Stealing Your (BOY) Friends Beauty Products


Post by AF Beauty


These past couple of weeks I have had a couple of sleepovers at a friend’s house. I had packed a bunch of stuff I thought I’d need, make up bag, sample sizes of facewash and moisturiser but when I had to have a shower I was empty handed and had to take pot luck with whatever was in his shower. Luckily, my friend is a bit fanatic about his appearance, so I didn’t think I would be washing with Fairy liquid or Morning Fresh! But still, it was like being thrust into the unknown, so I thought it would make an interesting post!

Stealing Your (BOY) Friends Beauty Products

Aveda Clove Shampoo

First of all I needed shampoo. I found Aveda’s Clove Shampoo. I like the fresh smell of this shampoo so I placed a blob in my hand and applied. It lathered well but I felt when it rinsed away my hair wasn’t smooth. Honestly, I never know whether I should have smooth hair after shampooing or only after conditioner. I just know I’m not keen on that rough feeling some shampoos leave. And this was one of them.

QV Hair Gentle Conditioner

So with my hair feeling a bit booffee I reached for conditioner and had a brief moment of panic that as a man with short hair he wouldn’t have conditioner. But I found QV Hair Conditioner. It comes in a giant pack, I squeezed some out, the texture was very much like moisturser, odd! I applied across my hair and left it in for a few minutes. Overall, it rinsed off well and my hair felt much smoother and I had a giant relief that I wasn’t going to have haystack hair the next day!

QV Body Wash

While the conditioner was left in, I then went looking for shower gel. I found on the floor a large container of QV Body Wash. I squeezed a couple of pumps from the pot and washed – I was actually very impressed by this. I usually go for things that smell nice when choosing shower wash so I wouldn’t have picked this myself. It lathered well and just a couple of pumps from the container was enough to wash me. Afterward my skin felt nice and clean and soft. I am actually going to buy my own one of these today!

QV Face Exfoliating Polish

Lastly, I was in the shower straight after work, so I was in a day’s worth of make-up and in searching for all the other products I found QV Face Exfoliating Polish – so I squeezed a bit of that and washed away. I loved the texture of this, creamy but exfoliating, when I finally washed away my skin felt lovely and clean and soft. But in the back of my mind, I was having doubts about the exfoliating ingredients. I double checked today and found it contains plastic microbeads. I like the texture of the beads, but I can’t live with myself knowing that washing my face is damaging the environment, so as much as I liked it, I wouldn’t knowingly buy this. Sad.

Do you ever have to make use of someone else’s beauty product choices? Ever found exciting gems?!
AF Beauty xx

If you want to know more about plastic microbeads, campaigns to remove and details of products without plastics, this site has some good stuff.

5 thoughts on “Stealing Your (BOY) Friends Beauty Products

  1. Hey there AF Beauty.
    EVERYTHING you wrote about in this post is brand new to me. Knowing the gentleman in question and how perfectly presented he is makes me want to online shop for the whole kit.
    It was totally fun seeing you today, as always.
    Portia xx


  2. I don’t know QV products at all, the herbal shampoo line from AVEDA is to enhance color tones in hair, so it’s not meant to be a conditioning shampoo necessarily, and definitely asks for a conditioner. 😉 They even make a clove conditioner if brown tones is what you’re after.

    just thought i’d throw that out… wouldn’t want two decades of product knowledge to go to waste. *laugh*


    • Hi Einsof

      QV is only found in Australia I think, so depending on where you are you might not know it.

      It’s a nothing added, sort of no-frills type product – not dissimilar from E45 in the UK.

      I wasn’t really after the brown tones from the shampoo – it was just what was there in the bathroom 😛

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


  3. Ha, I also discovered the QV wash at my parents house when I was staying over night, it works well as a face wash too. Loving reading your posts, thanks!


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