Hiram Green Voyage by Hiram Green 2015


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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was my favourite TV series as a kid. Admiral Nelson and his crew. The flying sub which could leave the ocean and function as an airplane being the coolest thing ever.

Hiram Green Voyage by Hiram Green 2015

 Voyage Hiram Green  FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Citruses
Heart: Amber, suede
Base: Vanilla

Hiram Green’s Voyage – An ode to the exotic mysteries of India.

I chatted with Hiram briefly the other day. He mentioned that he would find it difficult to write two sentences about his own creations, and was interested that some bloggers could write thick novels. I found that highly amusing.

Hiram Green VoyagePhoto Donated Val CQ

When I started writing for APJ it was really just a bit of fun. I was extremely surprised when I found that people were asking if they could send me perfumes to
try. I was so excited but that soon died down when I saw that most of them didn’t work on me. I believe that is the politically correct way of putting it? I
only get some sort of inspiration when I like something. Which kind of limits me. Perhaps I should write about what sucks, but I am sure Portia would fire me. I digress. Hiram Green sent me a sample of Voyage and I have used it all. It is quite bodacious.

Hiram green in India aged 14Photo Donated Hiram Green

Voyage is opulent and sumptuous, two words that do not tend to get used with an all natural perfume. It is the drydown of many more modern perfumes where it falls short of expectation. Top loaded to blow your mind and then after 20 minutes the common base. Voyage could not be further away from this perfume concept. The perfume is built on a base of superb vanilla and a heart of amber. The fragrance opens with a lively citrus feel before slipping into the spicy, warm, lush heart. Hiram doesn´t mention spice in his list of notes, but hey, who cares about the notes anyway? There is a soft suede halo wrapped around the whole composition, which draws it altogether. It is tweaked to perfection and lasts for hours. It blows apart all preconceived ideas (mine) of natural perfumery apart.

Attention to detail is exquisite, from the wax seal to the website. The bottles are stunning. They are every bit as gorgeous in real life as they are on the pictures. All three of his scents are outstanding. He clearly does not bend to the industry, nor to the trend of churning out a new fragrance every few months.
Modern classic beauty.

Voyage Hiram Green The_Voyage_of_Life_Old_Age WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Voyage, as well as Moon Bloom and Shangri La can be purchased in 5 ml sprays at Hiram Green. All three highly recommended. Note that Voyage is limited to 250 bottles.

“Ah, you’ve come over the water. Powerful wet stuff, ain´t it?”
The Voyage of the “Dawn Treader”. C.S. Lewis

Valiant Bussis

18 thoughts on “Hiram Green Voyage by Hiram Green 2015

  1. I must agree that if I could write about the stuff I don’t like the options are endless.
    It seems everyone loves Hiram Green perfumes but I haven’t had the chance to try them. I do love when natural perfumes actually smell like real perfume and not something haphazardly mixed together at the kitchen table. This line sounds promising. If it lasts as you say then I must take a closer look I think.


    • Hello Poodle. Oh no. Not mixed at the kitchen table, not available at the whole food stand in the market. Next time you are in New York give them a go. Yes, options are endless. I am pondering how to go about writing about the less desirable things. Hmmmm. 🙂 xxxx


  2. A birthday post from the Cookie Queen! What a treat.

    A long-lasting natural perfume is something special and when you say something is good, I sit up and take notice. Soft suede – yum.

    I came across the sample of Shangri La you gave me the other day and look forward to trying it soon.

    That quote from Hiram is priceless!


  3. Lovely review, thank you Cookie Queen! And I couldn’t agree more, I love Voyage. I mailed Hiram Green to compliment him and check some of the notes, cardamon? clove? but he wrote that much to my amazement lavender is what he used. It has such a peaceful presence, I think Olfactoria would love it!


    • Lavender? Wow. It is lovely isn´t it. It is my favorite from the three perfectly beautiful perfumes. Cannot believe how long it lasts. xxx


  4. Hi CQ. I’m glad you reviewed this one. I am very curious about Voyage and have already included it in a sample order I am making. I tried Moon Bloom, thought it was nice and gave it to a friend. It is gorgeous on her! We both decided to try Shangri La and it was “meh” for us. I am hoping Voyage will be the Hiram Green fragrance for me. PS I love the names he has chosen for his fragrances.


  5. Really? I thought Shangri La was great. I agree. The names are perfect. He is creating a small stunning collection. I hope to meet him some time. Hugs. xxxx


  6. Great review, Val! Loved THE photograpgh with Hiram as Well. If it smells like Nag Champa I do not think it Will be a scent I Will enjoy but who knows ? Hope you enjoyed your birthday 🙂


  7. Ah, inspiration, that’s what I need at the moment. I tested stupid numbers of perfumes but I haven’t been inspired by any of them even though I quite liked some. It’s about time I tired Hiram Green perfumes. Hope you had a lovely birthday. 😉


  8. With most all-natural perfumes I came across so far NOT having a good longevity was the only good thing about them 😉 So when I hear praises for natural perfume from people, whose taste I trust, it makes me curious.


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