Vintage joy Parfum by Jean Patou: Live Video Sniff


Post by Portia


Hey Happy Huffers,

Vintage joy Parfum by Jean Patou

Live Video Sniff

Joy vintage parfum Jean Patou home 2015

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Tuberose, rose, ylang-ylang, aldehydes, peach, green notes
Heart: Jasmine, iris root, Bulgarian rose, lily of the valley, orchid
Base: Musk, sandalwood, civet

Joy is one of my favourites and I scour the web for bottles of it. We always do opening ceremony videos because some of them are fakes and we need to get refunds. We have had a couple of fakes this summer already. These counterfeiters do an excellent job too, it’s not till you spray the juice that you know.

Scotty and I on the lanai enjoying summer and smelling FABULOUS!


13 thoughts on “Vintage joy Parfum by Jean Patou: Live Video Sniff

  1. Joy is one of my rarely worn frags, but I love owning it. Came by a giant 3.4 oz vintage bottle at an estate sale for something like $20. Still kicking myself for passing on a Le Dix mini at the same sale.
    I really, really want that vintage parfum atomizer you’re testing!!
    How does vintage Joy parfum compare to vintage edt?


    • Hey Caroline,
      Sometimes we aren’t meant to have stuff, don’t beat yourself up.
      The parfum is thicker and richer, almost unbearably so when you first spritz. I like the sizzling lift of the EdT with the undercurrent of creamy warmth.
      Except for a very bad copy I’ve not smelled a vintage Joy that I less than adore.
      Portia xx


  2. Hi Portia (wherever you are!),
    Is there any way to tell a fake Joy BEFORE you buy it or smell it???
    Loved the video sniff. I love all your video sniffs.
    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar,
      I’m not sure. The copies are fairly good. I stood a real & fake box next to each other and the differences were not striking. The plastic cellophane was poorly attached and less thick, we also got a fake that was shrink wrapped.
      Portia xx


  3. So what year is it, do you think? I would love a video of you explaining the differences between the fakes vs. real!

    My mother only wore 2 (well, three) perfumes in her life. Maja during our summers in Spain, and Joy (and 1000 for dress-up) the rest of the year. I’m always trepidatious about buying a vintage bottle from like, ebay. We need a lesson or two!!



    • HA! I couldn’t give you definitive points sadly, the cellophane seems to be a giveaway. The bottles are almost exact.
      Portia x


    • Hey Lanier, we did a series of videos for you. Drop down and find LIVE Video Sniff in the categories. You’ve missed a few.
      Vintage Joy is well named.
      Portia xxx


  4. Hi Portia, love your video’s, what a lovely Joy bottle and it must smell amazing. I was curious how the outside white box looked like especilally the pattern of the gold lines. It looks like you both loved this extrait 🙂


  5. Seeing you outside enjoying a fine summer day is so cruel since I just was out shoveling my way into the garage in a long attempt to get home from work in a snowstorm. I could use some Joy right now. I am not brave enough to seek out vintage on ebay. I just know I’d get burned. How does the modern compare?


    • The modern parfum is still lovely Poodle but not nearly as thickly luscious. It’s less bombastic and rich.
      I would advise you to try before you buy.
      Portia xx


  6. Hi gorgeous.
    Hope you are having fun.
    I seem to have a similar bottle of parfum that is yet to be opened and it sounds like I should also do an opening ceremony when we meet up next…. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.
    XXX… T
    PS. Love the video sniff


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