Shalimar + Mountain Adventure Photo Essay


Post by Portia


Hey there Perfume Peeps,

Today was so wonderful. One of the guys (Jean-Luc) that comes to my Tuesday Trivia has recently started an Art Shop in the mountains near Sydney. They are called the Blue Mountains because something in the eucalyptus trees shimmers blue through the air and thus the mountains look blue from afar, it’s lovely if you have them in your view. Another of the boys from Tuesday Trivia (Leo) is a motorbike rider and we have been chatting for a while about going on a bike excursion to Katoomba to see Jean-Luc. Today was the day.

It started out lovely in the sun, warm and toasty. Figuring it would stay that way I eschewed the thermals, wet weather gear, beany and puffer jacket under my riding kit. BAD IDEA! As soon as we got 20 minutes along the highway, freezing, stinging rain and the strongest winds I’ve ever ridden in. OMG! So freaking cold. It was incredibly exhilarating though and I was kept on constant alert, it was like a ride at a fairground except I was the one who had to be in control of the bike.

Anyway, we get to the top and have the most wonderful coffee before Jean-Luc opens the store. It’s a very modern artists place, mainly catering to spray paint artists who have covered the walls of the store with murals and the back alley has been given to artists from all over the world to paint, each wall a different and magical scene. It’s astounding the intricate detail they are able to bring with a spray can.

Blue Mountains Aug 2015 #1

Blue Mountains Aug 2015 #2

Blue Mountains Aug 2015 #3

Blue Mountains Aug 2015 #4After looking at the murals in the area we popped across the road to the funkiest food place ever. The Yellow Deli. An ex-hippy hang if ever there was one. It seems to be a cross between rural, historical, hysterical and home improvements. Every piece lovingly hand rendered, something happening everywhere you turn and all seemingly with little rhyme or reason: eclectic and fun. We were ushered upstairs by a friendly waiter who thought we were a band (super cool US!!) and spent a few minutes just drinking in the ambiance. I had been told what to order and I dutifully did. I think it was called a Darling Rose Sandwich. OMG! Disgusting. Ha Ha Ha ha!! It was too much super salty ham, some onion with tomato chutney and tomato sauce AND mayonnaise. BLEAUGH! I was so hungry though that I ate every bite, and by the end of it I kind of got used to it.

Blue Mountains Aug 2015 #5

Blue Mountains Aug 2015 #6

Blue Mountains Aug 2015 #7Then the unbelievable happened. 2 hours from the heart of Sydney and it SNOWED!! Big, puffy, soft looking gusts of snow that got so heavy the street was obscured. Totally fabulous. Not enough to cover the world white but it was snow, and from our comfortable seat in the deli it was magical.

Blue Mountains Aug 2015 #8After that Leo & I went and had a look at a piece of land I’m quite interested in and then we rode home. While in the mountains I purchased (at 50% Discount!) a pair of electric green merino wool leggings and matching beany, I donned my puffer jacket under my bike jacket and the ride home was considerably warmer, and dryer because the snow and rain had stopped.

Guerlain Shalimar Satin Shower Gel 200ml

When I got home to really warm myself up I drew a bath and used Shalimar Gel Douche as my Bubble Bath. It was fiery hot and deliciously scented. There is no better place in the world to warm a cold, tired body and relax an overactive mind. It was bliss. I have spritzed some recent Shalimar EdP and am now bathed in a cloud of my own sweet smelling loveliness. Sometimes life feels really good.

Shalimar Fourreau du Soir Guerlain FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Further reading: APJ Shalimar Parfum, APJ Shalimar EdP and APJ Shalimar EdC
FragranceNet has $73/90ml current EdP before coupon
Surrender To Chance has EdP samples starting at $3/ml

How do you like to wind down? Do you have a favourite bath soak?

Portia xx

18 thoughts on “Shalimar + Mountain Adventure Photo Essay

  1. Portia, A fellow Trivia person…I love it. I play Monday and Tuesday evenings. I think that is one of the ways that I wind down, actually. I also make and sell jewelry, and although that sometimes can make me crazy, when I get in the zone, I forget everything else. Wonderful pictures, by the way.


    • Ahhh, the zone! I love that feeling of creativity flowing from me into something real like a gown or head dress and at the end having something tangible for your efforts. I do it so rarely now.
      Portia xx


  2. Fabulous post, Portia!

    What a cool thing to do and what cool places you hung out at. A great experience all round and then it snowed to top it all off.

    I love the expression “I drew a bath”. Super classy 🙂

    Having a relaxing bath is a perfect way to calm down and relax for me too. Having recently joined a gym, I’ve been using Radox muscle soak bath salts a lot but my favourite are the bath oils by Aromatherapy Associates.


  3. Fabulous post, Portia. Its been ages since I’ve been up that way, sounds like there’s many new places to check out! What a great day. And snow!! 🙂

    xx Tina G


  4. Was that last Wednesday Portia? It snowed here that day too, though not where I was. I had to walk from my building across to Foreign Affairs to pick up a passport. When I got back my hands were red raw. I got all the cold but not the fun of the snow. My kids both got the snow at school though. Glad you had such a great experience!


    • Yes, last Wednesday Anne-Marie. the moment it snowed it was like the temperature went up a few degrees, was I imagining it? Does that happen? Or was it just my excitement?
      Portia xx


      • Golly, I don’t have much experience of snow but I thought the temp plummets as snow comes on. Don’t take my word for it though. 🙂


  5. Snow! It is super warm here in California to the point where a cool shower is something I look forward to. Not quite as good for scented shower products (I think those exist, right?), but I will take what I can get 🙂


    • HA! You’re hilarious Nemo. I think there might be a few scented shower products on the market currently.
      Good luck with the heat.
      Portia xx


    • Hey Kandice,
      One of the things i love about keeping this blog is that it contains my life in snippets, like a diary with fragrance. It’s really fun for me to tell you about the things we get to do and I’m glad that you liked it.
      Portia xx


  6. Don’t you just LOVE Shalimar?! I do! Every self-respecting Perfumer should have their own match of Shalimar… I do, and I’m darn proud of it. We make no attempts at pretence: we retail it as “Shalimar Tribute” Eau de Parfum.

    Also I so totally DIG the graffiti/wall murals you have posted up! I also love street art/graffiti…. have a huge collection of pix. And Katoomba is so cool (in every sense of the word!). I buy this outrageously expensive mineral water from some cave in the Blue Mountains called ‘Alkaline Water’. But it tastes so good!

    Anyway… yeah, SHALIMAR! Does anyone know which Guerlain created it? My guess is Jacques.


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