When Adele was Jenny: Graham Norton Show


Post by Portia



Things I love include people with everything who are prepared to have a laugh and who happily help to make others lives a little bit more magical. Adele is a superstar, from this piece I get that she is also a funster with a sense of humour. How she changes a bunch of impersonators lives and gives them a little tiny piece of magic that they can have forever is so lovely and endearing. The impersonators are all ….. well, watch this, enjoy it, it made me so happy for the women and for Adele. I hope we have her singing and being herself for a very long time.
Portia xxx


Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn’t Adele… but was Jenny!

6 thoughts on “When Adele was Jenny: Graham Norton Show

    • GAWD! I don’t remember her singing in Ugly Betty! Have the whole set here and I’ll go back and watch for her.
      Thanks Robert.
      Portia xxx


    • Hey Holly,
      Yes, everyone was sweet. I wonder if the editing helped?
      How great when Adele starts singing and one of the women will not believe it’s her…
      Glad you loved it.
      Portia xx


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