Arrow Stork: 3.30m Natural History Film


Post by Portia


I love this guy, he is so excited about the world and brings some really interesting things to my attention. The latest that I have enjoyed is about the world’s toughest birds. Arrow Storks.


I hope you enjoy.

Portia xx

Arrow Stork | 100 Wonders | Atlas Obscura

7 thoughts on “Arrow Stork: 3.30m Natural History Film

    • Hey Azar,
      Appalling! That makes me squirm on so many levels. The people who run the world seem to have zero care for it or the creatures, us included, that live here. What will be left in 10 years?
      Portia xx


    • Also, this stork article brings to mind just how many of the theories about natural history that we believe these days were not part of general knowledge in the recent past. Bird migration is obviously one of those, so are our ideas about plate tectonics and continental drift. Regarding birds: Lately I have been reading about Alfred Russel Wallace and birds of paradise. I was amazed to learn that even the notion of a species wasn’t clearly defined in the mid 19th century.


      • Yes, a long way forward very quickly in some ways yet so ridiculously blind and wrong in others. We are a strange species. The earth will be glad to be rid of us I think.
        Portia xx


      • We are a strange species indeed! It seems that the our biological imperative to breed is more important than our survival. We are literally breeding ourselves into extinction.
        Azar xx


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