Misia by Olivier Polge for CHANEL 2015


Post by Portia


Hello Happy Huffers,

Scott and I were in town the other day and hit the CHANEL counter. Our mate Esther was in the house and with her was one of the CHANEL Australia trainers (Scott thinks it’s Emma but I am less sure) who was a wealth of information about CHANEL Beauty. It was a wonderful and enlightening hour we spent chatting and it was really fun. We even learned that you can buy a 900ml CHANEL No 5 parfum in a Baccarat bottle: OMG! but we were strong and resisted the temptation.

Misia by Olivier Polge for CHANEL 2015

Chanel Misia Chanel FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Powdery notes, violet, iris, orris root, Turkish rose, Grasse rose, Laos benzoin, tonka bean

We grabbed a sample of Misia and I’ve brought it home to re-run its beauty. The question is though, who or what is Misia (Pronounced Mischa and the Russian shortening of Maria)?

Misia Sert is the muse for this CHANEL creation. One of Coco’s friends: artistic, wealthy, influential and connected. Of course Gabriel “Coco” Chanel courted her. Missy was almost the perfect fit for the CHANEL dream. According to Wikipedia: It was recognized that “you had to be gifted before Misia wanted to know you.” …Sert was attracted to Chanel by “her genius, lethal wit, sarcasm and maniacal destructiveness, which intrigued and appalled everyone.” Both women, convent bred, maintained a friendship of shared interests, confidences and drug use.

Chanel Misia Chanel Misia Henri de Toulouse-Lautec WikiCommonsWikiCommons


It’s interesting that Scott is an anti iris perfumista, not so much anti but it tends to take on this OTT bread/yeast/doughy nature when it hits his skin. Misia doesn’t though and we were very surprised how gorgeously it smells of cosmetics on him. Violets, roses, iris, powder, slightly dusty and a little bit ripe human. Misia is gorgeous. Wearing it is to feel full of the joys of theatrical life.

Sweet, waxy, floral gouts of fragrance burst out of my top and intoxicate me. Sillage is excellent, people tend to stop and sniff the air after Misia walks by, and projection is moderate, unless you really go crazy Misia is demure.

I’m not sure why I don’t own a BIG bottle of it yet. Soon…..

Further reading: Now Smell This and Perfume Posse
CHANEL Les Exclusives are available at large Department Stores and CHANEL stand alone beauty stores
Unfortunately CHANEL has stopped all sample resellers from sharing their fragrances.

Which is your favourite CHANEL Exclusive? Are you excited for the new era in CHANEL fragrance?
What do YOU think of Misia?
Portia xx

27 thoughts on “Misia by Olivier Polge for CHANEL 2015

  1. I am a sucker for anything “Iris-y”, but unfortunately Misia left me rather underwhelmed. Also, I could not stop thinking about Kafkaesque’s review, which mentions a lot about the person Misia and, by default, Coco. Somehow I was rather relieved I did not like it. Not sure if I can post a link, but if you go to K’s site and search for Misia the post will pop up immediately. Cheers, Wendy


    • Hey Wendy,
      Chanel is a sore spot for me. Coco herself was unsavoury in many aspects as was her life and friends circle. I did a lot of reading and came to the conclusion that she was the end of her line, anything I buy from the brand is not enriching her or her family.
      So I can enjoy CHANELs products.
      The fragrances are all so smooth and elegant, refined and glamorous for me. They aren’t really made for perfumistas, we often need much more interesting offerings and the big build up can also mean we are let down.
      Are you excited about the release of Boy? The new one?
      Portia xx


      • oh wow… that is an eye-opener for sure! I like your reasoning… good thinking! Still not going to buy Misia though haha 😉
        As for Boy: not a huge fan of lavender per sé, but the mention of heliotropin does make me want to try it. Is it bad that I feel slightly blasé about any new release these days? Dior has a new one, too, and I just feel like.. yeah, whatevs… so sad…


        • The new DIOR is very pretty Wendy. A cool rose with a warm landing. Austere and aloof. It could easily have been a CHANEL Exclusive.
          There are SO MANY new releases that we all end up with a nasty case of ennui, it will pass. My last case came while in a frag shop in Rome. I walked in and was totally bleaugh. Back to normal now.
          Portia xx


  2. I love Misia – every last drop of it. It’s utterly gorgeous. And yep – Iam looking forward to Boy. So there you have it. ❤️


    • Good Val, I love it too.
      I am both looking forward to and a bit reticent of Boy.
      It’s a style I love but buy super cheap. My mind wonders how they can make it worthy of the price tag.
      Portia xxx


  3. I love Misia’s cosmetic feel and all that lovely iris, rose and violet. But it just became too sweet after repeating wearings which is why Val is currently draining my bottle.

    I think it would be fabulous on you, Portia.

    LOL at that monster bottle of No.5!


  4. I’m like Wendy about Misia. I like it but not enough to want a bottle. I did give away the rest of my decant and it’s getting a lot of love. BTW It’s incredibly stupid of Chanel to stop sample resellers. I refuse to be forced to go to stores that carry Chanel and then beg for samples or spritzes, regardless of how superficially nice the SAs are.


    • Hey there Maya,
      Yes. I understand their need to maintain control but it meant we could try stuff so much easier. Also in the comfort of our own home.
      Portia xx


  5. I wondered why I haven’t seen Chanel at Surrender to Chance (I think it was) lately. Why would Chanel do this, I wonder?


    • Image/Brand control ClaudiaS. If they had even one complaint that someone had watered or changed their frags they would have swung into action.
      Portia xx


  6. Hi Portia, I like Misia but would never buy a full bottle. It’s just not that good to me. I like the powdery rose and violet, but it reminds me too much of a body powder from Lush by the name of Candy Fluff (don’t know if it is still in production).
    My favourite Chanel Exclusives are Bel Respiro and Coromandel.


    • Hey Neva,
      Yes, there is some love but quite a bit of meh going on about Misia. Oh well, they can’t hit everyones g-spot.
      Coromandel, YUM!
      Portia xxx


  7. Hello I could never use 5mls of number 5, let alone half a litre of the stuff!!! {Gag reflexes in operation as I type this!!!}LOL
    As for Misia, I once worked with a woman of Russian descent ,and her ‘real’ name was Margharita….besides that, I’ve never smelt the scent.
    My faves of the Chanel Exclusives are Coromandal and 31 Rue Cambon. With regard to the new DIOR are you referring to Poison Girl? That smelt ghastly on me…..sweet sweet sweet. Now Chanel Boy is another matter…I’m prepared to buy 10mls off a splitter, just so I can say I didn’t miss the boat!!! Stupid logic ,I know…but there you have it


    • Heya Saffyishere,
      No the La Colle Noire was the DIOR. It’s very pretty. Totally smooth and wearable. A grown up version of my current spritz addiction Calvin Klein Contradiction.
      Portia xx


  8. I’ve only sniffed this one on paper, but was surprised that I liked it. Perhaps someday I’ll try it on skin, but I’m not heading to a Chanel counter anytime soon, so who knows. Right now I don’t really love any of the Chanel LE. I have a bottle of Gardenia, but I’m hoping to swap or sell it soon, because I just can’t see myself wearing it enough to warrant keeping it. We’ll see I guess. So far, Chanel and I aren’t BFFs. 🙂


    • It’s kind of a relief though finding frags that don’t gel Sun Mi. One less thing you have to buy.
      Portia xx


  9. My first acquisitions from the line were Coromandel and Bois de Iles (I did get vintage Cuir de Russie years ago). Coromandel and Bois de Iles have also come to me in the past 2-3 months only but my most favorite has turned out to be 31 Rue Cambon which I just got last week. Unfortunately, a little leaked from the bottle. Is this leakage from Les Exclusifs line common?


    • Hey Fazal,
      I’ve never had a leak problem but that doesn’t mean it never happens. Traveling is hard on those closures.
      Portia xx


  10. Hi gorgeous.

    I only smelled Misia on a blotter in DJ and while I find it quite nice it did not grab me there and then. Must retry.

    My favourite Chanel Exclusive are Cuir de Russie and Boi de Iles, both blind buys when I had friends travelled to US around 2011. I find them on the lighter side and would love to try the parfum.

    I am unsure about the direction of Chanel perfumes: Reformulating No.5 EP and more launches (Boy and another (rumoured?) flanker for No.5). I’d feel relieved if both of these turn out fab. I understand it’s a business (Hermes is doing something similar with their Hermessence too) and they need to adapt but I did respect Chanel when their launches were less frequent for the exclusive line and leaving No.5 alone except the unexpected delight that is EP.

    Oops. I talked too much.

    XXX… T


    • HA
      Hey tim,
      It’s always a pleasure when you drop in and comment. I was in town today and had a big guilt trip that I didn’t call you. It was hurrying with only the briefest stop to buy a bottle of Misia.
      Yes Boy and the new Eau de 5 coming. Exciting stuff at CHANEL.
      I don’t understand why they are turning out exclusives so fast.
      I have some of the parfums. One day you’ll come here for lunch and we can sniff stuff.
      Portia xx


  11. Wow! Misia really did smell different to other Iris-heavy scents on me. It was more violets and make-up with iris in the background (reminded me a bit of Moulin Rouge)
    It was an amazing day I hope we can do it again soon! X


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