Fragrance Inspired Cocktail Recipes #1


Post by Ainslie Walker


Fragrance Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Hope you have a lovely weekend planned. I have some scent inspired cocktail recipes to help you on your merry way!

These delicious cocktails I tasted recently in Melbourne at Galerie de Parfum’s Cocktail and Perfume Masterclass in Myers Melbourne. Mixologist Justin Ryann Forsyth has been extremely generous giving me access to the recipes for his own scent cocktail creations.

Fragrance Inspired Cocktail Recipes #1

My recent APJ post shared with you the Empressa cocktail, inspired by Penhaligon’s new fragrance for the season

Today I will share some lovely winter warmers, perfect for a cozy evening:

Frapin1270 Frapin FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

1270 by Frapin

You can read Portia’s APJ 1270 review, which first alerted me to one of my now favorite fragrances

30 ml Drambuie
15 ml glenmorangie 10 yr scotch whisky
15 ml Lillet Rouge
3 dashes plum bitters

Add all ingredients to mixing glass, and then fill up with ice. Using a bar spoon, begin to stir the drink quickly, being careful not to break any ice. Stir until desired dilution is reached, then double strain into a coupette or similar short glass. Garnish with a dash of orange bitters or orange peel if desired. We didn’t do this for the presentation, but as a cocktail itself, the orange really brings it together.

Loukhoum Keiko Mecheri FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri

I fell in love with Loukhoulm during the Myers/Galerie de Parfum masterclass evening (and the moment was photographed, unbeknownst to me). For me it is smooth, sensual and womanly. Summed up, it is vanilla-almond-honey-rose notes, inspired by Turkish delight, which is far from my usual fragrance choices. However Loukoulm is much more than a sweet mess, having depth, warmth and providing some immediate comfort. The “comforting” component may be down to an almost Johnston’s and Johnston’s baby powder/oil-esque note….but far more deluxe. Loukoulm hugged close to my skin and was still there many hours later. Much creamier and deeper than other Turkish delight inspired fragrances such as Jo Malone Rose Water and Vanilla Cologne. There is the hint of the rose and iris smells of makeup -now so trendy with the release of Chanel’s Misia-but this is rounded and less screechy in its rose notes. Mixed in with almond nuttiness, the smell of hawthorn, one of my favorite cool weather notes. Something motherly and beautifully warm.

I would love to wear this on a date, as I am sure it would be perfect for an intimate candlelit dinner for two….followed with the following cocktail for dessert:

15 ml Crème de Cacao (or desired chocolate liqueur)
15 ml Cherry Heering liqueur
15 ml Amaretto
10 ml Monin Orgeat Syrup
5 ml Campari
2 dashes Fee Bro’s orange bitters
Egg white (optional)

Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker, and shake hard until all ingredients have combined evenly. Double strain into a chilled coupette or similar short glass. If using egg white, wet shake as above, then double strain into another shaker, then shake without ice to create a thick white foam. When finished, garnish with a cherry and 3 dashes Bob’s chocolate bitters.

Enjoy your weekend!

Xx Ainslie

6 thoughts on “Fragrance Inspired Cocktail Recipes #1

  1. I have yet to find a drink with Campari in it that I can stomach. This one might stand a chance because it has a lot of sweet stuff to counteract the Campari. I might give it a try. There’s something about the smell of Campari that makes me think of paint stripper. It’s hard to get past that. Lol.
    Now the first recipe would be just wonderful on a chilly night.


  2. Heya Ainslie,
    I love that you are mixing up the way we smell and taste. It makes my head explode with the untapped possibilities.
    Portia x


  3. How fun! I’ve mentioned before how I am fascinated by the connections between cocktails and perfume (distilling, scent, taste, history and…fun!). Love Drambuie cocktails – there is a Drambuie 15 Year Old Speyside Whisky Liqueur that is just amazing!


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