Peter Morrissey Bath and Body Products


Post by Anne-Marie


Hi all, I recently had a quick trip to Sydney and in a hotel in Darlinghurst found a vanity packed with Peter Morrissey products. These days when I travel I tend to take my own bathroom stuff. Hotel soaps and shampoos can be drying, and it’s a waste to use them once and then leave them. If I take them home I find I don’t use them and they kick around the bathroom drawer until I throw them out.

Peter Morrissey Bath and Body Products

Hotel Room Finds

Peter Morrissey Bath and Body

But I had not heard of Peter Morrissey and I was tempted. Peter Morrissey, I discovered, is an Australian fashion designer and entrepreneur. His clothes and homewares are sold in Australia through discount department store Big W. Grey and white seem to be the theme colours; the style is minimalist. Morrissey also specialises in eyeware, luggage, corporate uniforms and gifts.

It looks like his bath and body products – ‘Peter Morrissey Essentials’ – are available only in hotels. That’s disappointing because I really enjoyed the two I tried, the body wash and the body balm. White musk is the scent for all the products and for me, the white musk that many of us dread in perfume works beautifully in products like these. It’s a warm, clean but slightly earthy musk, skewed masculine. I used the balm after my morning shower and sallied forth in search of breakfast feeling elegant, put together and ready to face the day. I imagine the scent would layer well under something like Narciso Rodriguez for her or Chanel No 19 Poudré.

This and the body wash did not dry my skin. (Some hotel room moisturisers do the opposite of what they say on the label.) The claims for the Morrissey products are that they ‘use the world’s purest essential oils, organic plant extracts and avoid the use of preservatives and synthetics … There are no parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colours or animal ingredients’.

Now I wish that I had claimed the shampoo and conditioner, but at least I have the generous 30 ml tubes of body wash and balm. I’m sad I can’t buy more, but I’ll just have to go back to that hotel more often I guess!

So I’m curious to hear about other people’s experiences of hotel (and airline?) products. Are they generally awful, or am I staying in too many cheap hotels?

Until next time everyone, keep spritzing!

13 thoughts on “Peter Morrissey Bath and Body Products

  1. Hi Anne-Marie, you described so well what usually happens with bath and body products from hotels in the first passage. I almost had to laugh when I read it. I used to take home only the stuff I opened in hotels and never use them up in the end. Why? Because mostly they are not worth it. My business trips are short, many hotels I go to have dispensers in the shower and that’s it.
    There was one lovely hotel in South Carolina on Hilton Head Island which I visited last year. It was beyond my budget but my daughter worked there and she insisted that I stay there a few days and experience the whole package. Well, that was a completely different story. They had Molton Brown bath and beauty products and I was enjoying them immensely. Not only the shower gels (Japanese Orange) and body lotions (Coco and Sandalwood) but also the lip balm and hand cream that awaited me every evening after the turndown service. I guess it is true – the better the hotel, the better the bath products.


    • How wonderful to be pampered like that, for once! I hope you took home lots of souvenirs! But yes, you get what you pay for, in hotels as in many other things. I quite like the dispensers in the sense that they are more environmentally friendly – none of the waste and fiddly packaging that goes into the individual products.


  2. Hi Anne-Marie,
    I don’t travel very often but when I do I usually take my own bath and body products. I have too many skin sensitivities to risk even the nicest hotel soaps and lotions. However…these Peter Morrissey products sound lovely, safe and certainly worth the risk – if I ever make it down your way!
    Azar xx


  3. Hey Anne-Marie,
    One of the perks of staying in nice hotels is the bathroom swag. Jin & I always try to stay in at least one swanky hotel on every trip just for the joy of expensive sheets, towels and bathing products. We used to love the Hotel du Louvre in Paris because they had Annick Goutal but they’ve now changed to Hyatt and I can’t remember what they had in January.
    Where we stay in Venice has Etro products and in others we have had Hermes, which was incredibly lavish.
    You need to go back and get the whole Morrissey line.
    Portia xx


    • It’s not until you stay in swanky hotels that you realise how many of the luxury houses produce stuff for hotels. It must be quite a thing. I’d love to find Goutal in my bathroom! I got randomly upgraded from business to first class on Etihad once, and was astounded to find Le Labo products in the bathroom bags.


  4. I lurve hotel toiletries. Sure, some are better than others, but they bring back such happy fond memories of the time, place and visit. The annoying thing though, if you fall in love with it, you have to go back to get more! I have a growing stash of these ahmazing scented body products that I am too scared to use up…


  5. The Fairmont Hotels (originally individual high end hotels now bought up by one company) located mostly in North America used to provide Miller Harris Citron Citron, but have now switched to Le Labo Rose 31. They also sell larger sizes in the hotel gift shop.
    I haven’t stayed in any, but the hotel room sizes show up at thrift stores frequently, where I have picked up many bottles.


  6. I am also looking as to where I can find more of Peter Morrissey’s Signatures Sea Blossom Body Lotion. My story is similar to yours Anne-Marie as his products were one of the spoils of staying in a fantastic hotel on the Gold Coast. I took home my opened sample of body lotion and I loved it so much! Alas, my tiny bottle is almost gone and I have spent the last few hours trying to purchase more. All I can find are links to Big W and their fashion products 😦 I am tempted to contact Peter himself via Facebook or get my daughter to hit up his Instagram for more info on where I can get more of this delightful product. It is as you described and leaves my skin feeling spoiled and smelling fantastic!


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