Please Help Scent Alexis

Hi there APJ,

I think most of you were around, but some of you were children or not even born in 1981. I was in school and we had been brought up to eat at the dinner table every night. It wasn’t over the top but we did always have a tablecloth & napkins, Mum & Dad would have some boozy beverage and there were usually two courses but sometimes three. We would chat about our days, bicker, laugh and sometimes have stand up screaming fights. It was routine and I liked it.

Though colour TV had come to Australia in the mid 1970s it wasn’t our B&W TV died that my parents bought the newfangled colour one, we really didn’t watch a lot of TV anyway. Dad was watching the news and I think Mum watched some daytime soaps. Then came 1981/2 and a change came over our family. One day my Mum came home with something outrageously outlandish. TV tray tables. Why? Because she wanted to watch Dynasty once a week and it clashed with dinner time.So, how to accomodate dinner time and Dynasty? Eat in front of the TV…….

Well, it was such a change. All of a sudden I was confronted by fashion, which had played a very background space in my brain, and shoulder pads and makeup and wigs and OMG! EVERYTHING!

I was a turning point. My favourite of them all was Alexis. So why don’t you watch this hilarious video and at the end I’d love to know what modern fragrance you’d scent Alexis with.

PG02 Coze Parfumerie Generale FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Indian hemp, pepper
Heart: Coffee, pimento, Mexican chocolate, tobacco
Base: Patchouli, sandalwood, ebony wood, Virginian cedar, Bourbon vanilla

I’m thinking Coze by Parfumerie Generale. No, I can’t tell you why but it just feels right.
What do you think?
Portia xx

Shit Alexis Says

19 thoughts on “Please Help Scent Alexis

  1. Yes, Coze would work! I’ve never sniffed it, but from what I’ve read perhaps Bogue’s Maai would be suitable. Have you tried that one? I loved the clips from Dynasty. I need to get that attitude together myself! xo


    • Oh Holly,
      I think hints of that attitude are enough, love her though I did Alexis was NOT good people,
      Great choice; warm and ferocious.
      Portia xx


  2. Hi Portia,
    I just can’t imagine anything contemporary that would work for Alexis…at least not until big shoulders are back again! She had to be wearing Revlon’s Scoundrel (since Joan Collins’ face graced the ads). In the mid and later episodes perhaps Paloma Picasso (1984). Certainly NOT Forever Krystal! 😉
    Azar xx


  3. I’m with Azar, I’d put her in Scoundrel. Beyond that, let me think. It would have to be something bold. Coze might work. I could imagine her in vintage Opium. Or maybe Diva.


  4. hahaha I loved reading this post. I’d scent Alexis with Giorgio Beverly Hills or Michael Kors. Bombastic, uber-alpha woman, white florals. But if she was to exist today, I imagine she’d be wearing something from Roja Dove.


  5. I agree with Willa that it would have to be expensive, but she strikes me as fairly conformist, ultimately. Roja’s stuff would be a bit too far out of the mainstream. So like others I’d probably go with Opium or Poison. Or Joy?


    • MMMM Joy, great. I love Joy and Alexis could certainly rock it. I think she may have strayed from the mainstream though, there would have been NYC and Paris shopping sprees.
      Portia xx


  6. Coming up with a modern day perfume for Alexi is fun! I’m going for Amouage Gold. A big, blingy oriental.

    Loved reading about your Dynasty epiphany Portia.


  7. If I were to fragrance Alexis I would have her in Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower. I think a tuberose of that volume would suit her so beautifully.


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