5 Fragrant Gifts Under $60 2015


Post by Portia


Hi All,

Gifting is expensive! Here are some excellent Under $60 buys that will have them smiling, and feeling fabulous.

5 Fragrant Gifts Under AUD$60 2015

Molton Brown Vintage 2015

Molton Brown Vintage 2015 with Elderflower Bath & Shower Gel $33

Molton Brown is YUM! I love their packaging, generous sizes and they often smell fabulous too. Vintage 2015 has grapefruit, pettigrain, elderflower extract and vetiver. It goes on beautifully, lathers up a treat, is refreshing & energising and it has little GLITTERS in it that make me feel like a beauty queen. First saw Molton Brown Vintage 2015 with Elderflower with Ainslie Walker and begged to try them. YUMMMMMMMM. I’m about a third through my bottle and will be repurchasing again at full retail when it’s finished. $33 for 300ml and you can get the matching Body Lotion in a beautifully Boxed Set $77 at Molton Brown Au.


ime Natural Perfume Collection Pack $49.95

This set is an excellent gift, 9 x 2ml atomisers in a beautiful presentation pack. All the fragrances are based on one of the muses from mythology, remember Xanadu?  While writing this post I’ve been happily marinating in Kleio [elegant] which is sold as a friendly and romantic blend of sweet florals with a touch of gentle spice and warm wood but my body is throwing a fabulous blast of anise over woods and some pretty chilly geraniums and grapefruit. Interesting and robust naturals to enhance your moods. Good longevity for naturals too. Go check the ime Natural Perfume site

Quantum Demonology Sheila Eggenberger

Quantum Demonology by Sheila Eggenberger $59

You want to read a book that blows your mind? A book that picks you up and carries you along, shakes you up, makes you think and then spits you out with a whole new perspective on life? Fellow perfumista, blogger and all round stellar human being Sheila Eggenberger has given us such a tome, and littered it with frag references. I loved this book so much I had to buy a new one because I passed mine onto a friend who directs and produces films. Do yourself a favour. Hardback $59 at Book Depository

Choc Banana Tim-Tams

Choc Banana Tim-Tams 365g. 2 for $5

SERIOUSLY! You buy me 2 packs of these then we’ll be friends, possibly forever. Well, till I die of heart failure. If you love Banana Lollies and Chocolate then these are for you. Un freaking believably yummy. Two of the best flavours in the world brought together with a choc biscuit inside. It doesn’t get any better than this. Available at Coles Online.

Estée Lauder Youth Dew Roll On Deodorant

Estée Lauder Youth Dew Deodorant $30

STOCKING FILLER! Did you even know this was a thing? It’s TOTALLY a thing. Excellent for under your seriously spicy orientals and also perfect as a fragrance on its own. Youth Dew the EdP can be pretty loud but the deodorant has the same basic model but sotto voice. It’s a roll on, has 75ml and I’m loving mine sick. This is my second one because I’m nearly finished my first and I found it for you at Myer Online

What are your best sensibly priced picks for 2015?
Portia xx

20 thoughts on “5 Fragrant Gifts Under $60 2015

  1. Hi Portia,
    I don’t have any fragrant gift ideas and I need one pronto for a pregnant friend. Can you or any of the APJs recommend a beauty or fragrant gift that is safe for pregnant people?
    Azar xx


    • I didn’t know they would even need something different. I suppose something extremely lightly scented?
      I’m out….
      Portia xxx


      • I guess these days the phlalates are big no-no for the pregnant – but then so are certain aromatherapy oils. Since I am old, I am at a total loss for what to get for this former student who just graduated from university, presented her senior performance recital and is pregnant with her third child…busy girl. I just couldn’t bring myself to send cut flowers or more music.
        Azar xx


        • What about a candle? She doesn’t even have to burn it, just lift the lid off and the smell will fill the room then put the lid back on.
          Portia xx


  2. I don’t make any special deal about giving gifts at Christmas, just whenever it seems right. For my nurse it has to be Chanel Sycomore, well over the $60 mark so that’s for special occasions. I often gift bottles of the Laurence Dumont Vanille Patchouli, which is light, not too sweet, and vanillic enough that even mass-market fans tend to like it. If anyone makes a positive fuss about a perfume I’m wearing, I try to get a few ml to them in the next few days. And if I’m in a particularly good mood I may give away a bit of my precious huge bottle of vintage Opium. I don’t do that too often because, unfortunately, most people I’ve given it to don’t care for it much. How can anybody dislike vintage Opium?
    Just as a bit of perspective for us fortunate first-world types, my cleaning lady, an immigrant from Poland, is thrilled silly by the hundreds of scented soaps available in America and is always showing me her newest finds. Just the ones available at the pharmacy or dollar store for fifty cents make her heart leap in rapture. When she grew up in Poland there was one kind of soap and it smelled astringent. We are so lucky, in small ways as well as large.


  3. The Molton Brown sounds perfect, apart from the glitter, maybe. I’ll pass on the banana chocs, cannot stand that combination.

    It is wonderful to get ideas for scented Christmas presents.

    I was wondering if anyone reading here alredy tried the l’Occitaine products scented with grapefruit and rhubarb? If so, please comment.


    • Not yet Ingeborg but I’m having lunch with my girlfriend from L’Occitane Australia today. Maybe I will get to try it.
      Portia xx


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