Cuir Cannage by Francois Demachy for Christian Dior 2014


Post by Portia


Hiya APJ,

Leather! One of my favourite perfume notes. It took me a while to warm to todays fragrance but now I can’t imagine my collection without it. To be honest, when I first smelled Cuit Cannage I think I missed the point.

Cuir Cannage by Christian Dior 2014

Cuir Cannage by Francois Demachy

Cuir Cannage Christian Dior FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange blossom, ylang-ylang
Heart: Rose, jasmine, iris
Base: Birch, juniper, leather

A sweet, supple leather that has been fragranced in the manufacturers to hide the tannery smells. Comfortable, chic and utterly wearable in warm or cool weather I reach for Cuir Cannage when I want leather but a more floral version. DIOR has provided a perfect bridge between the sweetness of Bottega Veneta original and the dryness of Hermès Cuir d’Ange.

cuir-cannage-dior ingrid-bergman PixabayPixabay

I love the way that initially the leather and orange blossom combine to create a modern take on vintage. A cleaner, less animalic version of some of the old time scents. Only very slightly breathy yet very movie star glam. Finally a lovely creamy, worn leather with hints of the warm body of the wearer. A nod to make up, fur, fine living and unattainable beauty perfection. A hint of the sweet musty breaking down of leather bound books in old libraries.

If you are looking for an outrageous, over the top leather experience like Tauer’s Lonestar Memories then you will be bitterly disappointed. DIOR gives us a smooth and seamless leather interpretation that is so obviously geared towards the upper end of the fragrance market, a spritz and go fragrance that still manages to be interesting and beautiful.

cuir-cannage-dior books PixabayPixabay

Further reading: Persolaise and Colognoisseur
DIOR stores and some larger department stores carry the DIOR La Collection Privée range
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3/ml
What is your favourite leather? Does it ever take you a while to come around to a fragrance?
Portia xx

24 thoughts on “Cuir Cannage by Francois Demachy for Christian Dior 2014

  1. Hi Portia! I love leather, but usually prefer the more floral versions without overt smoke/ birch tar. The first time I tried Cuir Cannage, I too missed the point! That’s really the perfect way to describe it. I set my decant aside, and then recently tried it again and oh! it’s lovely. I think the ylang ylang adds a touch of interest for me, and Cuir Cannage is delicate enough for warmer weather.



    • Hey Holly,
      It IS beautiful.I can see many people trying it and not liking it on first wearing, it needs to become your friend.
      Portia xx


  2. Hi Portia. I love leather scents and for me Cuir Cannage was love at first sniff. The drydown is the best year round leather that I have. Dior makes several beautiful and elegant perfumes that I cannot live without. Sandra xo


  3. Hi Portia,
    I have a lot of favorite leathers but the two most recent are Marcus McCoy’s Djinn and Cunning Man from his House of Orpheus. Maggie M commented on my APJ post about Djinn: “…The House of Orpheus perfumes were amazing and Marcus is the real deal. You can sense the magical alchemy pulsing through his work.” It’s true! My only issue with Djinn was the sillage. Cunning Man has a more obvious presence. Not surprising as CM is corporeal and Djinn is, well, a djinn… I like to use them both at the same time. I hope I’m not messing too much with the magic? The combination works for me!
    Azar xx


  4. I am a certified leather addict. I note that my leathers tend to trend to the dry and restrained (Chanel, Lancome Cuir etc) but in the past few years, I have been delving into juicier scents ( ELdO’s Putain, Balmain’s Jolie and, yes, Dior’s Cannage).


      • Yes – lashings of it.

        I smell as if I had been doing something naughty while wearing a leather jacket, and am now reclining beside a vase full of violets, remembering, and smelling the faint remains of his cigar. Carnal and smoky with the leather and violets that Jolie Madam used to have.
        I need a FB of this someday, but Dior will not sell to me because my credit card has a Canadian address.


    • Hey Fazal,
      It’s leather but not in the dry floral sense, sweeter, prettier, to my nose more wearable in more situations, it could easily be a spritz and go. More Daim Blond, Cuir Amethyst, Bottega Veneta.
      Then again depending who you are your two choices fit that spritz & go profile too.
      Portia xx


        • It kind of does, yes. Unless this is a style you are particularly into you can cross Cuir Cannage off your list. They are different but it’s not a necessary extra.
          Portia xx


  5. Oooh, must give this a try. I love leather scents. So far have worked my way through two Cuir Ottoman samples (thinking I could get a bottle, but what if I find another perfume I love more?) and now on to Mona di Orio’s Les Nombres d’Or Cuir



    • Hey ems,
      Cuir Ottoman is interesting. I sold a bottle thinking I didn’t love it then had to get it again because I missed it.
      Cuir Cannage is an altogether different beast.
      Portia xx


  6. I love floral leathers so I suppose this one would be right up my alley. I would most definitely sample first since some leathers don’t work for me at all. I can’t smell Bottega Veneta on my skin within a few minutes of spraying. Poof. Nothing. I’m not sure if it’s a freak thing with that perfume or something to do with the particular leather notes used in it. Anyway, I’d love a perfume that smells like the inside of my grandmothers purse with that leathery, perfumed cosmetic smell.


  7. Ooh! Thanks for reminding me that I have a split of this somewhere. Somewhere in the un-organized mess that contains all my splits and samples. Need to sit down, alphabetize and organize.
    Some of my other favorite leathers are Cuir de Lancome, Chanel Cuir de Russie, PG Cuir d’Iris and a slightly softer, more suede Bottega Veneta.


    • Hey there Tatiana,
      Great to see you.
      Leather! What a wonderful note. Now I need to search out Cuir d’Iris. Love Pierre Guillaume’s work.
      Portia xx


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