and voluptuous and slightly carnal strawberry – and one day you will – then look no further than Josh Lobb´s heroic Sådanne.

“Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did.” Dr. William Butler, 17th Century English writer.

Further reading: Ca Fleure Bon and Scent for Thought
IndieScents has $160/30ml
Surrender To Chance has samples from $8/.5ml

Are you a Slumberhouse fan? Will you be trying this one?

Strawberry Bussis Forever


26 thoughts on “Sâdanne by Josh Lobb for Slumberhouse 2014

  1. Hey there Val,
    I can’t decide if I will love it or hate it. Having worn neon electric, BarBQ-d citrus today in the form of Liberte by Cacharel I am thinking the answer may be yes……
    Portia xx


  2. Hi Val – loving the statement ‘For those times when you want to smell like a sensuous and voluptuous and slightly carnal strawberry – and one day you will….’ Ha! Maybe one day I will… Fun review! 🙂 thanks.
    Tina xx


  3. Love the Kool-Aid Acid Test and had no idea strawberries were part of the rose family. Great review.

    I am realy enjoying raspberry notes at the moment so you never know.


  4. What a fun review! Now I’m super curious about this strawberry explosion 🙂 I love how you describe it with such transparency, now I need to know what this unabashed pink-bomb smells like to me! A pleasure to read as always 🙂


  5. Hi Val,
    I WILL probably want to smell like this sensuous strawberry one day! Until then there is a lot of strawberry action going on around here. A couple of years ago we had a large strawberry patch off the back deck. I decided to turn it to lawn after several visits by the neighborhood bears. We still have strawberries, though. There are wild strawberries (the little round ones) growing on the front bank, usually victims of the lawnmower. There are also feral strawberries from the patch scattered here and there, purposefully planted strawberries far from the house and pots of ever-bearing (the kind with the pink flowers and relatively small fruits) in the greenhouse. I don’t really crave the scent or taste of strawberries. Just like to watch them grow.
    Azar xx


    • Yes. One must watch out for neighborhood bears. I take it you don´t mean Paddington? He likes orange marmalade, but would probably eat strawberry jam at a push. Sounds like you have quite enough strawberries going on! xxxxx


  6. Carnal strawberry… Sounds good. I don’t much care for the smell of ordinary strawberries but I love the wild kinds.
    Talking about barbie and strawberry, it kind of reminded me of a strawberry scented eraser I had when I was little.


    • Hi TM. Cheers for dropping by! I know exactly what eraser you have. We had them too. Strawberry or grape. Gosh. I wonder if kids even know what an eraser is these days? Wild strawberries do smell much better. The farmed ones seem to smell like milkshakes.
      Love! xxxxxx


  7. Hey Val. This sounds almost awful and almost wonderful but I’m glad it’s on my radar. We have the small, delicious, wild strawberries in New England, though you have to be very lucky to find them in the woods.


    • Hey Maya! You know, Sådanne smells lovely from a distance. If you glue your nose to your wrist (sound familiar?) it gets a bit too much. But all three members of my family said it smelt lovely. So there you go. xxx


    • Hey Poodle! It is my first Slumberhouse. So far away from what I usually wear, but very interesting nonetheless. It is cool to get a chance to sniff some stuff from the US. I hope to stop in Portland on my trip later in the year. Bussi xxxxx


  8. I’m not a fan of this brand, which doesn’t mean that I’m a non-fan – I just don’t know it well enough to be one way or the other. So if a sample of this perfume falls out of the sky (a swap or I come across it somewhere in a shop), I’ll give it a try but I won’t be actively looking for a sample.


    • I wouldn´t actively look for a sample either. But it was interesting to try. Amazing what people come up with! Don´t overspray it for goodness sake!! xxx


  9. You had me at “Electric Kool-Aid, Strawberries and Barbie Dolls”, brilliant review as always! I shall be procuring a sample immediately. ❤


    • No stress. It is way out there, scent wise, but it makes a very fruity change!! I doubt if it would ever become a signature scent – hahahahaha – unless you plan on marrying Barbie! xxxx


  10. Hi Val! I have tried this. I wish it smelled like wild strawberries to me. I might be able to tolerate it then. Instead it smells like a pound of sugar and syrup to which strawberries have been added to make jam. This one is just too sickenly sweet for me. If I smell it from a distance, it’s not too bad but up close it’s just too much. Don’t think I’ll ever be a carnal strawberry 🙂 Fun review though!


  11. I could have just written “Barbie on Crack”, but thought that might not be suitable. And I never said I would wear it on a regular basis did I???? Epic laughing. Nice to see you! Thanks for taking time to drop by. xxxx


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