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I kinda wish the focus on eyebrows had been as strong back when I were a teenager and in my early 20’s as it is now. I spent my 20’s plucking my brows inefficiently and without much consideration of what I was doing. Fast forward a decade and my sparse eyebrows caused my new beautician to almost cry in anguish at the state of them.

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I’ve learned a few lessons since then and have a few tricks up my sleeve, but truth be told – I am still looking for reliability in my brows and am considering temporary tattooing – have any of you tried it? It seems incredibly pricy and if I’m honest I’m scared, but the results do look tempting.

In the meantime, I have a couple of great products and I practice some techniques I’ve found – I’ll share them with you.

In my previous post about budget beauty I mentioned the Brow Lash compact – still my morning go-to brow definer.

But I’ve also found these two brow pencils, easier for travel or taking to the gym.

Browlash EX

The first I found on in an Asian beauty store – Brow Lash Ex. This is a handy tool that turned out better than I initially expected – a double ended tool with a pencil on one end and a powder on the other. The powder applicator is contained in a spring loaded attachment which avoids that issue of too much or too little powder. The texture is good and the colour suitable for light to mid brunettes, perhaps also blondes with darker brows. Good for less dramatic effect.


The second pencil is from Napoleon Perdis, just a regular pencil, retractable, but incredibly reliable. The pencil is thin to avoid overly dark application but strong enough not to break too easily or smudge too much. This is one of the easiest I’ve found that I can use with some of the techniques I’ve found online to improve eyebrow shape.

My eyebrows are still a bit patchy, despite the past 10 years of much more considerate eyebrow management – hence my need for the pencils and powders I’ve mentioned, but these are no good without techniques. Pinterest, if you’ve not used it before is a great source of random info and brows are a popular pin.

Here are a couple of pins that I think are easiest to translate from internet to self:
– the idea on this one is to create the overall shape of the brow and then fill in – easy!
this one contains info on plucking and keeping shape – although you do need a decent enough brow to start with for this one.
this one recommends eyebrow shape for different face shapes. Although I’d not be overly led by this sort of recommendation, it’s worth considering your face shape now and in future if you decide to take more permanent action on your brows – basically consider whether you want a permanent raised brow look or if you lost or gained weight how your brows might change.

What are your eyebrow secrets?
AF Beauty x

8 thoughts on “Eyebrows

  1. My secret is that I listened to my mom when she said not to pluck. She had plucked hers in the late 1930s when she was a teen, & regretted it. Hers looked OK to me, but I liked a heavier brow look anyway. Also, when I was a teen in the 70s, heavier brows were in, so I wasn’t really having to buck a trend. Mine are thinning out now in my late fifties, but still look pretty good. Thanks, Mom.


  2. I knew some people who over plucked and I learned from their mistakes. There was a lady at church who used to shave them off and draw on new ones and that was pretty scary looking to my pre-teen self. I had a friend who just couldn’t put the tweezers down and another who bleached hers to match her hair. Looked ridiculous. I have decent brows and very rarely do anything to them other than minor plucking but occasionally I will use a pencil to make them look a little more finished.


    • Poodle, it sounds like the fear was a good thing! I can’t imagine shaving my brows, even the thought scares me. It makes me laugh how much eyebrows have become a real trend… maybe it was when I was young, but perhaps too young to have caught on. The bleached look can be interesting, but it’s very much a “look” – would be difficult to pull off day to day (IMHO!).


  3. I love well groomed eyebrows but not too overly done which seems to be very popular at the moment. I’m a redhead and my brows are almost invisible so I get them threaded and tinted, if they do a good job I love the results! For any gaps or when they start to fade I use Anastacia Beverly Hills brow powder and a cheapie brow gel (Essence).


    • Every now and then I wonder whether I’d be able to do threading and then, whether I’d be able to do it myself…. I need to get me onto youtube!

      I wax and dye my own, it’s pretty easy, but I can’t get on with the well done look, on my face I think it looks too contrived. I like the idea of it but can’t yet pull it off. I feel like a child playing dress up!!


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