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Konnichiwa APJ!

After my last post featuring the Geisha Vanilla Hinoki EdP, it would be remiss not to mention the seductive oils from Aroma M. I now own both the Geisha Vanilla Hinoki Oil and the Geisha Noire Oil. Intimate, hypnotic and sensual, they warrant a post of their own. No misunderstanding here, Aroma M´s perfumed oils are not soft nor weak. Quite the opposite. They are breathtakingly intense and personal.

Aroma M Oils 2016 #1

Maria McElroy spent seven years in Japan, and her recognition and gratitude for the culture inspired her line of the Geisha Oils. They are poured by hand into roll-on bottles and each bottle is wrapped in patterned Yuzen papers, handcrafted in Kyoto.

Aroma M Oils 2016 #3


Aroma M Oils by Maria McElroy

The Geisha Noire and the Geisha Vanilla Hinoki Oils. Roll-on perfumes

Aroma M Oils 2016 #5


Geisha Noire Oil by Aroma M

Black amber, sandalwood, tonka bean

This is a concentrated, heavy, dark smoky oil. And yet it is intimate, making it perfect for yoga or meditation. Far be it from me to tell anyone how much perfume to apply but be careful, this is poky stuff. Tenacious as heck, it lasts twenty four hours on me. See the notes? Divine but not angelic!

Aroma M Oils 2016 #2


Geisha Vanilla Hinoki Oil by Aroma M

Bergamot, hinoki, lavender, leather, patchouli, amyris, cedarwood

A condensed, brighter, deeper version of the Vanilla Hinoki EdP. (Which I loved so much I just HAD to order the oil.) The bergamot weightier, the lavender sharper, the spices warmer, the hinoki clearer, Vanilla Hinoki is serene and restful. The rich sugarless smoky Moroccan vanilla surrounded by wisps of patchouli. Harmonious and soothing on its own, but a joyous explosion layered with the EdP.

Aroma M Oils 2016 #4

Aroma M Perfumes offer a wonderful service and samples of everything and ships worldwide.

I don´t always want my fragrance to bounce off of others, hence my love for extraits, dabbing, and as of late oils.
I need to investigate oils further. Is perfume in the form of an oil something you like?

Tranquil Bussis

19 thoughts on “Aroma M Oils by Maria McElroy

  1. Hi Val,

    I love to use the concentrated perfume oil (CPO) format available in the majority of fragrances offered by the Arabian and middle eastern perfume houses. As you know many of these perfumes are not at all “discreet” and don’t always stay close to the skin! If I want a fragrance just for myself I will generally go for solid perfumes over oils.

    Aroma M’s packaging is exquisite. Do they offer solids?

    Azar xxx


    • Hi Azar. Nope, no solids. Although Maria McElroy does bespoke perfumes so maybe. I hope one day Arabia oils will come into my life, but I don´t wanna start a hunt for them. I would lose my mind and I have so little of it left. xxxx


  2. Val,
    You are a temptress. These sound freaking amazing.
    Your clear enthusiasm is catching.
    I’ll try them.
    Portia xx


  3. Hi Val, I love the Aroma M packaging and must now try some of the oils. Perhaps they will last longer than the EdP. I really like the idea of oils and will look into finding some.
    Sandra xo


    • The oils do last a longtime on my skin. I dare not say anything about yours. 🙂 I will bring the VH next time we meet up. xxxx


  4. Hi Val!
    I love oils! They just seem so much more intimate and warm – a slow seduction vs. a wham-bam. As per your suggestion, I found my Geisha Noire dabber and it’s lovely! I will try the Vanilla Hinoki in the oil as the EdP smelled kinda like um, boiled carrots on me. Could it be the hinoki? Dunno …

    Holly xo


    • Really? Carrots? Weird. Perhaps that is from using to little? I really douse myself in it and it last forever. Not a carrot in sight. The oil is more intense, for sure. xxx


  5. Hi Val! So great to see Aroma M featured, I am a huge fan of Maria’s work. Love the oils, especially the Camellia perfume oil, one of my top ten! The great thing about oils is that they belong pretty much just to you, so if others can’t smell them, oh well darn. YOU know they’re there. A personal, beautiful feeling! xoxo


    • Hi Robert! Nice to see you. I am a new convert to aroma M, discoverer last year in New York. The collection offers something that I don´t have in mine and I love i. I have not tried the Camellia Oil yet but have a few drops of the EdP. It is next on my hit list actually. Oils at night after a bath/sauna/shower melt into the skin and it´s gorgeous. Big hugs. xxx


  6. Val, thank you for your thoughts on Aroma M. They sound lovely and I’m really encouraged to chase these up.

    Great reviews. xx
    Tina G


    • How is your jet lag? They really are lovely oils. As I mentioned I am new to oils and look forward to what else may come my way. Perhaps and Arab sheik will read this and send me a care package. I live in hope. xxx


  7. I’m not a fan of oils. They stay too close to the skin for my liking and I don’t find they last longer. Plus, I can’t spritz my clothing with them. I’ve got Geisha Noire EDP and I love it but it’s very fleeting on me. Great for bedtime.


    • Hi Poodle! The GN oils is so strong that I have to take great care using it. I apply little and massage it into the skin. But then the EdP lasts about 18 hours on me too. So there you go. I have never spritzed my clothing. Bussis. xxxx


  8. You’ve really changed my mind about perfume oils, Val. I only got round to trying the Vanilla Hinoki oil after your talked about it and it truly is fabulous.


  9. Like Azar, I’m a fan of the Arabian-style concentrated perfume oils. Perfume oils are great as long as they’re not in a carrier oil that goes rancid or has a noticeable odor of its own.


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