Equipage Géranium by Jean-Claude Ellena for Hermès 2015


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Hey there Frag Friends,

Robert H. here writing from my small island home in the Pacific Northwest. Lately I’ve been wearing the beautiful Equipage Géranium by JCE…..

Equipage Géranium by Hermès 2015

Equipage Géranium by Jean-Claude Ellena

Equipage Geranium Hermes FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Spices, geranium, rose, mint, sandalwood

Imagine a summer’s day, warm and dry and perhaps you’ve been invited to a friends house in the countryside. Your first day there, you decide to go horseback riding, so you throw on a pair of jeans and a well-worn pair of boots. You cross the drive to the stables and immediately the smell of damp hay hits your nose.

You notice a wine barrel planter next to the stables, with bright red and spicy geraniums growing next to some errant mint plants. The geranium has that dusty/floral/spicy aroma, almost rose-like, as you lean in to sniff. You take a mint leaf and crush it between your fingers, the aromas mingling and melding to create an almost floral vibe but cooled and tempered by the mint.

From inside the stable you catch a whiff of freshly groomed horse and the leather tack hanging on the wall.

This is Equipage Géranium.

The first flanker to the now iconic Equipage, this gorgeous scent goes one better to me, the addition of the geranium spiciness and mint sitting on a base of creamy sandalwood amps it up to a new level. Yes it is masculine, but with a classic Jean-Claude Ellena soft-focus edge.

Jean-Claude Ellena has created a scent that is assertive, bold, and nothing like his lighter, spare scents of the past.

«I tried to capture the smell a thousand times, a thousand times it escaped me. Drawn by its complexity, its sumptuousness, I took this perfume with me when I travelled, to discover it.» Jean-Claude Ellena


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Hermès Australia has Au$145/100ml

And although marketed as a men’s cologne, I can see a woman easily wearing this, commanding attention and exuding confidence, like Joan Crawford’s first meeting with the board of directors of Pepsico… “Don’t F#*k with me boys, this ISN’T my first time at the rodeo!”


Have you tried this Geranium? Which Jean-Claude Ellena creations do you love?

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14 thoughts on “Equipage Géranium by Jean-Claude Ellena for Hermès 2015

  1. An assertive and bold scent from Jean-Claude Ellena? I didn’t think he had it in him. Lol. I guess he must have some but I just associate anything light and watery with him.
    I truly love the smell of geraniums, especially the scented ones. I had a bunch of different ones at my other house when I had good windowsills and sunlight to grow them. I miss them.


    • I love geranium too, Poodle! Sadly the growing season is tiny if at all! So I just spritz and pretend that I live in a warm climate! Xoxo


  2. Hi Robert,
    I have not tried this geranium but I love bold geraniums, especially my old favorite Lanvin Spanish Geranium. Jean Claude-Elena did assertive and bold very well in his 1976 First for Van Cleef & Arpels – an aldehydic powerhouse, in the original version, that is. I just now dabbed a tiny bit and it fills the room with soap, narcissus, jasmine and civet! I also love the perfumer’s newer and more typically gentle Santal Massoïa.
    Azar xx


  3. Hi Azar! The Lanvin Spanish Geranium was/is a powerhouse indeed. I wonder if it’s still around on some of the frag sites? This JCE is a shadow of that, of course. However I love that it manages to take the beautiful geranium accord from the top of Diptyque’s Geranium Odorata, and stretch it out so it just lasts and lasts! Xoxo


  4. Hi, your review makes me want to try Equipage Geranium NOW! I like Ellena’s creations very much and my favourites are Bulgari’s Au The Vert, Declaration and the Jardins series from Hermes.


    • Neva, you MUST get a sample of this! It’s such a terrific summer scent! I love how it manages to capture that geranium “fuzzy/dusty” leaf smell which is so singulair. Let me know what you think. Xoxo


  5. Hey there Robert,
    How did this pass me by. I’m going into town on Wednesday, hopefully I’ll get my sniff on then.
    Portia xx


    • It feels really different than other JCE’s in the range, but it’s really good and worth a sniff. Let me know what you think! xoxo


  6. I sniffed the nozzle of a tester of this recently and was very impressed. Would love to smell it on a man, and wouldn’t even rule it out for me, for just those (rare admittedly!) kick ass occasions you evoke.


  7. Hi Robert!

    I have no clue why this hasn’t been on my radar! I love a geranium note, but maybe I toss stuff with that note into the lavender mens’ after-shave pile where both notes are relegated ? I know it’s highly unsophisticated of me and I’m supposed to see everything as a-gender but I’m sadly lacking. I would maybe like an elder-awareness movement, but come to think of it, is that what we call history?


  8. Hi Robert, what a great review. I love geranium as a flower and scent and have them as plants. This fragrance is quite new to me and I have gotten curious about it. My favorite geranium scent is FM Geranium Pour Monsieur.


    • Hi Esperanza, thanks! So glad you enjoyed the review. I too love geraniums and miss them in our garden, but the weather of the PacNW is just not warm enough long enough to grow them. Xoxo


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