10 Mysterious Extinct Human Species : Video


Post by Portia



Do you want to see something fabulous? It’s always a surprise to find out something wonderful about our world. Before this video I had heard of only two of the other species of humanoids on the earth, that there were ten or even more is surprising to say the least. That only some of them have added to our gene pool is also interesting, most going extinct 40,000 years or more ago.

Mind blown,
Portia xx

10 Mysterious Extinct Human Species  YouTubeYouTube

10 Mysterious Extinct Human Species

9 thoughts on “10 Mysterious Extinct Human Species : Video

  1. So interesting – thank you Portia. I met you at Lilas PLL evening and your lecture really inspired me. I’m also loving your ‘video sniffs’ – they light up my day ?


  2. Great video Portia, thank you for posting it. Whatever challenges our assumptions of who and what we are and shakes up our sense of ‘self’ is important. And what a fantastic noses our human kin had! In the same vein I was struck by Brian Sykes’s book “the seven daughters of Eve” about his research in our mitochondrial DNA (passed on through the female lines), showing that all Europeans can be traced back to 7 clan mothers! Worldwide now 29 clan mothers have been determined. Which sort of makes us all related.


      • It is not an analogy! It is possible to have your mtDNA tested by Sykes so you know who was your clan mother (at least with the 7 European mothers). He also has a fairly acurate idea based on DNA research where the different mothers lived.


  3. Wow Portia. That was a real eye opener. I’d heard of some of those finds, such as Floriensis, but most were new to me. Some of these seem to be still mired in controversy, but I guess that is what science is about.


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