Skeleton Lake India: 3.30m Natural History Film


Post by Portia


Another of these fun and informative mini films from the Atlas Obscuracrew. Today we learn of a lake in the Himilayas with and extraordinary amount of skeletons there. Is it a burial ground, war grave, diseased lake? We find some wonderful theories and perhaps even the truth in this short film brought to us by the most excited person ever, he’s so cute in his enthusiasm.


I hope you enjoy,
Portia xxx

Skeleton Lake | 100 Wonders | Atlas Obscura



5 thoughts on “Skeleton Lake India: 3.30m Natural History Film

  1. Hey Portia,

    Did you notice that Atlas Obscura hosts Atlas Obscura events? I imagine these events have to do with the odd and obscure in various geographic locations – could be fun!

    Regarding Skeleton Lake: We just never know when something bizarre will strike. In this case hailstones. It is hard to prepare for what we can’t imagine! A few years ago a man was killed by a mountain goat while walking a well worn and popular path through wildflowers in our local PNW Olympic Mountains.

    More about the unexpected: What do you think of that Spooky asteroid/comet?

    Azar xx


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