Fragrances For What Ails You: The Hangover Part 1


Post by Ainslie Walker


Fragrances for what ails you: The Hangover Part 1

Today’s focus is HANGOVERS.

*Please note: we at APJ do not recommend drinking irresponsibly.

Average Hangover, described as ‘feeling dusty’ upon waking and makes the day a little harder, a lot longer and much slower.

General remedies:

Sympathy For The Sun Dear Rose FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Dear Rose – Sympathy For The Sun tops up much needed electrolytes with its salt note supported with sparkling water drenched citrus and rose. Just like an atomized aspirin.

Parfum d Empire – Corsica Furiosa is my go to fragrant Bloody Mary. Tomato leaf so green it makes me feel purified instantly, mixed with a pinch of pepper to increase circulation of important antioxidants. A touch of mint settles any nausea or bloating.

Coromandel Chanel FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Chanel – Coromandel when you just need a cloudy hug and strength to carry on (dramatic I know) woods, benzoin and soft cotton ball clouds of vanilla-patchouli and iris “take me away” from the self afflicted symptoms. I feel wrapped in cotton wool and supported enough to get on with my day.

The OOPSIES are more serious…

Hangover of Dread: “What have I done?!” Paranoia. Self-loathing. Regret. Strength and bravado needed pronto. Something to stop all the wrongness from deep inside, seeping out. Surrounding oneself with By Kilian – Smoke for the Soul will neutralise all those nasty feelings inside. Soul cleansing with eucalyptus, grapefruit and cardamom is advantageous. Bolster with maté, full of antioxidants. Complete with kidney cleansing birch. The tobacco cashmirwood and cannabis at this stage can only be described as a ‘medicinal’ bonus. **

Granville Christian Dior FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Hangover with memory loss: You wake up and remember a limited amount of the night before. Perhaps it was those shots you were downing? The scent of Tequila seeps from your pores on waking. It is not wise to stand near a naked flame. A dose of memory recalling rosemary and fresh Normandy air will help. Dior’s Granville is exactly that -crisp and fresh with mandarin, lemon, thyme, rosemary, pine needles, black pepper, sandalwood and gorse.

Head in a bucket hangover: Sliding out of bed with a groan, you take the appropriate amount of steps to the bathroom whilst moaning. You sit on the cold tiles and wait. The nausea could last all day. Something simple and relatively linear is Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca. With its dewy grass and fresh cool mint notes it will also freshen the air for anyone game to come close.

Queen by Queen Latifah FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

“Still drunk” hangover: Jump out of bed feeling good after a big night. You feel superhuman. Happiness only lasts so long…by lunchtime you’re fading. Avoid the comedown by use of your booziest fragrances – doubling to cover the alcohol on your breath whist keeping you giddy and drunk. Examples include Queen by Queen Latifah with its cognac base, Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling with it’s botanical gin base or rum based Naomi Goodsir’s Or du Serail

Most of these fragrances can be  sampled at Surrender To Chance and My Perfume Samples

Stay tuned for “The Hangover Part 2”

Xx Your Fragrant Nurse, Ainslie ;D

**By Kilian: Exclusive to Harrolds Sydney and Libertine online

27 thoughts on “Fragrances For What Ails You: The Hangover Part 1

  1. Ainslie Walker,
    You are genius. What a fun idea and smashing selection of anti hangover frags. It makes me want to drink
    Portia xx


  2. Thank you for such a helpful post!
    But these frags sound very invigorating regardless of the state of my…er, one’s liver.


  3. Hi Ainslie,
    I rarely raise a glass. I don’t have to. There is enough boozy stuff in Queen Latifah to last for twelve hours, at least. I have also tried your “atomized aspirin”, Sympathy for the Sun, for migraines and it works (for me). Loved your list!
    Azar xx


  4. Oh dear. Thanks, Ainslie, I needed that! Sheer genius! Are you on call and available for post-revelry ministrations?
    I’m wondering what Part 2 could possibly be? Is there further debauchery not yet addressed?


    • Ha Holly! Of course! I’m here 24/7 for all revellers!!
      Yes in part 2 we will discover many more hangover facets and their corresponding cures!

      In the meantime we have some fragrant cocktail recipes dropping in over the next few weeks too! 😉


  5. This is a brilliant post Ainslie. I don’t drink but plan on trying out a couple anyway. Except Kilian – that would give me a hangover. Bussis. Val xxxxxx


  6. Love cocktails. Hate hangovers. I try to never drink so much that I feel like hell the next day. I know my limit and stick to it. I do like your list of remedies. There’s a few on here I’d like to try even without a hangover.


  7. What a fun idea for a post, even for those of us who do not drink enough to get a true hangover. But I can’t see Coromandel as a suitable scent on such a day, really. Thanks for reminding me of Granville, do need to order a sample.


    • Thanks!

      The first time I wore Coramandel I had a little hangover and it was nice because I also had to attend the races, all dressed up and proceeded to drink again!

      It has been interesting to read above alot of the APJ readers do not drink! Good to see! More money for frags! xx


  8. This was such a fun post! I never would have thought of perfume to cure a hangover I will have to try a few of these although these days I rarely drink that much to bein with. Can’t wait to see your next installment!


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