Eternal Crescent perfume oil by Ajmal


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Greetings and scented salutations!

Today I’m coming clean about the seduction of sexy bottle design. The latest object of my desire is an over-the-top crystal bottle, glimmering with excessive luxury. I was so tempted to hunt it down unsniffed! Lucky for me, with humble gratitude to my dear friend Barbara, I have a rare opportunity to test the fragrance housed within this faceted eye-gasm.

My skin is humbly graced with:

Eternal Crescent perfume oil by Ajmal

Crescent Ajmal FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Sandalwood, agarwood (oud), spicy notes, bergamot, mus, fruity notes

Based on the vague, limited information I was able to dig up, I was expecting a deep, resinous woody oudh fragrance. Instead, I am greeted with a natural white floral bouquet, glittering with a lift of sunshine, all atop a sensuous feather-soft base. There is a gentle hint of genuine oudh depth, but it is an accent and does not dominate. This perfume possesses the strangest quality of being a light, easy fragrance, though it doesn’t hide its dark side. It almost leans toward a clean aroma, but the humming base confirms that Eternal Crescent is not innocent by any means. The blossoms are natural and delicate. Bergamot sings with a lifted contentment, never sharp or overly bright. The musky base is quiet with just the right warmth and richness, the sandalwood is subtle and smooth. Oudh is but a patient, tender sigh. The overall aroma is one of natural sensual bliss. I think it’s just safe enough that I can pull it off at work (worn lightly).

Can I even tell you how ecstatic I am?! This perfume is just as beautiful and unique on my skin as its flamboyant flacon suggests. It’s ridiculously expensive and hard to acquire, but now that I know how glamorous it feels to wear it, my desire is exponentially soaring! This isn’t just some ho-hum perfume in a sexy package. This is a liquid work of art worthy of its faceted throne.

Eternal Crescent Throne Room, by Charles Wild WikiMediaWikiMedia

Have you ever fallen in love with a perfume bottle without even knowing the scent? Did you blind buy, or did you test first? Were you disappointed or were you blown away with joy?

Until next time, I wish you all serenely fragrant lovespells!


9 thoughts on “Eternal Crescent perfume oil by Ajmal

  1. Have I ever? More like have I ever not? :o) I am a big ol’ bottle ho. Thankfully my taste is very tacky, so the bottles haven ever been horribly expensive; think along the lines of the Juicy Coutures and the Victoria Secret Tease series. I also love the Illamasquas but only have one so far.

    Funds have changed the last few years, so I don’t collect for looks any more, but if money were no object, I’d be snapping up the M Micallef’s, and I am so sad that Amouage quit making theirs is in the cool, more individual bottles, although I think they do a good job with the basic design of the one they settled on.


  2. Hi Erica,
    I love perfume bottles and have purchased a few frags without sniffing, based on the bottles and posted reviews from my perfume pals. I have not been disappointed. The middle eastern CPOs have the most interesting bottles of all!
    Azar xx


  3. What a perfect review of this incredible regal beauty! It is exactly as described. My love for this came from a tiny 1ml vial with about 2/3 already gone, yet plenty enough for a test and then it haunted me for a year. I came ever so close to paying the full boat. When I saw the bottle, the bottle lust was overwhelming, but the perfume was an even bigger lust. This creation is fit for a princess, or royalty, or you wishing to feel like royalty. It is very much a nod to regal feminity, yet so powerful as you describe. The throne of oudh is bedecked in flowers and spices and exotica. I am so beyond thrilled you love this creation as much as I do. It is a magical attar, and not your sultan’s attar. Thank you Erica for this magic review, I am just so excited to read this.


    • I will never forget your unboxing video from when your glimmering bottle first arrived. I have been enchanted by the vision and your impressions ever since! Experiencing the actual fragrance was a journey to another world. Love youuuuu!


  4. Ha, that bottle is crazy! Love it. I fell in love with the Vol de Nuit propeller bottle which is still my favourite bottle of all time, fortunately I absolutely love the fragrance also.


    • The Vol de Nuit propeller bottle is so dreamy! I especially adore the blue one that they used for the shimmer powder, with the atomizer bulb and all. Swoon!


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