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Post by Erica Golding


Fragrant greetings to all of you beautiful souls!

I am passionate about fragrance to the point of insanity. I love it all – mass market, niche, oils, cheap thrills, luxurious extravagances, synthetics, naturals, whatever! If it smells beautiful to me, I love it, and it’s a simple as that. From Bath and Body Works to Amouage.

I became intrigued by natural perfumery several years ago, when my scented journey touched upon Ayala Moriel, Aftelier Perfumes, Ajne, and April Aromatics. I became enchanted by the intense emotional responses I experienced with these all-natural masterpieces. The fragrance art was just so vivid, it was like standing in a breathtaking landscape rather than looking at a photograph.

One day, I came across a perfumery called Providence Perfume Company. They had just opened a brick-and-mortar shop and it was within my realm of feasibility to visit in person. I jumped in my car on a day off…. little did I know, my existence would be profoundly impacted by Charna Ethier’s little oasis of pure euphoria.

Providence Perfume Co.

Beauty Elixir Oil Gift Set Providence Perfume CoPhoto Stolen Providence Perfume Co

The first Providence Perfume Co. fragrance that made my heart explode with delight: Beauty Elixir Oil.

Beauty Elixir oil is genuinely the scent of my spirit – an exquisite orange blossom aroma blessed with honeyed apricot and tender jasmine. The orange blossom olessance featured in this potion is absolute perfection – Charna spared no expense choosing the finest material possible. It is zesty without being sharp, fresh without being soapy, and sweet without being cloying. The aroma opens up to reveal newly blossomed jasmine flowers, and sun-ripened apricots heavy with succulent ecstasy. A barely-there green accent from the neem oil grounds the fragrance, a golden thread keeping me from floating straight up into the clouds and off for good.

Providence Perfume Company Hindu HoneysucklePhoto Stolen Providence Perfume Company

That same day, I sniffed the gorgeous Providence Perfume Co. perfumes lined up for display. I left with a bottle of: Hindu Honeysuckle eau de parfum.

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Bergamot, jasmine, rose, coriander, vetiver, ambrette (musk mallow)

Hindu Honeysuckle moves me to tears with joy, a perfume that showcases the most summery, pure, sweet jasmine sambac absolute I have ever had the pleasure of sniffing. The luscious white flower is juxtaposed with an unexpectedly exquisite vetiver, whose smokiness is tempered and brightened by a sparkling bergamot. The overall fragrance is exhilarating to me, and possesses two distinct phases. First, the perfume opens with the unabashedly floral honeysuckle accord, as bewitching as the true nectar. As the top notes fade, the vetiver becomes more noticeable, a dark hay-like essence that harmonizes exceptionally well as it anchors the top notes. I adore each and every second of this carefully balanced work of art.

I have since learned many precious lessons about perfumery from Charna, and I was even fortunate enough to attend her weekend perfumery course last year. My appreciation and understanding has exponentially skyrocketed thanks to her patient, altruistic knowledge sharing. If you are curious about natural perfumery and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend her amicable new line of perfume oils, as well as beloved favorites Rose Bohème, Branch and Vine, and Tabac Citron.

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Providence Perfume Co. can be bought from their Providence Perfume Co. site or Parfum1

Have you explored the world of natural perfume? Do you have a favorite?

Have a gorgeously scented day,


4 thoughts on “Providence Perfume Co.

  1. Hi Erica! I’ve yet to try any of the Providence Perfume Co. scents, but it sounds like this is something I must remedy! I’m on a sample buying hold till I work through more of the samples I already have, but one day… one day I’ll get more samples and I’ll make sure to put some Providence Perfume Co. scents on the list!


  2. Hi Erica,
    I enjoyed your post and have tried and liked several Providence Perfume Co.’s scents. I have not yet sampled Hindu Honeysuckle but after your description how can I resist? I am a big fan of natural perfumes and have quite a few that I use regularly. In spring and summer I go for Pirouette’s Wild Spruce and Tobacco, Illuminated Perfumes Impromptu and Rosarium Blends The Rosarium. I love Kenneth Cory’s Rosa Ardiente in the fall, Rosarium Blends Pan No1 and Dom as well as Blooming Dreams Otto in the winter months. I wear DSH Mata Hari (I think that is all natural/botanical but I’m not sure) Olympic Orchids Tropic of Capricorn and Dev 3 any time of the year. I also use pure oud oil and a beautiful all natural sandalwood solid perfume from NZ Fusion Botanicals. I will occasionally use Olympic Orchids Kyphi – a truly strange brew.
    Azar xx


  3. Heya Erica,
    I love the PPCo oils. I went through a Wild Lime Leaf Bath & Body oil in under a year and my skin felt gorgeous afterwards, perfectly scented for sleep or day.
    Portia xx


  4. Thank you so much for this incredible piece, Erica! I am always so captivated by your pieces, they leave me in an utter state of beguilement and wonder. You truly understand how to capture the essence of a fragrance in your writing and explain it in such a way that I can almost smell it right though the screen. Bravo!


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