Tranoï Paris 2016: Photo Essay


Post by Portia


Hey APJ Crew,

One of the great things about being in the frag crowd is getting to do things that few other people do. An invitation from a frag buddy can turn out to be something incredible. One of our great holiday highlights was hanging with the cool niche crews at Tranoï in Paris.

Tranoï Paris 2016

Tranoï Paris 2016Tranoï

 Tranoi Paris 2016 #1

At the entrance I was met by Nicolas Chabot of Le Galion, he had invited Jin & I to come see the show and have some fun with the crew. Suitably attired with my PRESS PASS it was inside to the enormous room and the entryway was an aisle of some of Europe’s Independent Fragrance Houses. WOO HOO!

Tranoi Paris 2016 #2

Tranoi Paris 2016 #3First stop was Le Galion, Nicolas and his partner Enno. They are a freaking RIOT! Here they are showing me the new range and they gave me a slew of stuff for giveaways. Coming very soon. My current favourite is Cologne Nocturne, a lush cologne that suits me to a T.

Tranoi Paris 2016 #4

Here with Roberto Greco who is the creative genius behind the Le Galion advertising and product look. He was really sweet and I admit to crushing on him madly.

Tranoi Paris 2016 #13

Tranoi Paris 2016 #14

I really like Laboratorio Olfattivo’s clean style and want to spend some more time sniffing their brand. The couple I have smelled were YUMMY!

Tranoi Paris 2016 #7

Woo Hoo! Neela Vermeire was there. So excited to see her and hang out. Any time in Neela’s company is good time. Her frags were very popular on the day and we had to leave her to the retailers and come back at intervals for mini chats.

Tranoi Paris 2016 #6

Tranoi Paris 2016 #5

Tranoi Paris 2016 #9

The gorgeous Ulrich Lang was there too with his girl friend Erin. I noticed Lightscape before I noticed them and exclaimed how much I love it. Ulrich was thrilled and we spent a very happy half hour or so laughing and having a fine time, Neela wandered over because we were making so much noise. It was a really nice moment captured with some lovely people. We will be having a super Ulrich Lang giveaway soon here on APJ so keep your eyes peeled.

Tranoi Paris 2016 #10

Tranoi Paris 2016 #19

Tranoi Paris 2016 #11

Tranoi Paris 2016 #8

Tranoi Paris 2016 #15

OMG! Really? Pierre  Guillaume is here! WOO HOO! I’ve been freaking crushing on him for YEARS! The sea of people parted, he looked across and our eyes met, Pierre smiled an uncomplicated welcome and I was lost. Absolutely fucking lost. He had all his ranges there but was hoping to gain more interest in his Pierre Guillaume Croisiere Collection. They are at the freaky end of the fragrance spectrum and I didn’t really feel able to focus to smell anything because the man’s charisma had me firmly in its grip.

Tranoi Paris 2016 #16

Tranoi Paris 2016 #17

Tranoi Paris 2016 #18Pierre tried to get my opinion on his newest from the PG range but my head and nose weren’t communicating. To be honest I had to get away because I couldn’t breathe or make coherent or cogent conversation. Ha Ha Ha What an ass-hat I am.

Tranoi Paris 2016 #20

Tranoi Paris 2016 #21

Histiores de Parfums are so freaking cool. I love the way they make fragrance and the display was fun too.

Tranoi Paris 2016 #22

After the event we went out to dinner at a super cool restaurant with Nicolas & Enno, one of my buddies happened to be in Paris too (Hey Andrew) and he came and joined the crew. As I was recounting my Pierre G story to the table none other than Mr Pierre G walked in with his partner & some mates and so he got to hear the end of my story before I knew he was directly behind me smiling from ear to ear. He’s cool, I like him.

Tranoi Paris 2016 #23

Tranoi Paris 2016 #24

After that we were absolutely smashed and went back to our hotel and slept like dead people. Our first full day in Paris was done.

LuckyScent, Libertine, Peony Melbourne and First In Fragrance have loads of the houses in stock, Surrender To Chance has samples.

I hope you liked the post, which of these fragrance houses do you like?
Portia xxx

27 thoughts on “Tranoï Paris 2016: Photo Essay

  1. Sounds like you had an amazing vacation, and I’m so happy for you!

    I’ve only tried bits and pieces from these houses, so there is so much more to explore. PG Isparata is beautiful, and he makes a peppery vetiver that I like, but the name escapes me.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this trip!


    • Heya Stacie,
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the pieces, there are MORE coming.
      Portia xx


  2. Brilliant pictures Portia. I can learn from you.
    HdP 1969 is still in my top ten fragrances and I used up a whole large bottle of it. I need to order a new one. My absolute favourite in the whole line.
    One day we will go to a show together.
    Bussis. ❤️


    • One day we will definitely do a show together Val, can’t wait. HdP 1969 is the patchouli bomb?
      Portia xx


      • Patchouli, chocolate, peach, musks.
        Goes from juicy teenage peach to an extremely mature sensual spicy grown up dark drydown. I spray it on top of patchouli oil. It’s gorgeous. Very sexy. IMHO of course. ❤️


  3. What a great photo essay, Portia! Thank you for a look at the faces behind the houses. I don’t have a favorite, as I love something from every house you featured here. The displays were awesome, esp. HdP, and your photos really captured the fun.
    Azar xxx


    • Thanks Azar,
      It’s always so nice to have you drop in and say hi. We’d be lost without you here at APJ.
      Portia xx


  4. Oh what a great post! So many familiar faces. I would have lost it in front of PG too and I bet he loved making you all flustered. I’m grinning because I know the end of that tale 🙂

    Ulrich Lang looks thrilled to be hanging out with you and Neela looks as gorgeous as ever. I really like what I’ve tried of the Laboratorio Olfattivo range and also need to try more. I love that funky Histoires de Parfums display! Super fun times.


    • I wasn’t sure if I should tell the end of my PG tale Tara. Better not to I think.
      The only thing that could have made Tranoi more fun is you.
      I saw that you blew on the Calder mobiles too. HEAVEN!
      Portia xx


  5. Oh wow Portia – great photos & fun stories! Makes me realise that I don’t know some of those ranges as well as I should – time for some more sniffing. 🙂 thanks for the fab travel tales.

    xx Tina G


    • TinaG! You were missed at Mardi Gras last night.
      There is a world of unsniffed fragrance here, we need to have a coffee and sniff date. Maybe we could make some sniffy videos?
      Portia xx


  6. I loved reading this. The pictures and your storytelling make everyone sound wonderfully human and everyone looks like they are having SO MUCH FUN. I would freeze and get stage fright around any of these people!!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Hiya Nemo,
      TBH I did get a little Stage Fright with PG. He was a star and really worked to help me get comfortable enough to chat about his stuff. Next time I meet him the charisma won’t be such a jolt.
      Portia xx


  7. What a day! It sounds like soooo much fun! I can really feel the good vibrations from the photos. The perfume community is such a great bunch!
    I’m only familiar with a part of PG’s line and it’s certainly very interesting…well, just like the creator 😉 Haven’t tried the Collection Croisiere so far.
    I’ve tried some Histoires de Parfums (Vert Pivoine, 1876, Olympia Music Hall) but they were all to heavy for me and I’ve read good reviews of Le Galion so I’m looking forward to exploring the line.


    • Hey Neva,
      If you find the HdPs too thick then the Le Galions may hit the spot perfectly. The modern interpretations have an airy feel, a lightness and buoyancy that makes the vintage very modern. Their new stuff is particularly exciting.
      Portia xx


  8. Neela Vermeire Creations is one of my very favorite brands (and Neela herself is one of my favorite people in the industry) – so I was glad to see her and the beautiful perfume display among your photos. The rest were also fun. Thank you for sharing them with us.


  9. That looked incredibly fun!! Pierre Guillaume!! Omg. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on scents if I were in the same room as him either! I do like his aesthetic very much but I haven’t sampled the new line yet. Also I like Histoires de Parfums, especially Ambre 114. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!


    • Hi SuzyQ,
      Ambre 114 is one of my faves too. What a creamy caramel amber it is, YUMMO!
      Portia cxx


  10. What a great day younhad Portia! you got to meet so many famous people in the perfume industry. I would have been star struck and stuttering I am sure. Beautiful pics too. Sandra xo


  11. Very cool! Pierre Guillaume is definitely fun to meet. And like Undina I adore Neela’s perfumes – they really are stunning and top notch. Looks like fun was had. You certainly packed a lot into your trip. x


    • Heya meganinsaintemaxime,
      We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg here. It was EPIC!
      Portia xxx


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