Men's Standards Of Beauty Around The World: BuzzFeed

Hey Crew,

I often hear women complain about how hard it is to live in a world where every image they are being shown of how they are expected to look is almost unattainable to someone with a real life. I agree, it can be hard looking in the mirror after being bombarded with images of perfection from dusk till dawn.

So instead of decreasing the pressure on women to look a certain way men have been giving them a twisted sense of equality by creating exactly the same stupid unhappiness drain by creating the male Adonis Syndrome. Basically another form of body dysmorphia but this time it’s hitting the men.

Standards Of Beauty David Goehring FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

It makes me so mad and I feel absolutely helpless in the face of this absolute idiocracy that the media has become. I want real people that I can idolise because they have done interesting, amazing, entrepreneurial or culturally sensitive things, people who have made a difference, people who can talk books and life after having read or thought about them. GRRRR!

End rant, enjoy the video, there is no denying how lovely these men look.
Portia xx

Men’s Standards Of Beauty Around The World

4 thoughts on “Men's Standards Of Beauty Around The World: BuzzFeed

  1. *fans face!* Just fascinating, Portia. What a great little video! So many interesting facts. I will definitely send this though to my old colleagues in the men’s grooming world…and perhaps some of my male friends who’ve not groomed in 20 years too! lol xxx


  2. Thanks Portia. Fascinating stuff. I have a Milllenial daughter who finds mixed race (Asian/Western ) men attractive. Me? Lose all the facial hair, apart from that it is the eyes for me. Oh, and an ability to converse..


    • Hey there Bernadette WG,
      Interesting about your daughter, there are some amazingly beautiful Asian/Australians. As with every race or mix the beautiful ones are beautiful, and that all depends on the beholder.
      Naah, I am loving having facial hair right now, SO FUN.
      My only first impression must have is good teeth,
      Portia xx


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